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Hi people!

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Old 12-06-2017, 11:26 AM
WhiteKnight75 (Offline)
Let me introduce myself
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Default Hi people!

Hi, my name is Rich.
I am currently drafting my first fantasy novel and writing short stories.
I would love some critique and answers to my writing related questions.
i don't know what else to write so here are my favorite movies and books:
Books: Lord of the rings, Narnia (all of them) and the kangaroo chronicles
Movies: Fight club, The dark knight and inglourious basterds.
Have a nice day!

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Once upon a time, back in the olden days,
when I was young and vital, and saw with a clear eyed gaze,
I though I knew the answers, I thought I had a lock,
on why things worked the way they did,
and why some things did not.

"Knowledge it is power" Mister Madison said,
but now I think him foolish, and worse than that he's dead.
So if you find the answer and the power comes to heal,
use while you have it. For in the end it isn't real.

In other words you can get responses to your questions here, answers I'm not so sure about. We will aid you in your search none the less.
A Wise Dragon Goeth Not Unarmed in the Land of the Make Believers.
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Originally Posted by JP_Inkswell View Post
In other words you can get responses to your questions here, answers I'm not so sure about. We will aid you in your search none the less.

Yes, we’re good with responses, but answers are a different cosmology all together. Best if you assume we are all a bunch of blow-hards who don’t know shit.😀

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I will attack your words with swords.
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("...welcome to writersbeat, where I suppose the real question is whether you see the reader at the other end of your post here for those other readers who might yet read your books eventually, and what would you think of that type author who could join up the dots there..." smiled the goblin not one to ignore what he has here at this point for what he might yet have elsewhere, explaining "..just it's a blindness that costs those writers dearly since more folks read "short interactive content" than most anything else, where what are these posts I ask myself if not just short interactive content then, just it's a pity that what readers want to read and what writers want to write can't seem to find a happy medium, thus on forums writers go unread and readers go hungry...", whereupon the goblin simply hoped that Rich would just find his time here constructive, before smiling to the words "...posts are not books, but they do have the same readers behind them, so need I say more than that then,though or have I said too much already, anyway I was just wondering how many millions of readers there must be across forumland today...")

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Welcome Rich. x
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