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Men and Women of Letter, authors of quality, I request your presence!

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Icon10 Men and Women of Letter, authors of quality, I request your presence!

Hi, I am somewhat new here but even so I want to share a personal project with y'all that I believe you will find interesting and potentially advantageous: Dogecoin Media Market

I've created this site as a quick and easy way to list your quality written work for a popular, established cryptocurrency (one that can be easily converted to USD and all manner of other local fiat). It's creation does not come without thought for my own weird new comedy book, "What Do You Think of Artificial Plants?" which I wanted to sell in ebook for for crypto currency (and you will see it there as one of my first listings! ). Also, there is considerable demand on the consumer side in the dogecoin community for good media to purchase, so perhaps an opportunity to broaden your audience a bit?

Additionally, for the time being, while I'm trying to bring in a nice selection of quality work, there is no fee. Keep 100% what you take in. And when a fee is established, you have my word it will be quite reasonable--somewhere on the order of 10%.

If you have excellent, finished work that is not ready for publishing in ebook form I'll even go so far as to help you get it ready--all to our mutual benefit! Inquire within: Dogecoin Media Market (or ask questions here!)

Thanks so much for reading, and please pardon this interruption of your direct discussion of that most worthy act, but I do hope to see you soon!

“At the world checkers championship in Glasgow Scotland 1863, it is James Wiley against Robert Martins—the two best checkers players in the world playing a 40 game series. All 40 games opened with the same 3 or 4 same moves. And all 40 games were draws. 21 of the 40 games are the exact same game. Move for move for move they are duplicates. That’s a month of checkers.” – Radio Lab

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