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20 Questions!

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Old 08-13-2008, 09:10 PM
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Default 20 Questions!

20 Questions is not a word game, per se, but it's a pretty fun game anyway. Some ground rules:

1. Although the object can be anything, try to keep it general/generic. e.g. your item should be car instead of a Ferrari Testarossa.
2. If a guess touches on the category of the item (for example, the item is a pair of jeans, but someone guesses "pants"), prompt them that they have correctly guessed the category, but it is a more specific item. The category ("pants") guess will be counted, along with anything else after that (a guess of shorts, etc.)
3. A rule for the person answering questions: it would be helpful if, for each time you answer someone's question, you included the list of the questions you answered before. For example:
person 1: Is it edible?
person 2: No, it is not.
1) It is not alive.
2) It is not electronic.
3) It is not edible.
4. Don't ask useless questions like "do you like it" or "is it a penis". These questions will be ignored.
5. Don't change your mind along the way. That's just annoying!
[B][b]6. Items shouldn't be obscene or tasteless.
[B][b]7. When there are only a few questions left (18 or so), if people start guessing and the guesses exceed the limit of questions left (for example, four people try out a guess when there's 18 questions already asked), these guesses are not counted towards the 20-limit. If none of these are correct, the game is over and the round starts over.
8. Hints may be given, and it is up to the question answerer to decide whether or not a hint will be counted as a question. It may be clarification/ elaborating on a previous answer, or a whole new answer.
9. If you feel the question answerer has given incorrect information, you can point it out, and if this turns out to be true you will be allowed to take over.

I apologize for the plethora of rules, but I've been to a lot "rowdier" and "spammier" forums, so it's just a precaution. Anyways, I will be the Q guy for this round. Ask away!

P.S. If I have some spare time I will keep record of the rounds and such.

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