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Default Adam

My name is Adam Kane. I’m 25 years old. I don’t normally like to talk about myself or my past. It’s really nobody else’s business but my own. I can have a short temper and get a bit hostile. I’m also annoyed easily. I almost look emotionless, but after getting to know a person I begin to loosen up. Then I can be pretty sarcastic.

I spent my childhood in different catholic orphanages and more foster families then I can remember. Sure some of the nuns and foster parents where nice but they had so many other kids to keep track of I’m sure it is no where the same as having a real set of parents. Either way I guess you can’t miss what you’ve never had.

The last foster family I lived with the father was big in politics and the government. He was not really the reason but a strong influence for me to go and enlist in the naval academy and train to become a SEAL. They turned my into a well tuned machine, and one of the best snipers they’d ever seen.

My whole life I have kept one thing to myself though. I’m a freak. It’s why my parents probably left me on the steps of that orphanage when I was just a new born. I have telekinesis, or the power to move things with my mind. Also, my body seems to heal quicker than any normal human can. As a child I tried to avoid using my powers. When I joined the navy and became a SEAL I used my powers to help me with my missions, but being care no one saw. And it was all going good until that last mission.

I get these terrible headaches sometimes and lose control of my powers. I never use to get them before I joined the service; I think my body is reacting to something they must have been giving us. And I have a bad habit of always running away from my problems.

Anyways to make a long story short, I ended up having to leave the SEALs right in the middle of a mission, jump across the border into China, and disappear off the grid. Since that day I did come back to the states and have been doing some freelance work, taking care of anybodies dirty business that is willing to pay for it. But I know the government is looking to get their property back, ME.

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Hi Adam!

What happens when you lose control? Do random things fly around? Do people get hurt?

How did you found out you had telekinesis?

If someone trapped you in a bag and hung you from a tree, what would you do?

Where are you from?
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Did you ever make friends with any of the children in the foster families you lived with?

Have you ever tried to trace your parents? Why/why not?
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