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Z-day, part 4

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Z-day, part 4

Visit my profile for a link to 1-3. Sorry bout the delay in posting, but I been busy with my new daughter. All comments are appreciated.

"Hold on Darlin'!" Fred was yelling. "Uncle Fred is coming!"



"Shit, what the fuck is he doing?" Rain asked aloud, pulling his gun and running towards the gun fire. Ashley followed quickly behind him, her pistols raised.

They turned the corner to see a big crown of zombies waiting. They were about a hundred yards or so away but Fred was running towards them, full speed, shotgun blasting away.

"Hold on Baby!" He yelled again. Rain didn't see any survivor or anyone getting eaten for that matter.

"Fred!" Rain and Ashley yelled together.

"No time! I got to save my darlin'!" Fred called back, stopping to reload and fire again.

"He's going to get himself killed." Rain said, rushing forward to get in range.

"You don't think we can take all them do you? There has to be at least a hundred of them over there!"

Rain ignored her and fired. He got in a head shot but he still needed to get closer. Ashley sprinted ahead of him and started firing off her pistols. They fell alot quicker but some took a few bullets.

The duo in the back began unloading everything they had. Zombies fell one after the other, some getting dangerously close to Fred, who had now stopped and was firing his shotgun. Heads were popping off one after the other with every time he pulled the trigger. But he would run out of bullets soon.

Rain reloaded and began firing again. Ashley reloaded a few seconds later. Fred was now backing up, firing off his last few shots. "I'm out!" He called back.

"Well get your ass back here!" Rain yelled to him.

Fred said nothing. Instead he raised the butt of his gun and swung at the nearest zombie. A few more shots, and Rain reloaded. "We can't keep doing this Fred!" He shouted to him.

They had killed at least thirty of them together. Ashley was running low on full clips and Rain was now loading his bullets manually instead of with the Bullet Holder.

"Fred move!" Ashley shouted. But he wouldn't listen. "Fuck! What's wrong with him?! Should we use melee weapons?"

"No. At least from here we can escape..." Rain then had a thought. He pulled out Jakes gun and shoved it in Ashley's pocket along with two full clips. She kept firing, keeping the zombies off Fred, who was bashing away at them.

"I'm borrowing this..." Rain told her as he pulled the Axe free off her back.

"What are you doing?" She asked him curiously, but not taking her eyes off the undead. Rain reloaded the Magnum and gripped the axe. "Cover me, I'm going to save this bastards life."


Rain rushed in, the bullets flying past his head. He fired off his 6 shots at the nearest zombies and quickly threw the gun in its holster. "Come get some of this!" He yelled at the undead, raising the axe and smashing it on ones skull as he did so.

Another came up beside him and lunged at him. He chopped off its head quickly and turned to do another. Ashley was putting bullets into the rest nearby, being careful not to shoot him.

"Fred, I suggest we leave NOW!" Rain told him.

"No sir! Can't do that!" Fred replied as he smashed another zombies brains.

"Why the fuck not?! We're surrounded by the undead!"

"I got to save her!"


Fred didn't reply. Rain grunted in aggravation and took his anger out on the nearest zombie. Fred was using the butt of his shotgun to knock them off. Ashley would take an occasional shot to take the ones of the ground out.

Limbs were flying everywhere around Rain as he worked himself into a deadly fury. Blood was spewing from many severed wounds and heads were flying off. He eventually had to back up to move away from the bodies. He looked for Fred and noticed him taking out several zombies and yelling. "You get away from her!"

Rain noticed that he was staring at a blonde. When she was alive Rain thought she would look pretty cute, but now half her face had been chewed off and the skin on her arm was completely gone. Other than that she was wearing a pink outfit. A white undershirt with a tied up pink blouse, which was covered in blood. She also wore a pink skirt that hung down to her knees. It too was stained with blood. She was close, and moving slowly but Fred's gaze always returned to her. "She's dead man! Leave her!"

"I can't! She can't be!" Fred babbled.

Rain started to chop his way through the undead, but they kept coming and he couldn't make it through. He watched in horror as Fred reached out and grabbed the blondes arm, the good one, and then yanked her towards him. "I gotcha darlin'!" He yelled to her, then bashing a zombie in the head.

Then she bit him. She leaned over slowly to do it. Fred embraced her with arm while using his other to bash the undead skulls in. She leaned in closer but Fred paid her no mind. Then she sunk her teeth into his neck. He cried out in pain and dropped his gun. Then another was on him. Then another. Rain chopped furiously to get to him, but it was no use. He finally decided to draw back and make a run for it. Fred was gone. Taken away by his darlin'.

Rain broke out in a full speed run. "Go!" He yelled to Ashley. "Go go go go go go!"

Ashley reloaded a clip in Jakes gun and fired off a few more shots. "Stop shooting and run!" Rain shouted again.

"What about Fred?!" Ashley called to him, though he was almost next to her now. Rain grabbed her arm and pulled her with him. "They got him, we have to get inside now!"

Ashley quickly picked up her feet and raced ahead of Rain. She was obviously a lot quicker and in better shape than he was.

They bolted into the walkway that lead to the Wal-Mart automotive register. Rain slammed the door behind him, leaving open only the shutters. It didn't help much but it would slow them down.

Ashley was first through the door with Rain quickly at her hills. They dove into the room and slammed the door quickly. They both leaned against the door for a minute, catching their breath.

"So they really got him?" Ashley asked him again.

"Yeah," Rain told her, pulling out his gun and holder to reload. "His darlin' got him..."

Ashley shook her head and pulled out her ammo box and clips. She handed the pistol back to Rain and he loaded it up as well.

"So what's the plan now?" She whispered. Rain only shrugged and stood up. He handed her the axe and crept over to the Arch way. He peered out and looked around. The back was clear, there were zombies crawling around the grocery section. Rain glanced at the pipe hanging on his side and then to his right. A couple isles down were the tools area. He would make that their first stop so he could pick up a new melee weapon.

He signaled Ashley to come closer and put a finger over his mouth to let her know to keep silent. Stealth was important first. He pointed down the right aisle and then to his pipe. Ashley looked at him in confusion. Then he pointed to the pipe then her axe, and then the aisle again. She shrugged at him and he just shook his head.

The two crept down the aisle, keeping a look out for any potential threats. They made it four aisles down when they spotted their first zombie. He was walking slowly down an aisle, away from them. Ashley smiled and pulled her axe. Rain nodded with approval and stood by with his gun ready.

She rushed forward, her axe raised. The zombie stopped, and slowly turned around. She stuck her axe into his head, burying deep in his neck, before he could attack. He fell to the floor with a thud. Rain smiled and waved her back.

They crept forward again, all clear. They rounded the corner and Rain walked forward to inspect the weapons. He lay his pipe down and chose an axe for himself. Nothing like Ashley's medieval weapon but it would due. Rain peeked around the aisle to see if anyone was lurking and saw a zombie in the shampoo department. He laughed off the idea of a zombie needing shampoo and signaled for her to go back the same direction.

Rain pointed at the guns and then at his bag. She got the message and they crept back up the aisles. All was clear in this area. The made their way down an empty aisle and peeked into the next one. They were right across from the Hunting supplies. Rain gripped the new axe and rushed forward.

He crossed the main aisle and entered the side of the Hunting department. He peeked over an aisle and saw a zombie lurking. He expected some to be here. Then he heard a groan. Behind him down another aisle was another zombie. This one had noticed him.

He quickly put his new axe to use. It smashed the skull in half with a sweet sound, killing it instantly. But now the other had noticed. Ashley took the chance to quickly take it down.

They could hear more of them shuffling around. They were still undetected. But if they wanted to get any ammunition and survive they would have to kill them. Rain pointed to Ashley and down the next aisle, while he would take the one behind it. She agreed and they both jumped after it.

Rain was met with two zombies. He killed off one quickly and then kicked the other. He ripped the axe free and quickly sunk it into the side of the second zombies head. It fell into the shelf and knocked some things over before falling onto the floor. Rain quickly took his axe to it again. Ashley had to only deal with one.

In front of them now was the ammunition and weapons they needed. Rain suggested they clear off the department first. Ashley agreed and they split up.

It only took a few minutes for them to finish off the zombies in this section. There wasn't as many as Rain thought. The two met up again in front of the shotguns. Rain examined the guns behind the glass. They had pellet guns and paintball guns, but they would be of no use to them. There were a few good rifles that hadn't been reached yet. Rain tugged on the glass door. It was locked. He looked around briefly before seeing an employee laying face first behind the counter.

Rain snuck behind the counter and carefully took the keys off the guys belt loop. He didn't move. Rain stood up and watched him for a second more. He still didn't move. He looked at Ashley and shrugged. She said nothing and began packing bullets.

Rain looked at the guy again. Then kicked him. He groaned. But it wasn't a human groan either. Ashley quickly turned around to see Rain burying his axe into its skull. She ignored it and began placing bullets on the table.

Rain unlocked the gun cabinet and pulled out three rifles. He examined them and slung two of them over his shoulder and lay the other down for Ashley."You can never have too many guns." He whispered to her.

As Ashley laid the bullets down on the table Rain noticed a duffle bag. He grabbed it and started putting the rifles bullets in it. He then noticed a flare gun and he added that in as well along with some flares. He set the bag aside and started filling his own with magnum bullets.

After getting a few hundred bullets of each they stopped packing. They should have more than enough to make it out and across town. Any more would slow them down. Rain quickly began loading the rifles. Ashley smiled and did the same.

When she was set she gave him a thumbs up. Rain smiled and looked around. He peered over into the back aisle. Nothing was there, except for in grocery. He grinned and walked behind the counter. He waved the girl over as well and motioned for her to sit down. Rain grabbed the phone and sat down behind the counter.

He grinned and picked up the receiver and then pushed the Page button.

"Welcome Wal-Mart and Undead shoppers. This is Rain speaking. If there is any living survivors in here please go to the nearest phone that isn't swarming with the undead, if you can not get to a phone feel free to rush out into the open and dodge any hungry zombies. I am here with Ashley and we are in the Hunting section, we just stocked up on enough ammo to last us awhile and are now heading out to the warehouse across town. We shall wait a few minutes for you response. Oh! And remember, stealth works well, so try not to be seen, heard, or smelled. Thank you and have a nice day!" Rain announced.

Ashley was laying on her side, covering her mouth trying not to laugh. Rain laughed himself. It seemed kinda stupid to announce your location and plans to a bunch of zombies. But as far as Rain knew, they weren't that smart and didn't listen to words.

Their laughter stopped when a voice came over the loudspeaker. "Uh, hello?" The voice said nervously. "Hello! Help us! There's a small group of us back here in the office. We're in the warehouse section, I think...yeah their is some of these...THINGS outside the door but we got it barricaded! Please help us!"

Rain looked over at Ashley and shrugged. He picked up the phone again. "Back office you say? How many of you is there? Any bitten? And do you have weapons?" Rain said. He hung up again and waited for the response.

It came shortly. "There's three of us! Me, my daughter and an another. We're located in the middle of the warehouse in the break room. We have no weapons. I repeat, no weapons. And I don't think anyone was bitten." There was a short pause. "No, no bites. But why do you say that?"

The guy hung up and Rain picked up once again. "Well, give us a few moments and we'll be back there shortly. We're bringing you guys some rifles to use, already loaded. We should be there in a few minutes so prepare yourselves."

Rain hung up the phone and raised he gun, attaching the axe around his back. "I suppose we're going to have to shoot them free..." He said in a low voice. He held out his hand to help Ashley up and she accepted it. She drew her pistols and smiled. "Then let's go get them."


"So how we going to do this?" Ashley wondered aloud. Rain shrugged.

"Go in shooting?"

They jumped over the counter and took a left. They remained at a joggers pace in case they encountered a surprise. The warehouse was only a few yards away.

They ran past the shoe section keeping their eyes down the aisles. They saw none and swung right and through the double doors. The path went forward a little ways and split off left and right. Rain figured they would need to take a right to get to the break room. They jumped into the middle of the hallway with their guns aimed, each facing a different direction. It was clear to the left, but to the right Rain could see a small group of zombies banging on a door. They walked towards them, unafraid.

The back hallway was wide. It could easily fit a hundred people with no problem. The duo came upon the zombies, who didn't notice them. They looked around, seeing only the small group of six. There was a doorway next to them that said main office on the window.

"These guys don't seem to notice an easy meal when it comes there way." Rain mentioned, cracking a smile.

"Who you calling easy?" Ashley questioned. Rain smiled and raised his gun. "Shall we?"

But Ashley didn't answer. Instead she responded by raising her guns and taking out the six immediately. She fired off eight shots, each bullet hitting its mark. Six headshots and two in the chest of one unlucky guy. The zombies slumped to the floor.

"Whose easy now bitch?!" She shouted out loud. She began laughing out loud and doing a little victory dance. Rain saw the shadow at the window of the Main Office and saw the door swing open slowly. A zombie lurked out, but she didn't notice.


It fell over. Less than a foot away from where Ashley was standing. Rain only smiled. Ashley jumped to the side, letting out an "eep" as she did so. Then she glared at Rain. "That's not funny Rain!"

The door to the break room creaked open and a head popped out. "Hello?" The stranger said.

"Hi!" The two said at the same time. Both waving their hand as they did so.

"Is it safe?" The stranger asked.

Rain looked around. It was clear but he wasn't sure on how long. "It might be better if we come in for awhile and wait this out for a few minutes. Sometimes the loud sounds attract them."

"Oh yes yes! Do come in, we got a few refreshments if you would like!" The stranger offered. Rain smiled and pushed passed Ashley and practically dove into the break room. "That's great! I sure am hungry!"

Ashley stared at Rain for a second before following. "You’re weird..." She muttered to herself.


Inside the break room Rain helped the stranger barricade the door. He smiled and looked around, noticing a soda and vending machine. Rain walked up to eagerly and examined its contents.

"Help yourself young fellow," the stranger said.

Rain turned to him, smiling brightly. "Don't mind if I do..." He quickly whipped out the new axe and smashed the glass covering the vending machine. It shattered, pieces of glass falling to the floor. Rain kicking them under the machine and began choosing himself something to eat. He then stashed a little extra in his bags.

"What are you doing?!" The old man shrieked. "You can't do that!"

"Why not?" Rain asked, opening up a bag of chips. "It's not like your in business anymore..."

The old man sat down. Rain smiled and pulled out a dollar and stuck it in the coke machine. He didn't feel like bashing his way through that door. He pushed the button and opened the cap. After taking a swig, he introduced himself.

"I'm Rain, this is Ashley." He then had a thought and set the coke aside. He grabbed one of the rifles off his back and handed it to the stranger. "Your going to need this."

The old man took it. "Well, I'm Gerald. Friends call me The Gaffer though, don't ask why. I used to work here." He paused, looking over the gun. "This over here is Steve and my daughter Jessica, she's only twelve."

Rain smiled and waved to them. Ashley took off her spare rifle and handed it to Steve. "You guys know how to work these things?"

"Well, they don't call me the Gaffer for nothing!" The old man said with a howl.

Everyone stared at him blankly and Steve spoke up. "I fired off one once or twice. Can't be that hard."

"Just aim for the head." Rain told him. "So you guys gonna’ stay here or come with us?"

"The old warehouse, you said..." Gaffer said, taking a pause to think. "What's there?"

"Fortification, probably some food. Don't really know exactly. But I figured our best bet would be to get there, fortify it up and ready the defenses, and then search for food afterwards." Rain smiled then looked over to Ashley. "Oh, your going to want to get any ranged weapon you can carry and a melee weapon. It helps to be prepared." He finished off his short speech by holding up his new axe.

"You stole that off the shelf didn't you..." Gaffer wondered.

Rain smiled. "Your not going to charge me for it are you?"

"Well, you did kinda save our lives and all... I guess I can let it go this time. But don't let me catch you shoplifting again young man!" Gaffer said with a chuckle.

Rain only laughed, he had a feeling he might have to return here.


"So whats the plan Mr. Rain?" Steve asked.

Rain, who was peeking out the crack in the door at the zombie who had wondered into the hallway, turned around clapping his axe down in his other hand. "Right." There was a drawing board on the other side of the room. Rain made his way across and picked up a piece of the chalk.

"First, we get everyone a melee weapon. To do this, we sneak our way quietly across the store and into the Hardware section. Try not to use your guns unless you got to. We have plenty of ammo but if you feel the need to grab more, then do so. Of course, paying good attention to the zombies."

"The wha?" The young girl asked him. Steve and Gaffer eyed him, waiting for his response.

"Zombies, the living dead. Those people out there are not alive, in some sense. Long story short, they want to eat you so either bash them in the head or become lunch. Um, what else can I say? So far they are easy to bring down, they see, hear, and smell so watch your selves."

Ashley was now at the door, watching the one outside carefully. Rain was drawing out the store on the blackboard and the others were listening. The zombie in the hallway looked like all the others. He wasn't moving, just standing there in the middle of the floor. A rat squeaked nearby and the zombies head twisted to find it. The rat stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked up at the dead man. And then it pounced. The zombie did, not the rat. The rat was devoured instantly. All this lasted about two seconds. The zombie turned its head up and let out a laugh, yet it didn't make a sound.

Did I just imagine that thing laughing? Ashley thought to herself. She peeked back through again and saw him attempting to swallow the rat whole, its tail whipping around outside its mouth until it was all gone. It was just trying to swallow it. She watched as the zombie stood up looked around and then completely turned around, leaning back against the wall.

Ashley gasped as she noticed its face. Half of it was missing, leaving a skull on its left side and its right missing. This wasn't anything new, they usually came dismembered, but this one had a glowing red eye. It was sort of like an fiery orb being held in its socket. It looked very dangerous. No other had looked like this. "Rain..."

"And Second..." Rain was saying. He paused and turned toward her. "Yeah?"

"You better have a look at this..."

Rain shrugged and walked over to the door, Ashley moved aside so he can look through. He leaned over and looked. "Its one of them, just one. What's so.......Holy Jesus!" Rain jumped back. The thing had jerked its head at him. And laughed. Not out loud but in his head. He had heard it laugh. No, I just imagined that... Rain calmed himself and looked again. The hallway was empty now. Rain reached for his gun.

Rain examined the area around the door the best he could, his vision being limited but he didn't see anything. "What do you see boy?" Gaffer asked him. Rain was about to answer him when the zombie leaped against the door. BOO! Did I scare ya boy?! It screamed to him. Rain fell backwards and onto the floor. The creature was trying to push the door open with all its might.

Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!

Rain pulled the trigger. The bullet shattered the fiery crimson orb in its head and it fell over dead. Rain struggled to his feet, his gun stretched out before him and his arm shaking. Ashley rushed over to him and grabbed his arm. "Rain, you alright?"

"What was that thing?!"

"It was one of them. That's all, it just caught you by surprise-" Ashley was quickly cut off.

"No. It wasn't. It was different. It's eye..."Rain then noticed his gun and then remembered he had just fired his magnum off. "Oh crap, we got to go now. The noise will bring them!" He quickly put another bullet into the chamber and grabbed up the bag of bullets. "Come on you guys!"

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