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Default Chains


People on the slope
we shovelling the snow
and I was on the boat
with chains around my throat

And I am from the past
a lot of time has lapsed
since they lifted their mast
in the middle of the map

We try to find the course
cutting through the fog
for those for the war
remember cite your source

Remember how they caught you
remember how they taught you
remember how they fought you
remember how they bought you

They think that it's a game
we endeavour to maintain
running through the rain
and I will hold the flame

In the middle of the dark
we try to find the spark
painting with our hearts
out on the boulevard

And I try my best to help you
I try my best to tell you
that heaven and that hell you
invented isn't helpful

Say empathy is sacred
but dependency is dangerous
we are the creators
dancing with the faithless

Weapons stockpiled
they call us rank and file
they want us meek and mild
and indoctrinate the child

And the monopoly is staked
the philosophy is hate
and the policy is fake
and equality is staged

For what is it your marching
go out there and target them
pulling on your heartstrings
and posing as your guardians

All the while you're facing
threats of litigation
mental incarceration
continued sufferation

Biological computers
they trying to confuse us
try and switch your users
ours is the future

Don't ever give to panic
read Butler's pamphlet
he said it was a racket
don't indulge the gambit

Love is hard earned
and lessons hard learned
so now it's our turn
unite of our terms

Now we all on the boat
take the chain off our throats
put the flame to all our votes
no longer will we row

I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.

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