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Shoda Race

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Icon1 Shoda Race

Okay, this is a bio on the Shoda race. Now, I will be talking about how they breed, so warnings ahead. If you don't want to read it, just skip over it. The information is subject to change when I get enough critique and opinions on what I should make better. I didn't know where to put this, so I'm putting it here. If there is a better place for this, please tell me and I'll move it there.

Shoda History

Shoda have been around for nearly as long as humans. The first Shoda was created when a shadow demon woman procreated with a human male, in hell. The Shoda was tougher, stronger, and overall better then regular Shadow demons. Now, during that time, the shadow demons were declining due to a disease that prevented them from breeding with each other. So, once word got out that they could mate with human males, they went crazy. The women bred with the Humans that were in hell and made tons of Shoda. However, the disease went away soon after thousands of Shoda were made. These Shoda might've been tougher and stronger, but they were a pain in the ass. They were very emotional, extremely mischievous and didn't die easily. They were very hard to control, and the other demons didn't want to deal with them, so they sent them to Cambornia, an alternate Earth. The Shoda were not well liked by the humans. They were viewed as evil beings and were sent to the Southern Cambornia Desert. There, they met a tribe of outcasted people named the Cancankee. The Cancankee actually liked the Shoda, and treated them all like royalty. They even went so far as to make a potion to make themselves Shoda. They all lived in peace, and all was well and good for about 500 years. However, a war was going on in the rest of Cambornia. A sort of ethnic cleansing They set their sights on the Cancankee and Shoda. The Cancankee, knowing that they would be killed, decided to open up a portal to the Dark Realm, evacuating the Shoda and sacrificing themselves. After all of the Shoda were evacuated into the Realm they closed the portal and sealed the magic to open it away. They wrote a prophecy about when the Shoda will be back, to eradicate all of the Humans and become the master race, lead by a single boy. The Shoda, now living in the Dark Realm, discovered that they could control the elements of the Dark Realm; The Lines, the Poison and the Creatures. They got settled and lived there happily. Of course, they got into a few civil wars, and revolutions, typical, being the emotional creatures that they are. Of course, they are all waiting for the prophecy to come true, and that they'll return to Cambornia, eager to follow the king that will lead them all to victory.

Shoda Biology

Shoda have pitch black skin that is 10 times thicker and harder then humans. They have no lips, just sharp teeth. Think of a jack-o-lantern's mouth, it's sort of like that, only with bigger teeth. Inside the mouth there is a set of sharp, inner teeth, used for chewing. They have round, bright white eyes with no pupils. They're just glowing circles of white. Females can have triangular eyes. They have horns, which can vary in shape and size. Their hair is usually short and black. Visual Aid: http://inthenights16.deviantart.com/...yden-332064344

They normally don't like wearing clothes because it restricts movement in tight clothing. If they do have to wear clothes, they'll wear baggy or work clothes. Shoda have three major organs in their bodies. a stomach, a storage unit, and a (sort of) brain. the stomach is where it breaks down food and get energy from it. Shoda are carnivores, they mostly eat meat, whether it'd be raw or cooked. It doesn't matter, it digests the same. Any waste product will go to their skin, and it'll peel off. The storage is where they can store small items inside them. The brain part is a bit hard to explain. It's not really a brain, it's more of a collective conscious. they can still think and make decisions, but there isn't really anything actually inside their head. Their blood is also white, along with their tears and saliva.

((OKAY getting to the NSFW stuff here. genital, breeding, and mating talk. go down the next parentheses if you don't wanna read.))

Now, their genitals are covered by layers of skin. They have human looking genitals, with some slight variations. Male penises do not have heads, and they don't have testicals. The sperm is made inside the penis. However, it does still hurt a lot if they're kicked in the crotch. Female Vaginas don't have a clitorus. Other then that, it's fairly normal. The female has a small uterus, with a teeny tiny egg inside of it. This will be the only child that she can bare. One child per female. (There can be twins, though they hatch from the same egg.)


A Female goes in heat every month for one day, starting by the age of 18, and keeps having them until she has a child. It is at this time they can find a mate and fertilize the egg. Once she goes into heat, her vagina will show, and she'll stick anything in her to get sexual pleasure. The female will release tons of pheromones to attract a mate. When a male is attracted they violently and furiously have tons of sex. the male has to ejaculate into the female, but the female will try to keep that from happening by pulling the penis out and they do it again and again and again and again ... until finally he ejaculates in her. Then they are forever mates. They fiercely loyal and lovey-dovey to each other so divorce never happens. They mate for life. Now, since the female has an egg inside of her, it needs to be fertilized in order for it to grow into a baby, of course. The male and female have intercourse and then the sperm fertilizes the egg.

((Done with sex, mating, and genitals, Read on))


An egg takes 6 weeks to grow inside the mother, then when it comes out, another 3 to 9 months until it hatches. The egg is black, with grey spots. The Shoda can hatch a baby, or an adolescent it depends on the father's genes. A baby shoda in an egg can hear everything outside of it, and it helps that the mother and father sing to them or read to them to give them a mental boost when they hatch. A female shoda is VERY protective of it's egg. She won't even let the Father get near it half the time. A human male can have a child with a female Shoda, but not the other way around. Female Humans cannot get pregnant by a male Shoda UNLESS he was born human that turned Shoda(read on to find out more about Hybrids).


The potion that was created by the Cancankee can turn almost any human into a shoda. However, this has a chance to backfire and can come out with heavily mutated Shoda-Human hybrids. A Bad hybrid is when the Human turned Shoda doesn't look anything like a shoda and is a blob of black with white spots on one end. These mutated ones are very very unintelligent and can barely walk, talk, and think for themselves. A successful Hybrid is when it looks half human, half Shoda. For example, they can have white eyes, black patches of skin, black highlighted hair, stubs on their head that are supposed to be horns, sharp teeth, Etc. These have a completely human intelligence and mentality. Then there is the Artificial Shoda. This is where it looks completely like a shoda, but has a mixture of both Human and Shoda mentality and intellect. These can be dangerous, due to their confusion and sanity wavers between human and Shoda. The Cancankee have found a way to make them less dangerous by putting a Keeper system.

Weaknesses and strengths

Since a Shoda is a type Shadow Demon, it has a weakness to light. However, it is not as strong as regular Shadow Demons. a shoda can survive in sunlight for an hour before he starts to feel anything. Light made by fire or light bulbs will not hurt them. Only sunlight and very high LED light can hurt. Once a Shoda has been in Sunlight for an hour, they will start to sizzle. Thirty minutes more, and they'll start to burn. thirty more minutes and they're bleeding from their burns, Thirty more minutes and they fry/bleed to death. But if they cover up good enough, they can avoid this. Since a Shoda's skin is very tough it can withstand most attacks; it can withstand any cut or piercing. Cuts heal very quickly and piercings won't heal unless the item that is piercing them is out. However, If you manage to cut a Shoda's arm off, it'll grow back. How fast it grows depends on how much was cut off and how much food it has eaten. While they may be immune to cuts and piercings, they are weak to blunt force. Using a bat or other blunt object on their head will knock them out depending how hard you hit them. Shoda can melt into a shadow and stay in them for long periods of time, and skilled Shoda can even bring objects and other beings in with them. A Shoda can also have one or both of their hands turn into curved blades. To kill a Shoda, you can either make it lay out in the sun for two and a half hours, or cut off the limbs and head of it and then crush the head, or dump the whole body in lava or acid.

Keeper System

A keeper is a human that keeps an artificial Shoda from going completely insane. The Keeper is chosen by the Shoda and they stay with them unless they don't like them anymore, or the Keeper dies. A shoda will stay with their keeper, even if the Keeper doesn't like them, however, this isn't the best Keeper-Shoda relationship. The Keeper will most likely fail at calming down their Shoda, and can make things even worse for the Shoda. A good Keeper-Shoda relationship is one that is respectful, kind, and an over-all a friendship love. It is actually common for Keepers to marry their Shoda, and have no bad side effects. Shoda with good relationships with their Keepers will do anything for them. Whether it be emotional, materialistic, or sexual.

Customs and Behavior

As I've said before, Shoda are very emotional creatures. They feel emotions on a very deep level. Sadness usually leads to depression in Shoda. Anger to Rage, and Happiness to ecstatic They are also very mischievous pulling pranks, and hurting people for fun. Despite this, they can also be very loyal and protective. This is especially true among mates. Some Shoda are born with very little emotion, they are mostly outcasted for their weirdness. Artificial Shoda go between having no emotions, to human emotions, to shoda emotions, and back again. The transition between these emotions is unstable, and usually results in violence and panic attacks. Artificial Shoda Women are especially unstable, and are prone to easily getting PTSD from something as simple as their Keeper leaving them alone for a day. Shoda like others to lead them, but are capable of leading themselves. They will follow any Leader that proves themselves to be worthy of leadership, and follow a democracy. For marriage, there is no ceremony. A Shoda man and a Shoda woman mate, and they forever have each other. Though there might be a small party for the newly-mated, if they wish.

That is all for now. This is to be updated when I find things to make it better. Now, anyone is free to make a Shoda! Be sure to credit me and show me what you've got! Remember, every Shoda is different, don't be afraid to bend the rules.

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