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Existential Paradox

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Default Existential Paradox

You exist in verticals
As I idle in the horizontals.
Abstract edges are my form.
Your geometrical silhouette swallows
Everything I thought was certain.

Just when my dais deciphers
The secrets you hold,
You change faces like
Television channels on Sundays.

I lay awake in the night
Probing the mystery masked
By your inhuman glow.
Sunrise taunts my failure,
And you hide behind some new
Cryptic persona you created.

Now and then I notice your
Smoke signals twisting across
The sky like snakes,
Their forked tongues speaking
Silent words that I hear
Loudly, clearly, knowingly.
Judgment died in the darkness
That you draped over me,
Making it easy to lure me
Like a rat to the trap,
A moth to the fluorescent,
A lost soul to the devil.

Perhaps it is the mystery
That entices me so much,
Or the assurance that I wake
Up intact each new dawn.
Perhaps it is both and more.

Sometimes I feel as though
The mask begins to melt,
The venom evaporates and leaves
Only your true form.

Sometimes I just sit in the shadows
Of your silhouette as we exist
In different dimensions after
I am gone,
Wondering if this is how it
Is written in the stars.

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