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Default #7 378 Words

"Jesus is why I am here. I am not going to yell and scream about the pain and suffering the sinner has to endure for eternity in the fires of damnation. What I want to talk about are the rewards of righteousness.Good people of Cantrell, open your hearts to Jesus. Let him into every corner of your life. Let his wisdom guide you in your every thought and deed. For it is only then we can understand and appreciate fully the rewards of God's pure love.

Most people turn to Jesus in the time of need. One of his rewards for your belief is a strength to overcome grief and the other obstacles that jump up all too frequently in life. Jesus is not a crutch. Know Jesus through all your days and nights. Live by Jesusí rules and feel the joy of the giver."

Jim's thoughts wander from his sermon. He knows it by heart. Looking at the people in the pews, he thinks to himself it is not his fantasy of thousands packing a huge cathedral. That did not matter; in fact, he likes a small flock like this. It is more intimate. He can work on a personal level with each individual.

He knows they will not always fill the pews like this. Most of the men are here out of curiosity, or their wives made them come. At least he will get to meet them today. He will get Jesusí word to them through his conversation and deeds, when he meets them in town.

A little boy in the front row captures Jimís heart. Jim can feel the intensity with which this little boy listens. The smile that appears on his lips now and then lets Jim know he understands. The boy's eyes are covered with milky white cataracts. The way he holds and moves his head Jim thinks he must have been born that way. This boy is just like Jimís own grandfather. He remembers how swiftly the cataracts took his sight. He also remembers after the operations the joy everyone felt when he could see again. It was like a miracle to lose such a gift, and then to have it returned. Jim wonders if maybe he can help this boy.

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