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Default Bullies

To the woman who shouted from her car passing by with her window rolled down, I

would ask her why and how much and what they told her that I was or what I may

had done. I'd wonder if they told her what she was to yell only after she was paid

with the NDA.

What she said was horrible and she didn't stop at the stop sign in the cul-de-sac, she

said, "God, takes a long time killing yourself," and sped away.

Hugging my mom, the next driver came by, another woman with the window down.

Sobbing and hugging my mother, the woman said, "Oh, god, who died?" It was

demeaning in tone and she sped away the same as the other woman seconds earlier.

The worst part is that it was true and that it was a week or less that my uncle,

who's name is Paul fell down, hit his head, and died in the hospital due to health

related complications.

What happened next was even worse. The neighbor woman said something that set

me off to yelling profusely. She said a name of a young girl who is currently in the

hospital because she'd recently swallowed 100 painkillers and I have not been able

to find out why, but she plays video games online and I know too much, and she

suffers panic attacks and doctors first thought she was autistic, when she is not, but

she claims to not be able to handle certain noises and phrases and does not want to

talk to people. She is currently on a farm with other children and I am worried

about her being on a farm without her family and friends. Her mother thinks she is

okay, but I am not allowed any rights and wish to investigate this farm and do not

think she is 100% safe.

i didnt do it, except...

i dream, you dream, we all do --
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