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Stories Where Legends are Born part 7

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Default Stories Where Legends are Born part 7

Book #7
X 7 Punish
(An equation can give us numbers to & a solution to solve. Therefore, the numbers can be endless to solve the equation & to no bound have a catastrophic turn of events.)

E = mc2

The equation above is the energy equivalent to the mass, & the speed of light in a vacuum in meters per second. Henri Poincare and Albert Einstein, however, derived the exact formula for the mass - energy equivalence. When a person discovers an equation, many equations not played out at first. Some however, played without knowing.

A man in the 1900s fascinated with formulas & the vast majority of numbers. Because of this a man named, Scott Worthfore became a mathematician when he grew up. He got a masters degree in mathematics in college & went on to become a professor. He even got married to a woman named Javelin.

Then a World War started in the mid 1900s & he had gone to war. While leaving everything he knew behind. His government had asked Scott by then he was not a Professor but became a General, (During the war) to come up with an equation for peoples DNA count & forecast it.

He never could come up with one equation but had made a lot of progress in the mean time. He had written down many notes too. One night during his command of battle, he had come up with the perfect formula & had written it down. The enemy hit hard & blast out of nowhere. Generals troops went out to attack since they had no choice. General Scott charged at his attacker. The attacker attacked back. Both men screamed as they charged each other then a shot went off.

Late in the 1900s a man named Fred Hunns been arrested. Nonetheless, since he was driving a stolen vehicle. He denied he stole it however, that be decided in court. The jury then gave a verdict to Fred Hunn as “Guilty,” the jury said. Four black cars stopped Fred on the way to the pen, in the police car. Men with suites came out & took Fred out of the car & knocked out the two police officers. Fred was to be execution because someone tipped off the court about a robbery that took place with Fred Hunn many of years ago.

The suite men took Fred to a banded warehouse where they just talked. One suite man said, “Mr. Hunn do, you realize that you are in deep trouble here?” Fred shakes his head yes. The other suite man talks, “You are charged with a double homicide at U.S. Bank five years ago.” Fred says, “That matter was taking care off a long time ago.”

The other suite man says, “I am CIA Special Agent Jones, you cannot hide anything from us sir.” Fred says, “What do you want from me?” The other suite man says, “I am CIA Special Agent Don, & we want a favor from you or we let you back to the police as a fugitive.” Fred thinks things over, as a fugitive; he knows that they would execute him for sure. Then he says, “I will do what ever you want ask of me, gentlemen.”

In the mid of the last decade of the 1900s, a woman named June Keller is running in the park. She is also meeting someone there to, her fiancé Lenny for a picnic for a nice afternoon. June was a police officer & one of the best at that too. She has ranked one of the highest in her field. An expert nonetheless & really knows what she is doing. When she goes to meet her fiancé but no one was there. All there was a blanket an empty picnic basket & her fiancé was missing.

June looked in the basket & found a note written by her fiancé Lenny. June went to a U.S. bank office building in New York City. She had just arrived there two days later on first class. When she entered the building, she went & followed the directions on Lenny’s note. It led her to an office meeting with President of the building a Frank Johnson. June went in & shouted, “Where is my fiancé Lenny, where is he?” she continues to say, “I want to know right now, I a cop & traveled many miles to get here.”

“Ah yes, Miss. Keller; Lenny I will discuss that with you.” Frank said. “It’s Mrs. Densen to you sir.” replied June. “Not yet it is not.” Frank said back rudely & continues, “Ladies & gentlemen the meeting is over & Miss. Keller please come with me.” Frank leads the way to his private office & June follows him there.

President Frank Johnson goes on to explain what is going on with June. Franks says that Lenny is with us & is very safe for the time being. Lennys undergoing a big project with some important, people & could use your help. That is why I called you here today. June is in shock that Frank left the note & not Lenny. Frank ask June if you want to see your fiancé, again you will help us. He also says that we will be in contact & you will know what to do when the time comes.

In the last year of the 1900s, Ronald Hung was driving up to a house in Maryland U.S. He walks up to the door & knocks. A woman opens the door she says, “Hello who are you sir & how may I help you?” Ronald replies, “Yes, Mrs. Green may I step in for a moment of your time?” Mrs. Green was worried but let Ronald in anyway. “I am CIA Special Agent Ronald Hung; I am here to talk about an important matter.”

Ron goes on to say that Mrs. Green was one a Miss. Keller, June. June’s children enter (two of them four & three years of age) the room they say, “Hi.” to Ron & Ron says, “Hello.” back. Ron continues to say that he also knew that she was an Officer June Keller & so was her fiancé Officer Lenny Densen. That is when June tells her children to go up stairs to their rooms & stay there until Ron leaves & the children go to their room after that.

Ron continues to say that June once meet a man named Frank Johnson President of a U.S. Bank building in New York city precisely 4 years ½ ago. Then Ron says well now it is time to pay the favor. If you still want your fiancé back, that is. June says, “I am married now & have two beautiful children, oh & my husband is an attorney too.” Ron agrees with all of that then he says, “What about the technicality of a one person named Fred Hunn?”
Ron asks June, “Do you remember him?” Off course June remember very well what happened to a Fred Hunn. June, when she was a rookie cop she had to escort a person named Fred Hunn to the county state pen to be executed there. However, Mr. Hunn never got there. Instead, Hunn had escaped & never eventually found. Hunns investigation file turned out to be a fugitive & a missing person file too. In addition, file that which never resolved even to this day.

June was in the car at the time when Hunn escaped & so was Deputy Sparks. Sparks disappeared from the face of the planet so someone & that someone being June had to take the blame for Hunns escape. Apparently, June was unconscious at the time when Hunn escaped but the Judge did not by that excuse at all. Some how June had let go of all charges by an anonymous person but never found out who or why. Nevertheless, she was starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together herself even though no one told her why.

June left her children at her mothers house & told her husband about it. Meanwhile June went with Ron in his car together. They stopped at a nursing home downtown. They parked & walked in then Ron asked for a Professor Gerom. A nurse led them to a room & there he was a Professor Gerom. “I know who you are.” he pointed at Ron. Then he pointed at June, “But I do not know who you are.” “My name is June,” replied June.

Professor Gerom knew Ron because but not exactly, he just knew the suite he wore. Only because man in suites have been coming up to Gerom for a decade now. Many different men in suites but not much as young as Ron though. He knew who the suites were, they were the CIA Agents asking him about a specific man & where this man might be. Gerom had ever answered the CIA before. What were they going to do to Gerom anyway he thought often?

Gerom was just an old man & not much time to live. There is nothing the CIA, could take away from him anyway. After all, he had no family left & his belongings are all gone too. Now all he has left to do is rest. Ron ask like every CIA agent ask Gerom “Where is he?” Gerom asks, “Professor Worthfore?” “No comment.” Gerom says.

Ron goes to say that this woman by my side is Mrs. June Green. Also once known as Officer June Keller. “Remember that name Professor?” asks Ron. Gerom nods his head yes. He knows her because she is the one the one who has the puniculan DNA. Puniculan DNA is a DNA, which then created during World War 2. This DNA is supposed to regenerate human cells after any given time. That means a human can heal one self after a period of injury. This DNA creation only made possible by a forecast of DNA structure.

If one could forecast a DNA structure then they could rearrange the DNA, anyway they want to. Nevertheless, allowing making DNA up of a bold of possibilities. That is what a one Professor Scott Worthfore did in World War 2. His government made him make the equation for the DNA & by serving his country during the war as a General too. The CIA got a hold of this information by Professor Gerom in the late 1900s & Gerom had contacted by Professor Worthfore too. That is why the CIA know that Gerom knows where Worthfore is.

June just happens to have the Puniculan DNA because most foreign baby boomers were born with the DNA. The DNA is just not activate if not taught how to use it correctly. Gerom worked with the CIA & helped them conduct studies on humans with the Puniculan DNA, especially on one person a Fred Hunn. Fred Hunn was only 19 at the time but Gerom does not know what he would look like now with the test done on him. Ron convinces Gerom that if he does not talk they will repeat what the CIA has in the past but this time with June. Gerom knew exactly what Ron was talking about too.

Gerom agrees with Ron & tells Ron that Professor Scott Worthfore is in Deep South Africa. Ron & June take the next flight home & Gerom demands to come on one last ride. Ron lets Gerom come with them to South Africa & there they find Worthfore. Ron hopes when he finds Worthfore that he will tell him the secret of his DNA & the CIA can put a stop of it. That was Ron’s assignment & to give Lenny back to June once all over.

They all find Worthfore drinking in a bar but not alone. He had friends with him. Ron puts out his gun & tells Worthfore to give up the secret of his DNA. Worthfore turns around & sees Gerom. Worthfore has an immediate flashback when he was in World War 2. It was when he was writing down the equation for the first time & then rises up to fight his attacker.

His attacker chargers at Worthfore & shoots at him then Worthfore shoots back. Only they both knock out. Worthfore looks into Gerom’s face then returns to the man in the flash back & realize that those two persons one in the same. Worthfore yells out “You,” to Gerom. “Long time no see partner,” Gerom says. Ron & June looked stun. Gerom & Worthfore grab out a gun in their pockets & charge. “Hunn,” says Worthfore to Ron. Worthfore ever forgets a face. Then June turns to Ron & says, “No.”

After World War 2, another government captured both Worthfore & Gerom. They forced to finish the project where Professor Worthfore left of as partners. Then they got a test subject one day named Fred Hunn, who now works for the CIA. Hunn changed is name to Ronald Hung & assigned by his boss to bring in his former mentor. The CIA just thought they could use June to help convince Gerom find Worthfore. Since, June was one of the last surviving of the Puniculan DNA. The CIA knew that June would ever join them so had to peruse June to the right thing. They could force the test on June as Gerom & Worthfore did Fred & the CIA used that to their advantage.

The CIA’s plane worked & all they need now is Worthfore’s equation since all that is left is in is memory. Worthfore destroyed all written documentation of the equation a decade earlier. It was not sure what the CIA’s plans were what they were going to do with it. They just wanted the equation & they were going to get it too. Fred turned around pulled out his gun toward June. Then Worthfore & Gerom shot each other at contact. Then a bullet headed toward June & hit her. A no man from the bar pulled out his shotgun. Fred turned around & the no man shot Fred 10 times all over. At the end of the day there were four bodies laying restless on the ground in a bar.

During the flash back of Professor Scott Worthfore he wrote down the equation -
X times 7-dived blank. The X being the number of DNA structures.
The equation he created he called it X 7.

(The events can turn out by randomized & brought together by an alight plan. It make take years to turn out the plan however, the plan itself planned in a second an event occurs.)


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