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Serial Killers

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Old 06-22-2012, 07:26 AM
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Default Serial Killers

Serial killers:
What most people don’t realise is that teams or partnerships of serial killers are more common than a single person striking randomly in isolated areas, playing their part of the old man with the scythe. These teams almost always have a dominant member who selects the target, the location and the time to strike. The other usually demonstrates little imagination and, if you know the rights buttons to press, is easily controlled. With such control established, it is a simple matter for the dominant member to steer the other on the selected path of destruction, mowing down all that stand before them before moving further afield to start again.
One such pair was the two Johns. John Callahan was the planner. Of average height and a slight build, he was quiet and soft-spoken with an almost shy demeanour that masked a quick agile mind and a ruthless personality. Callahan’s dress sense matched his personality perfectly, earthy colours of autumn with sensible hardwearing shoes. The other, Deere, couldn’t be more different. Much bigger and stronger than Callahan, Deere was always adorned in bright colours, often red, yellow or green. Where Callahan was unobtrusive, Deere was brash and noisy. Where Callahan appeared as a well-mannered gent who wouldn’t deliberately hurt a fly, Deere was unmistakably dangerous, but to those familiar with the pair Callahan was obviously in the driver’s seat. They knew that Deere would obey Callahan’s every command and while most believed the pair meant them no harm, they stayed well out of their path.
Callahan didn’t consider himself to be at odds with the world. In fact he felt at one with nature. Callahan didn’t needlessly hunt down defenceless animals and as he moved quietly through the landscape the creatures barely registered his presence. Deere on the other hand seemed incapable of stealth, scattering wildlife in all directions with noisy, lumbering movements. Deere cared not a whit.
Months of waiting were coming to a close. John Callahan had known long ago that he would be visiting havoc here, but he was nothing if not patient, timing was everything and the target had to be in just the right condition, supple and ripe. As the late summer sun rose on another glorious day, he went through his plan again, everything seemed perfect. Of course, some would die today that didn’t deserve to, but that was life. Those attuned to what was happening around them would become quickly aware of the danger and for those who fled, escape was a real possibility.
Callahan shook himself out of his reverie and made his way outside where Deere was waiting. Callahan knew that their work alone would not provide salvation to the entire human race, but with countless others like them all across the globe survival was possible. With a grunt he climbed into the giant John Deere harvester, turned the key and gunned the powerful motor. Today’s cereal: Wheat.

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Very clever!
Early on in the passage I thought to myself, Oh..John Deere..tractors and stuff but I failed to pick up on your other clever clues.. rights buttons to press, mowing down, further afield, drivers seat, etc until the punchline.
Well done indeed... nice little shortie.


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Good one.
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Haha, very nicely done, you had me going until the last line
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D@mn. That end is a punch to the gut. Nice.
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Old 06-23-2012, 04:55 AM
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Nice work.

BTW we realized that serial killers worked in tandem during the Bush/Cheney administration. Toooo obvious.
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