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The Good Boys in: "The Case of the Science Temple"

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Default The Good Boys in: "The Case of the Science Temple"

The Good Boys in: "The Case of the Science Temple"

Jimmie and Tommy were the good boys. That's what everyone called them. The were Webelo scouts, and they started a detective business. They had solved many impressive cases- like "the case of the cow and the poison milk" and "the case of the crows at dawn". That was a good one, the "crows at dawn"- that was when they busted a satanic cult that was worshiping the dark lord in a graveyard. They got in the paper that week and Jimmie gave a speech at church that Sunday. Tommy stood beside him. He was too shy to pontificate.

Anyway, there was a huge problem at school. All the kids were talking. The parents were talking too. It seemed that God was being taken out of the schools in favor of science... SCIENCE! Jimmie and Tommy were disgusted. Who did science think he was? He certainly wasn't half the man that our Lord thy God is, was; and shall forever be!

The boys decided to have a meeting in their clubhouse. They needed to prove the folly of denying scripture in favor of the deception of the devil in the fallen world. They got together and discussed the problem.

"Where is them scientists anyways?" queried Tommy, "Where hast they got their evil church where they ask the dark beast lucifer for the lies to tempt humanity into evilness and vain deception?"

"Holy cow," answered Jimmie with great distinction; "have thou not seen that big old laboratory up on Ghost Mountain? That's where those evil no-good scoundrels practice their dark arts! We gotta go up there and expose their real and true motives: to turn our great nation, the USA; God's chosen nation away from the Nazarene Christ Jesus!"

"By the kingdom!" Tommy ejaculated, "We simply must! Tomorrow is Sunday, the Lord's day; but we must make a covenant, friend Jimmie, and spend Monday braving the craggy woods and entering into the scientists' den of SIN and expose their foul motives to corrupt this sacred nation of our Lord Christ Jesus!!"

The boys spat upon their palms and shook upon the deal. Their statures grew and cast rigid manly shadows upon the walls of the little clubhouse. In heaven the chorus of angels reprised a fanfare of hallelujahs. The boys went home and went to sleep. Before they went to sleep they prayed, of course.

.................................................. .........

The next day at church was AWESOME. Tommy and Jimmie gave praise to The Lord. They spent the morning in reverent prayer; soaking in worship of the Almighty. The Holy Spirit came over the congregation, and the forgotten tongues of the apostles were spoken. The music was AWESOME. Everyone's spirits were lifted. The Lord was totally "in tha house."

Jimmie and Tommy left the church totally pumped up. They embraced in the parking lot.

"I'm totally JACKED to do this work of The Lord in Christ tomorrow, Tommy..." Jimmie enthused.

"God be praised!" Tommy exclaimed, and they did that fist bump thing that's going around. It was most definitely "on". Christ was "in effect"!!

.................................................. .........

At 4:00am in the morning their alarm clocks went off in unison. Jimmie and Tommy met behind the junior high and entered the scraggly gnarled woods and begun their journey toward the Tower of Babel that housed the devilish scientists. They were both outfitted in camouflage clothes and backpacks and everything a Christian commando would require to bring down the devil-science. The woods were full of creepy crows and skunks and perhaps even demons. They saw the crows and skunks; but they SENSED the demons... and that was even worse!

As they wandered up the winding path toward the very epicenter of evil, they passed a series of freshly dug holes. Six feet deep.

"Graves..." Tommy intoned; gravely.

Jimmie made the sign of the cross and muttered the Lord's Prayer under his breath. Then the boys came to a clearing and saw for the first time the huge white modern building in which the devil's ministers concocted the lies that seduced so many poor fools away from the truth of the gospel.

"Behold," spake Tommy; "The lion's den."

"Well," Jimmie said bravely; "I'm glad to be a lamb with the heart of a lion! All shall praise the King!"

The detectives gave each other a high five and approached the big white building.

.................................................. .........

As they walked up the well manicured grass the sun was arising. Jimmie looked at his watch. It was 5:55am. There was a sign in front of the doors. It said "Welcome to the Institute of Secular Science. Public tours beginning at 9:00am."

Jimmie and Tommy retreated to a bench and enjoyed the peanut butter sandwiches they had packed. After their repast Tommy got out the Holy Scriptures and the two did a study of the book of Obediah. They were nearly done when they heard a commotion and saw the doors opened by a swarthy security guard. The boys said a quick prayer to steel their nerves and then approached the temple of evil with great trepidation...

.................................................. .......

At 9:00am precisely a little man with white hair and glasses arrived at the entrance. He looked at his watch and then at the two camouflaged boys. He looked rather kindly; but our detectives weren't swayed one iota. Or bit. They weren't swayed an iota OR a bit!

"Why, hello boys," said the old man, "would you like a tour?"

"YES!" Shouted Jimmie, defiantly. Tommy nodded with as much bravery and defiance.

"Wonderful," replied the old man, adjusting his glasses and shielding his eyes from the sun; "let's head inside- it's already getting got out here."

Jimmie and Tommy exchanged a knowing glance- if this heathen thought THIS was hot.... !

They entered the evil science institute. Instruments of Lucifer were on display everywhere: dinosaur bones, books, computers... everywhere the temptations of secular thought lurked.

"These fools!" Thought Tommy; "They cast their thoughts to the things of This World... when the righteous know that God's chosen must cast away the petty temptations of human knowledge and ever strive for the divine!! How I pity the poor wretches..." and he thought these things without pride; but with a sorrow for the weakness of a fallen mankind that would see God's judgement so soon... so very soon.

The old man stopped in front of a room full of men and women in lab coats looking through microscopes.

"Okay, so these folks are learning to identify different strains of bacteria. Bacteria are basically organisms that are too small to see with the naked eye. This is important because..."


"What's that?" the old man asked, confused...

"That's Genesis 9:23, you old lecher!" Jimmie spat.

"Oh, okay..." the elderly fellow chortled, finally understanding the Godly motives of his two young camouflaged visitors; "Genesis... Okay boys, come along, you'll really love this."

The boys followed the old heathen down the long white hall. Reluctantly.

.................................................. ....

As they passed countless windows with men and women in lab coats conducting all manor of insane experiments involving fire and blood and stem cells and rats and moneys hooked up to electrical wires, the good boys noticed it was getting darker. It was getting hotter as well, and the hall had taken a distinct circular path. It was descending as well, and even though the descent was slight and the circle wide, the boys could tell it was a large spiral downward; like a giant and subtle spiral staircase. They were sure that they were twisting their way deep into the bowels of the earth.

Every once in a while they'd pass a window where the scientists were doing something particularly shocking- like the one where two large muscular blonde men and an African American woman in lab coats were hooking a dead tiger up to a car battery. A small chinaman stood off to the side taking notes on a clipboard. Jimmy asked what was going on in there.

"Science!" was the guide's reply; "Come along boys; we're getting close to the important part..." and he'd continue at his brisk pace with out looking back.

The boys looked at each other with saucer eyes, then followed the old man and tried to keep up. This went on for at least forty minutes. Maybe more. Maybe forty two minutes. They must have been five miles underground according to Timmy's later calculations; maybe five point two miles... and then the hallway turned to a cave. A dark cave of black dirt. It was hot and damp and sure scary as all get out! Soon their path was blocked by a giant steel door. The scientist stopped and turned toward them. He smiled, and his features were distorted with wickedness.

"This is the secret of science, boys..." he said, his voice hoarse and breathy, "... perhaps we'll make believers out of you after all!!"

He poked out a thirty six digit code on the small electronical panel. There was a rumble, black acrid oily smoke filled the cave... and the large steel door began to move..... the room filled with a fiery red light... the shadows jumped chaotically... the boys gripped one another's sweaty hand.....

.................................................. ...........

As the door slowly creaked open, the old guide looked the boys up and down. He spake thusly; slowly, evenly...

"Most of the people who take our little tour have already been brainwashed by the secular world to accept the findings of science and lord Darwin, but we do get the occasional brave Christian who thinks they can enter the domain of science and leave with the answers about our plot to overtake the minds of the future generations. We are wise to your motives; just as you believe you are wise to ours. The difference is that we have foreseen such difficulties and planned accordingly, and now what you shall witness is scientifically designed to turn the whitest heart black with the awe of scientific discovery and the dark lord lucifer!"

And with these words the large steel door stood open and the good boys saw a sight they'd never forget: the seedy domain of the devil himself!

The boys tried to turn around, but hell's minions were there in their white lab coats and surgical masks; two for each boy, clasping their wrists in chains and leading them down... down the perilous rocky steps and into the chamber of fire!!

The guide stood at the top of the stairs and laughed, waving at the boys with a twisted grin.

"I expect to see you again soon, boys," he gurgled, "and when I do I have a sneaking suspicion your attitudes will have been... reformed!!"

He walked up into the tunnel, and the large steel door slammed shut. The boys trembled in fear as the scientists lead them down, toward the blazing red light... and they heard screams and wailing... and the heat intensified...

.................................................. ...........

In the intolerable heat the good boys began to tear at their garments. The shackles grew heavy as their scientist captors continued to lead them into the immense chamber. As the boys' eyes adjusted Tommy gasped, and soon Jimmie let out a cry as the scene laid out before them became clear... terrifyingly clear...

By the dozens they saw scientists in their lab coats and blue latex gloves. They were on their knees, hands reaching upward, swaying back and forth and murmuring unintelligible words; their eyes rolled back in their sockets, sweat rolling off their heads and bodies. They were all facing a central point; the focus of this ghoulish meeting: a large black human-like figure with enormous black bat wings that stretched from wall to wall; at least twenty five feet, and it sat on a throne built of yellowing dinosaur bones. The orange and red flames licked the creature and it's hideous throne of death, but none of this arrested the boy's gaze; for it was the creature's head that demanded all of the witnesses' attention, such a frightful and wicked sight it was...

It was alike to the head of a male goat, white and shining; with bony, teethed shining jawbones and spiked conical charcoal colored horns, and piercing deep set glowing yellow eyes that were inhuman; demonic. The eyes vacillated from yellow to orange to red like embers in the hearth. The entire vision wavered behind the waves of heat like a desert mirage, and only after taking in all of this did Tommy and Jimmie notice that the creature was speaking... in a deep resonant booming voice... with a distinct British accent...


The kneeling masses of brainwashed scientists chanted in unison, (as the brainwashed often do...)

"Yes, lord Satan! We follow you, oh lord Beelzebub!"

The boys felt the sharp knees of their captors in the smalls of their backs and fell to the knees of their own.

"Listen and learn!" one of the scientists leered at them, as they left the boys to absorb the Evil One's pronouncements.

Jimmie thought quickly, and reached into Tommy's knapsack and pulled out the small disposable camera the good boys had brought just in case of a scenario like this. Jimmie snapped off the whole roll of pictures, getting good shots of the cavern and the kneeling scientists; but making sure to get no less than a dozen photos of Lucifer himself. After this evidence who would dare question the existence of the supernatural! All would come to Jesus! They only had to figure out how to escape... and from the Devil's throne they heard the great booming voice...


The kneeling scientists swayed back and fourth, their eyes swimming in a hellish ecstasy. They chanted...

"Yes lord Satan! Yes king Baal!"

Jimmie tugged Tommy's sleeve and pointed toward the steel door- it was ajar. The door was ajar. The good boys decided it was now or never. They leapt upward and ran toward the ajar door.

None Of the brainwashed scientists even noticed until Jimmie reached his phunky phingaz through the large steel door and started tug tug tugging upon it. There was a creaking sound. There was a creaking noise. The door gave way, and Lucifer was heard to say:


The evil scientists stood at attention and clamored toward the steel door and the boys. The boys got through the door and ran up the spiraling hallway, raising up through the earth and toward the surface and toward their homes and church and toward the freedom that their true belief afforded them. The scientists pursued them.

Tommy unzipped his backpack and let loose a stream of brand new unsharpened number two pencils. Several of the pursuing scientists lost their footing and slipped upon the pencils. Their backs were totally thrown out and they were like totally out of commission. Like totally, dude.

It was super cool how the good boys escaped. They did extreme stunts like a rollerblader or a surfer or a snowboarder. The scientists who chased them did all kinds of silly stuff that made them look hecka stupid; and finally the good boys emerged through the front doors of the wicked science building at just the nick of time. Then the explosions started.

The boys slumped into a trench and avoided injury, then the ran through the woods toward home. They made it.... BARELY!!!

.................................................. ........

First the good boys went out into the garage and hacksawed the manacles from one another's wrists. The good boys immediately dropped the instant camera off at the supermarket to have the pictures of the supreme beast Baal developed. They told the picture girl to drop the photos off at the church on Sunday morning before service. She said they weren't scheduled to be done until Tuesday, but Tommy slipped her a dollar and asked where the hell else any sensible and respectable gal would want to be other than at church on a Sunday morning. She agreed to the plan.

.................................................. ............

That Sunday the church was full to twice it's normal capacity. They had been promised positive PROOF of the supernatural! Jimmie and Tommy were scheduled to speak and to present their evidence. The truth would be known!

Ten seconds before the good boys were scheduled to speak, the photo girl arrived lathered in sweat with a little envelope containing the photographic evidence.

"Did you look??" Tommy inquired; "How did the pictures come out?"

"No, I didn't see them," replied the photo girl; "there wasn't time!"

"I understand," Jimmie said, and the boys took the stage....

.................................................. .....

Jimmie stood at the pulpit and began to speak. He started with a short prayer, then he told of the adventure he and Tommy had just went through in that den of evil- the science laboratory. He was a real good speaker. He had the audience in the palm of his hand as he recounted the quest through the woods, the scary building, the tour with the old tour guide, the rooms upon rooms dedicated to experiments in the dark arts, the descent into the bowels of the Earth; finally culminating with the Dark Lord's seminar of evil in the flaming chamber of Hell! The audience gasped as Jimmie described their harrowing escape; but there was one more thing....

The pictures! Jimmie explained that they had taken an entire roll of pictures in the evil pit of Hades, and they had literally just gotten the prints back, and Tommy stood with the packet of photos, ready to reveal these true visions of Hell on the overhead projector: the first definitive proof of the supernatural since the Bible itself!! The crowd was on the edges of their seats as Tommy placed the first photo on the glass...

It was quite blurry, mostly just white with an orange smudge on the lower left. Tommy, Jimmie and the entire audience was completely silent as they scrutinized the photo and attempted to decipher the image. After nearly a full minute Jimmie got on the microphone.

"Well, try the next one, Tommy;" he said, "there's twenty four pictures, there must be something clearer than that...."

Tommy put up the next picture, and it was entirely black. The one after that was mostly black with a slightly red left edge. The next picture was quite different, and received an audible reaction- it was all black with a white streak across the entire thing. The congregation looked for a minute or more before Jimmie suggested they move on.

Nineteen of the twenty four pictures were completely black, although a few had red edges here and there. Aside from the white streak and the all white photo with the orange smudge there was a picture of part of a hand, probably the person holding the camera, and two other white streaks on black backgrounds. Both smaller and less impressive than the first streak.

Jimmie promised he'd take the film to an analyst to see if they could learn what had happened; maybe there had been a mix up at the photo lab, he suggested. All of the possibilities would be followed up on, and the boys promised to write up a full report for next month's newsletter. They left the stage to a polite applause.

.................................................. .........

After the presentation, the boys were sitting on the picnic bench out in front of the church. They had all the pictures laid out on the table and were looking at them under a magnifying glass. Pastor Jefferson approached them.

"Well, boys; any luck?" He asked.

"Gee, I don't know..." said Jimmie, dejectedly.

"I just don't know what could have happened..." Tommy mused.

"Don't worry, boys," the pastor said kindly; "I believe your story. I know you are good boys, and I trust that you are sincere."

"Really?!?" The boys replied in unison.

"Of course," the pastor smiled; "a true Christian lives upon faith, brothers: Mathew 18:3- 'Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven'... Photographic evidence would be swell, sure; but we don't NEED evidence to know His truth. We must have the faith of a child!"

"Hallelujah!" said Tommy; and Jimmie said "Amen."


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