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Dreaming a Reality

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Default Dreaming a Reality

Chapter 1
Feeling the fresh-cut blades of grass between her bare toes, she began to chase a girl in a game of tag. Her eyes traveled to the dusky rays of light peeking through the evergreen sky, as she caught a glimpse of a green shadow, there in the woods. Her pounding heart echoed off the trees. Her thoughts raced as to what or who it might be, hidden just beyond the brook. Gasping for breath in the dense foliage, her mind began to sink in the soil. Grabbing fistfuls of dirt in the palms of her hands, she felt a pulse in the veins of a leaf and discovered she was a weeping willow. The shadow she chased in the forest and the girl she played tag with, now gone. So real, yet feeling so hollow in the earth, she was now fighting for her life. And before she could take her last breath, she awoke.
Katrina was having dreams of the girl again and couldn’t sleep. For the past few months she’d been waking up around 3a.m. and tonight was no exception. Her normal routine was to check on Jeremy, her only child—making sure he was snoring like a deep sea snorkeler, then going to the kitchen to step outside for a cigarette. But tonight had been an even earlier time as of yet on September 1st of 2009. It was now 2:27a.m.
The night sky was deeply embedded with stars, as she stepped out to light her cigarette. Watching the smoke travel upward, she caught a glance at the Eucharist-sized moon; full and bright. The house was dark and quiet inside—only the flickering light from the T.V. shown snap-shots of the rooms.
Katrina entered back inside to the flashes, and after doing her normal patrol, she headed to the computer room to check for any new messages that may have arrived since 11:00p.m.—the time she’d actually fallen asleep. As she signed in, 5 new messages popped in her inbox. One from her boss Mr. Ming, wanting to find out the status on Mr. Jorgan’s flight to Cancun, Mexico, three from other customers and one from her ex-husband— “John Harris,” reading in bold caps lettering. The only real important email out of the 5, the only one in which she was really nervous to open.
With blurry eyes and a second cigarette on her mind, Katrina was ready to clean house. And by that meaning, she was now ready to chat with some stranger, from God only knows where, just to get her mind off of what she truly needed to do.
Katrina, sitting cozy in her computer chair, was a slender 36-year-old single mother of a 17 year-old son. Jeremy was the only real thing in her life. Her long brunette hair, curling naturally at the bottom tips and cat-like green eyes were her best features. People would also compliment her on having creamed ivory skin. She kept herself well dressed on most days when she was at her travel agency job. But now since she worked from home, usually she dressed in T-shirts and pajamas pants. And even on those days, she was in fact still considered attractive.
Jeremy would often tease her on it. “Ma, when ya gonna change into normal clothes?” he’d say.
“When I feel comfortable enough to do so, Jer Bear, so just be quiet!” She’d reply. Even though he was nearly an adult, she still had pet names for him. She was very devoted to him in every way. “We gotta get him into hockey, Kat,”His father John would say. And at three years old, that’s just what they did. Now heading for a scholarship to Lake Superior State University, Jeremy kept hockey an important life goal.
Although, it never really bothered Jeremy—the pet names and the early enrollment of hockey, he would say things like, “You guys are goofballs.” But never did he say what was truly on his mind. His parent’s arguments—mom’s major mood swings and dad’s excessive drinking, were the true concerns at hand. He worried deeply about his mom. A few times he’d have to call police because he couldn’t calm her down. Katrina, on her manic days scared him with her high anxieties of his dad and work. Mostly she worried about him and where he was at and who he was with. Lately Katrina’s been more preoccupied with not having another episode; she had forgotten his feelings, keeping things hidden the way she has.
All the while, Katrina surfed the net—first reading poetry, then viewing other travel sites. And as she continued to worry about John’s email, suddenly another I. M. came up.
DD1969: Hello there, how are you?
Kat usually deleted the generic types like, “How r u?” But for some reason, she replied to the ones that were better typed out. So she decided to reply to this one.
KWtravel: I’m fine and you?
DD1969: Well, I can’t sleep tonight, so I’m here.
KW: Oh, funny thing, I can’t either.
DD: Haha…
KW: Yeah, big joke.
DD: So does restless have a name?
KW: It’s Katrina, but everyone just calls me, Kat.
DD: Kat, like meow, that’s sexy!
KW: Yeah how original.
KW: So, your name? Let me guess, D for Dog?
DD: Haha…no, actually, it’s Dean—Dean Dawson.
DD: But you can call me Big Dog! LOL
KW: Wow…that’s different!
DD: Do I detect a smart ass?
KW: Oh, was I? LOL
DD: Hardly
DD: So where you from?
KW: From mars! LOL
DD: I thought you were from Venus!
KW: Haha…true, we are from there too.
DD: We? So there are more of you?
KW: Haha…no sure of that. I’ll need to check some time.
DD: I saw your profile and enjoyed it.
KW: Oh, really how much?
Katrina and Dean—the online chatter, messaged each other for what seemed like 2 hours or so. It just clicked. She didn’t even realize what the time was until she looked at the clock, 5:03a.m. She couldn’t believe how late it was, but since she really liked Dean, they exchanged emails.
A year after her and John’s divorce, she signed up for an online dating site and had it turned on the whole time, while sitting there checking other mail. John’s email would have to wait, she thought.
Kat had an hour and a half to go, before waking Jeremy. And after the flare from Dean started to wear off, she began to think of John’s email again.
A little over three years ago, when John and Kat were having difficulties in their marriage, finally ending it July 2nd of 2006, her first manic-depressive attack occurred. Being diagnosed Bipolar with psychotic features; Katrina was hospitalized for a week because of the traumatic event.
After John called it quits, Katrina developed erratic behavior. Stripping to her flesh-colored bra, leaving her white tattered skirt on, she flew out the door in a state of madness.
She ran through the dark neighborhood streets for hours until the local cops picked her up, where she was praying in the parking lot of the community church. All she kept chanting was, “God, help me. God, help me.”
At the time, Jeremy was with a friend, but knew his parents were on the outs—knew that somehow it was going to end. But no one knew Katrina would act that way, not even Katrina herself.
Between reading poems and viewing all of what Mexico had to offer, Katrina was now ready to open John’s email. Message: “Kat, we need to talk!” Katrina quickly closed the email, without a reply and walked in the living room to get Jeremy up for school.

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The phrases 'shown', 'one in which', and 'he'd have' would work better as 'showing', 'one which', and 'he’d had' respectively.
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