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Project Juggernaut (Chapter 5 part 3)

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Default Project Juggernaut (Chapter 5 part 3)

Wright Patterson AFB war room

Major Macy and Captain Palmer were watching footage of the battle taking place in Dreamers Park as Major General Brad Hubble hung up a phone and approached them.

“I got some good news gentlemen,” General Hubble said.

“What is it sir?” Palmer asked.

“The Special Ops team investigating the Antarctic base found two survivors and learned that the scorpions weakness is liquid nitrogen and the president has called off the nuclear option,” Hubble explained.

“Where are we going to get the liquid nitrogen from?” Major Macy asked.

“The president contacted a research institute in Dayton and they are in the process of preparing more than several liquid nitrogen capsules which will be picked up by two Pave Hawk helicopters that are inbound to the institute as we speak,” Hubble said.

“I take it one shipment of capsules is coming to us and the other is
going to the Navy,” Palmer commented.

“You got it,” Hubble replied.

Antarctic base ruins

Colonel Parkers team along with Sergeant Spencer and Corporal Austin were still in position near the truck as the Seahawk helicopter arrived overhead.

"Sandtiger 1 to Gulf 1-9er, we understand that you’re still lasing the target for the air strike so will set the bird down and wait for you to complete your mission.”

“Copy that Sandtiger 1, the fighter is still three minutes out,” Colonel Parker replied as Captain Sadler remained focused on the target with the designator.

The helicopter circled around and landed several feet to the left of the teams position

As the pilot switched off the engine, Colonel Parker received contact from Captain Kingsler over his radio.

“Swordfish 1 to Gulf 1-9er, what’s your status?”

“We’re in position near a flatbed truck fifty meters from the target and we have it lased. I repeat, the target is lased,” Colonel Parker replied.

“Solid copy Gulf 1-9er, I’m one minute out.”

The F-24 soared over the ruins of the Antarctic base at 27,000 feet and acquired the large storage hanger.

“Releasing BBXMs,” Captain Kingsler said then released two bombs from the weapons bay of his fighter and looks at the target on his display panel.

After what seemed like a very long fall, the bombs went through the roof of the storage hanger and obliterate it in a gigantic fiery explosion that was so big, it could seen and felt from half a mile away.

“Damn that was intense,” Sergeant Spencer commented after feeling the shockwave pass beneath him and the team.

“Good hit Swordfish 1, now all we need to do is wait for the flames to die down and then we’ll go in for the BDA to make sure the specimens are destroyed,” Colonel Parker reported.

“Roger that. Swordfish 1 to carrier, the target has been destroyed.

“This is Halsey control, you may conduct your BDA but standby until ground teams report after their assessment”

“Roger that,” Kingsler replied then watched as his scanners conducted their assessment.

Five minutes later, the flames died down enough for the team to move in close for an assessment.

“Let’s go,” Colonel Parker said then the team made a mad dash for the spot where the storage hanger once stood.

“Swordfish 1 to Gulf 1-9er, my BDA scans show that there is nothing left of the building.”

“We see that too, hopefully this means the specimens are gone with it,” Parker replied.

The team reached the spot and saw nothing but the hanger floor and a few small fires here and there.

“There really is nothing left of this place,” Captain Sadler commented as he and the others scanned the area with their assault rifles.

“No debris, no bomb fragments, no charred scorpion bodies, and not even a few severed scorpion limbs,” Sergeant Phillips said.

“Colonel Parker, do you know what kind of bombs were dropped on this place?” Sergeant Spencer asked.

“The bombs used against this building were BBXMs Bunker Buster X Munitions. Basically, thermal barric penatrator bombs."

“I’ve heard of thermal barric bombs before, the explosive power of one is stronger than that of any other explosive short of a nuke,” Corporal Austin said.

“Gulf 1-9er to Halsey, the target along with all scorpion specimens have been completely vaporized.”

“Copy that Colonel, Swordfish 1 is already heading back to the ship,” Admiral Nader said.

“So are we,” Colonel Parker replied.

The team made it back to the helicopter and got in as the rotor blades started spinning.

“This is Sandtiger 1, extraction of Parkers team and the survivors is complete.”
The Seahawk rose into the air and headed back to the carrier.

“Colonel, there is something else Corporal Austin and I need to show you,” Sergeant Spencer said then he opened one of his vest pockets and pulled out thirty dog tags as Corporal Austin opened one of his pockets and pulled out thirty more.

“In addition to gathering information on Project Juggernaut while waiting for you guys to arrive, we also took some time to retrieve dog tags from as many bodies as we could. In some areas where the scorpions used their flame attacks, there weren’t any bodies left to retrieve tags from,” Corporal Austin explained.

“Those tags will come in handy when the time comes for the somber task of notifying the families of the fallen, nice work guys,” Captain Sadler commented.

USS James E. Williams
Somewhere outside Norfolk Naval Base

Hours later, a Pavehawk helicopter landed on the destroyer and the flight crew offloaded two metal containers labeled extremely dangerous handle with care.

“This is Postman 2-4, delivery complete,” the pilot said.

“This is the Williams CIC, you’re cleared to depart and have a safe trip back to Wright Patterson AFB.”

"Roger that,” the pilot replied then the helicopter lifted off and flew away.

On the bridge, Captain Crowe was being briefed by his navigator and XO in regards to the mission to Antarctica.

“This will no doubt be a long voyage but we’ve concluded that it will take us sixteen hours to reach the Halsey battle group at maximum speed,” the XO explained.

“Are you sure that your calculations are correct?” Captain Crowe asked.

“We double checked them before briefing you and we’re 100% sure,” the navigator replied.

“Captain Crowe, this is the HAZMAT team. we’ve secured the liquid nitrogen capsules and have loaded it onto one of the Seahawks,” reported a voice over his earpiece as he sat in his chair with the navigator seated on his right side.

“Helm, get us moving,” Captain Crowe ordered.

The throttle was pushed to max and the destroyer sailed away at high speed.

USS Halsey

Admiral Nader was looking at a message on a computer tablet as Parker’s team walked onto the bridge with Spencer and Austin right behind them.

“We’re back sir,” Colonel Parker said.

“Good job,” Nader replied as Sergeant Spencer and Corporal Austin came forward.

“All information regarding the project is in these folders sir,” Sergeant Spencer said.

“You can set those by the plotting map, I’ll deal with them after I do a briefing,” Nader replied then left the bridge.

“So what else did you two learn about Project Juggernaut?” Parker asked.

“The full extent of the project involved the creation of small scorpion variants in addition to the big ones we saw during the attack.

Five pilots of the Royal Maces and Blue Blaster Squadrons along with their leaders Captain Roberts and Commander Pearson stood patiently in the briefing room as Admiral Nader arrived.

“Be seated,” Nader ordered as he walked up to the podium.

“Have we found a way to defeat the scorpions yet sir?” Roberts asked as he took his seat.

“ We have. Thanks to the information provided to us by the two survivors found by Parkers team, we now know that the creatures are vulnerable to liquid nitrogen and an effort to stop them once and for all known as Operation Medusa is underway.”

“How is this operation going to work?” Pearson asked.

“The Air Force is preparing to deploy liquid nitrogen capsules provided by a research institute against the scorpion in Cleveland while the destroyer USS James E. Williams is currently heading towards our location to deliver a shipment of liquid nitrogen capsules. Once the capsules are delivered, they will be placed into JSOW glide bombs which will be loaded onto your Super Hornets and you’ll carry out a search and destroy mission against the scorpions in this theater of operations,” Nader explained.

“Admiral, How long will it take for the Williams to arrive?” Roberts asked.

“Sixteen hours.”

Upon being dismissed, the pilots left the briefing room full of confidence. Word of this breakthrough felt like the sun breaking through the clouds and shining upon them.

Cahpter 6 coming soon.

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