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Creation (with added rambling)

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Default Creation (with added rambling)

We can never know how
each other feels
We can only take these
clumsy gesticulations
And primitive grunts
And form a vicarious conception

And hope that this somehow
resembles what is felt
As well as that others
aren’t misrepresenting
what is felt with their
grunts, and their symbols.

How might we describe a feeling?
It's not as easy as you might think...

I mean these peptides invaded my cells
born of a absent minded
wayward thought pattern
sparked by a rather manic sub-conscience,
rooted in some kind of enduring unease
which might be akin to a
disorder not yet diagnosed and
hey presto, I was


Or was it



All three - the brain
the stomach, the heart,
which of these squishy
mechanisms has me feeling
something that I cannot
put into words!?

And how much am I even in control of them?
If you think you are in control of your feelings,
rather than vice versa,
Try not to stress --
I said try, which is the active function --
Not decide.
Because you may or may not be successful in your
battle to master these feelings

These words are
no good
they’re inadequate
I cannot give you my feelings
using these mere abstractions!

Yet that's all I have

And art.
All I have to convey
every feeling I've ever had,
only images,
only replicants,
only metaphors, only

With these meagre tools
would you blame me if I
created these Gods, Devils
Jekylls, Hydes
Davids, Goliaths
to show you the breadth of my soul?

I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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