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Words at a Loss

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Old 05-11-2012, 11:24 AM
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Default Words at a Loss

drainage pipes pass what they can
and what remains
runs down the sides of ancient stone
in castle walls
that saw the day when swords not words
did hold the sway

now words have breached the inner dam
and waking mind
attempts to hold

but with no time to pause, reflect
the words are simply washed away

now swords are mounted on the wall
as decoration, reminder too
that in the day when they did rule
the right of might was no debate

no words are mounted on the wall
they do not decorate the halls
of a fortress strong from long ago

but their power is waning like swords of old
with each new text, there's less to say

now,no one takes the time to smith or craft the words they write
before they're sent on fiber light
loosed in the world of cyber night
where speaking well
and standing strong
have lost their place

we are a race who live in shallows
so now our words are wiki-weak
no truth no strength
profound is gone
and nothing's deep and fully steeped
in meaning
that spans the breadth of thought
in men and women fully wrought
who take the time to think it through
so their deep musings might enrich
another mind another heart
that searches long
and hopes to find
a resonance with a speaking mind
who took the time to meditate
on those things that men will ponder deep
like 'why am I here?' and 'why can I speak?'
when other creatures can only squeak
or growl or maybe gestures make
while we can talk from one to another
on anything your mind can discover

but now we never ever find
some secret nugget of speaking mind

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Old 05-12-2012, 02:38 AM
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OK. I had to wonder why one of KBR's poem had gone without comment. At first it was hard to get into, I'll have to admit.


Once I allowed my brain to grok, then I really grasped your poem. Then I read it again. I think it's brilliant, an indictment of tron-man. Worth reading slowly with a brain in receive mode.
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