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Iím Dreaming of Me

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Old 05-13-2008, 06:01 AM
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Icon11 Iím Dreaming of Me

Iím Dreaming of Me
Have you ever had a dream that seemed too real that when you woke up you didn't know what to believe? Well I do all of the time. It is difficult when you fall asleep some times. Just because when you are awake before you fall asleep you have sense of reality. But then when you fall asleep & have a dream; you wake up feeling you don't know what to believe.

When you are asleep you have all of your 5 senses too. So how can you tell if what you are dreaming is real? When I am awake my body tells me that I am touching, seeing, hearing, smelling & tasting all that is around me. Also I am doing all off those things when I am sleeping too. So obviously, I believe that dreaming is reality too.

The reason is because of that, is one word "imagination". When ever I think to my self I am also imagining images inside my head too. Meaning that with imaginations you can create your own 5 senses too. But for some how when you go to sleep those imaginations come to your reality. Again still with all 5 senses. Some how I believe that you can at least control when you wake up but not what you imagine in your dreams.

When you wake up I believe is all in a matter of your own stability. In this case challenging your own will to wake up & when. If you wake up but don't you then stumble into another dream if you understand what I mean. It's like when you finally find out that youíre dreaming then you say "Hey wake up." but don't you just go into another dream. Then youíre right back where youíre started to.

Another way of putting it is you can write yourself notes in your dreams too. I have at some times written "I want to remember." But I didn't know what I wanted to remember all I know is I still remember that dream like it was last night & still very clear in my head. At other times I would put images that I do remember from that day. Meaning that my own will even remembers what I did that day so it puts in memories from that day. I often ask my self when that happens "Did that really happen or was that all just a dream?"

The point is that when you do happen to finally wake up all together inside your body. You do come into a sense of reality. However you just don't believe that if your dream was reality or your life was reality. The truth is actually both. I figured that your mind makes your imagination into a movie & you in it as the main character. While youíre dreaming youíre thinking to yourself in the movie as well as creating your own 5 senses too. So is it a good idea to rest your head on a pillow at night & stream into your very own movie staring you as your self? All I know is that I am annoyed by seeing so many movies all of the time every signal night.


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