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How do I post?

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Icon5 How do I post?

So how does this forum thingy work? Here's a brief tutorial for those who might need it.

Starting a thread
A thread is like a conversation. To start one, choose the forum you want to post in, and look in the upper left for the "New Thread" button. Clicking that takes you to a "Post New thread" screen where you must fill in the subject (becomes the thread title) and message. You can click "Preview Post" to see what it'll look like when posted, or "Submit New Thread" to post it for others to see.

Replying to a thread
If you're reading a thread and would like to reply, you can click "New Reply" in the top or bottom left of the screen. That will take you to the same textbox as before, and you can compose your message. When you're in this screen, you can scroll down to see the most recent messages in the thread. If you take a while composing a reply, click "Preview Post" and scroll down to see if anyone else posted while you were writing; you might want to reply to them, too! Click "Submit" when you're done.

Quoting Basics
Sometimes, when you're posting a reply, you'd like to show exactly what you're responding to. Quoting another post or posts is a good idea.

To quote one post, hit the "quote" button in the lower right corner of it. Bear in mind that it will take you immediately to a reply screen, so don't do it until you have read the remainder of the thread.

To multi-quote (or quote more than one post), hit the small squarish speech bubble button to the right of the "quote" button. That will start blinking sluggishly, but let you keep reading the thread. You can hit that button on multiple posts, so that when you finally hit "reply", you have all the posts you want to reply to.

Advanced Quoting
When you've quoted a post, its text shows up in quote tags that look like this:

[quote=Username;123456] Blah blah blah [/quote]

It's a good idea to delete unnecessary stuff from the quote, and show just the point you are responding to inside the tags. Please don't quote immensely long posts just to say "I agree". Whittle the post down to the one thing you agree with, to save space!

Splitting a quote
Sometimes you may want to respond to a person point by point. You can do this in several ways. Once you have the quote in tags, you can copy/paste the whole thing multiple times, then edit each one to show a separate point. Or you can hit enter within the quote and copy/paste the tags so they become separate quotes. Either way, you go from one quote to a split quote from the same person:

[quote=Username;123456] Blah blah blah. And blaah. Urg. [/quote]

[quote=Username;123456] Blah blah blah. [/quote]
[quote=Username;123456] And blaah. [/quote]
[quote=Username;123456] Urg. [/quote]

This is what it will look like in your editing screen. Put your own words after the end-quote tags. Click "Preview Post" to see it as others will see it. If you notice any errors due to missing or incomplete tags, you can fix them before hitting "submit". For instance, a common error is to be missing the backslash in the end-quote tag.

Manual quoting means typing in the quote tags yourself. You may want to do this if you're halfway through a post and realize you should have quoted the person but didn't. You don't want to go back and lose your info, so you just copy/paste what they said and manually type tags around it. Here's the anatomy of a quote tag:

[ QUOTE = Username ; 123456 ]
The brackets tell the site that you're coding something.
QUOTE is what you're doing.
=Username tells people whom you're quoting. This is especially important in arguments, since if you simply have a blank quote tag, it doesn't say who said what.
;12345 says the post number, which creates a link people can click to see the whole post (helpful if it's from pages back or if you haven't quoted the whole thing). To find the post number when you're in your edit screen, scroll down to see previous posts and hover your cursor over the one you're quoting; it'll give you the post number. If you can't find (or just don't want to find) the post number, this part is optional. But make sure you put the username in there so people know who said what.

[ / QUOTE ]
The brackets tell the site that you're coding something.
The backslash says you're ending the previous code.
QUOTE is what you're ending.

Editing a post
Whoops! You made a typo or forgot to say something, and you've already clicked "Submit". What do you do? Post again?

Actually, in the lower right of your own posts is an "Edit" button. You can click that to make changes to your post after you submit it. If no-one has seen or replied to it yet, this editing will be your little secret. But if people have seen and replied to your post, and then you edit it, the site will put a little message at the bottom saying "Edited by...." You can put a reason for editing in there, but it's not required.

A note on editing etiquette: it's a good idea to avoid editing past posts during an argument, in order to keep a clear record of what you originally said. You don't want to fix a typo only to be suspected of changing your whole story! (Conversely, those who do use the editing button to change their stories during debates may find themselves most unpopular.) So if you can tell it's a tense discussion, save yourself the drama and leave your typos uncorrected.

Moving or getting rid of a thread
If you need a thread moved to a different forum, please send a private message to a moderator. If you want a thread closed or deleted, do the same thing. We'll happily delete critique threads if you're done with them, since they're yours. We may choose to keep conversational threads up if they're of general interest; in that case, remember that a thread is like a conversation, and it doesn't "belong" just to the one who started it. If you're not sure, ask us!

Hope this helps you!

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