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Writer's Nook and Reader's Corner

The WNRC E-Zine is going to print!
Starting with the August 30th, 2005 issue the ezine is now available in a printed version as well as online.
Please be advised that all submissions for the e-zine will be considered for both.

Please read these fully before submitting, paying special attention to the different mailboxes used for each section. We apologize for any confusion the setup might cause, but right now there are only two of us and this makes it much easier for us to track. Also, beginning with the March 2005 issue we will be changing our e-zine from a monthly format to quarterly, publishing in March, June, September, and December. Thanks!!

Please note that beginning on May 1st, 2005 all payments will be made by paypal only. Please include your PayPal information along with your submission so you can be paid in a timely manner. Thank you for your support

Writer's Nook and Reader's Corner is a monthly ezine providing between five and ten new f iction stories each month. In addition we have a variety of non-fiction articles and poems included in each issue. We will be updating the ezine section on the 30th of each month, or as close to it as possible. Beginning with the January 2005 issue, we will start paying for ezine stories at the rate of $5 per story, and ezine poetry at the rate of $2 per story. It isn't much, but hey, we like to eat too.
Rest assured, that as we grow so will the price we pay our authors.

Please don't include any graphic pornographic material. While vulgar language shouldn't be littered throughout the text, we will not dismiss a story with this language if it is used sparingly and gives a characterization that wouldn't be the same without it. We're also not interested in stories that have excessive violence without justification. Again, if the story wouldn't be the same without it, we'll consider it. Just please remember we hope to have a diverse audience.

We are also interested in other submissions for the rest of the site, including shorter fiction, poetry, book reviews, interviews with authors, and news articles. We do not offer payment for any of the submissions except for ezine stories and poetry accepted for use at this time. This section of the site will be updated monthly, except for news articles, which will be posted as soon as possible, and all submissions for these areas will be posted unless they contain offensive material.

We accept submissions by email only at this time. Please either include your story in the body of the email, or include it as a Word attachment. For suggestions on styles, such as bold, italics, etc, please use <XXXX> and </XXXX> at the beginning and end of the section. For example, "I want this bold and this in italics" would become "I want <bold>this</bold> and <italics>this</italics> in italics."

Monthly Site Submissions
(all non-paid at this time - only submissions accepted for the ezine, sent to submissions@tavonreiman.net per the Monthly Submissions section below are paid)

Submissions for inclusion on the website are accepted at all times, and will be updated monthly. NOTE: These submissions are not edited and don't go through a selection process, any appropriate submission will be posted. These submissions receive no payment at this time. All rights revert to the author upon publication.

If you send in a story or poem for the e-zine and it is not accepted, you have the option of having it posted on the site. Please attach a note on your submission e-mail if you would like this done. Otherwise we will assume you don't.

News & Articles Please limit them to articles pertaining in some way to the industry. Book signings, new books being published and writer's contests are a couple of examples of what we're interested in for this section. Send all submissions for this section to news@tavonreiman.net with the title in the subject line and article in the body of the email or attached as a Word document.

Short stories Please note submissions for the ezine should be sent to a different mailbox and have different guidelines, listed below Monthly Submissions. Stories may be of any genre. The word limit for these short stories is 2,500 words. Send submissions to stories@tavonreiman.net with the title in the subject line and the author and story in the body of the email or attached as a Word document.

Poetry Any kind of poetry is accepted. The length should not exceed 45 lines. Send submissions to poetry@tavonreiman.net with the title in the subject line and the author and poem in the body of the email or attached as a Word document.

Reviews This section is mainly for books authored by site members or books reviewed by site members. Send submissions to reviews@tavonreiman.net with the title of the book in the subject line and the author of the book, the reviewer and the review in the body of the email or attached as a Word document.

FOR YOUR BOOK TO BE REVIEWED: Send a query with the title, author and length of book to reviews@tavonreiman.net for consideration. Please DO NOT send complete manuscripts until your query is answered. Thank you.

Interviews section is for interviews with or by site members. Other interviews will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may or may not be included. Send submissions to interviews@tavonreiman.net with the interviewees name in the subject line and the interviewer and interview in the body of the email or attached as a Word document. You can also get a copy of our interview questions by clicking on the interview questions link on the interview page. Please add your answers and send these back to us in Rich Text or Plain Text format.

Challenges are accepted during a date range that will be specified for each challenge. Maximum word length will also vary, depending on the type of challenge. Details will be given for each contest about what to include in the subject and body of your email. All challenge entries should be sent to challenges@tavonreiman.net with the subject and body of the email filled as stated in the challenge or attached as a Word document.

Monthly E-Zine Submissions
EDITOR'S NOTE: Beginning with the March 2005 issue we will be changing the e-zine to a quarterly publication. Publish dates will be March, June, September and December.

We are currently looking for any type of fiction that is character-driven and has a solid plot. Or anthing that just plain makes us feel good, forget about the world for a few minutes, or catches our eye for any other reason. We would like submissions from every genre and hope to provide a variety for our readers. Poetry may be submitted for acceptance here also. The cut-off date for each edition will be 30 days prior to publication. Any submissions received after that will be considered for the following edition.

Word limit is 7,500 words for fiction and 45 lines for poetry for ezine submissions.

We are now accepting non-fiction as well. There is a 3000 word limit on this category. What we are looking for here is expertise, and news worthiness. Especially stories that follow current national events.

Send all stories or poetry to be considered for the ezine to submissions@tavonreiman.net with the title in the subject line and the author (and pseudonym if applicable - make sure we know which is to be used) and story in the body of the email or attached as a Word document. We will confirm receipt of your work within 48 hours, and will email you with our decision within 30 days. If you haven't received word within 45 days, feel free to send us a query about your work at submissions@tavonreiman.net with "Submission Query" in the subject line. Please be sure to include your name and the title of your story in the text body.

Multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions are accepted at this time, however if your work is accepted for another publication let us know as soon as possible. No reprints for the ezine.

Payment is at this time $5 per story and $2 per poem, payable two to four weeks after publication, for First Worldwide Electronic and Print Rights. The author retains all other rights. Writer's Nook and Reader's Corner will archive stories indefinitely, but will remove any story at the written request of the author. All payments will be made through PayPal. Please include your PayPal information with your submission.

There is more information available at the site for this publication. [click on publication]


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