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I wish he'd shut up now

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Old 09-24-2009, 11:25 AM
Maya (Offline)
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Default I wish he'd shut up now

There's always an innocent kid screaming in the shadows in the corner. Nobody wants to understand that he just might be talking sense. In fact, nobody wants to hear him out at all.
I wish he'd shut up now, but how can he? Hes innocent. He hasn't done anything.
But only he knows that, doesn't he?
Who wants to listen? No one.
Only the few handful that know, swear by his innocence.
But alas, people will go around, talk about him, shout at him, laugh at him, make fun of him.

I wish he'd shut up now.
But can he? If the world chooses to believe it has treated him better than what it has, it so can.
But if you expect him to lie low, and keep shut about it, and get accused, that's not going to happen.
People will tell him to get himself up on his feet, and that nobody really cares anymore and that he should probably get a life. Do they understand? No. Do they want to? No. Are they willing to? No.
So why should he listen to them?

I wish he'd shut up now.
Cause people are getting tired of his voice. People who were once close to him reveal their second face. People who are close to him forget whatever happened to him and happily stop caring oblivious to the fact that there is still a boy, screaming in the shadows, and yes, is still innocent.

I wish he'd shut up now.
But let's see anyone else in his place do the same.

Get enthusiastic, or get out of my face.
- Justin Herald
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Old 09-24-2009, 11:33 AM
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Hey Maya...this was good. I get the meaning of the "screaming child" thing. You might want to restructure this to make it more of a poem, tighten it up a bit too. Third line, first stanza you have a typo "hes" should be "he's"

Good stuff though, I enjoyed it.

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