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The Limits Of Language: A Short Essay

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Old 10-14-2012, 06:06 AM
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Default The Limits Of Language: A Short Essay

The Limits Of Language

The limitation of being human is to justify everything to be known to us and what is known to us to have its known usage,where language stops is where the unknown or undignified becomes limited to the individual. Humanity is flawed by the disclosure of knowledge, and at its very core root, such a meager language has now become sodden for reply. Where dialect for one is inadequate, to the next has an ability to exceed and surpass. At its most simplistic form, language takes on a role for us that then prepares us to communicate back and forth and then leads to an improvement or growth of such a language.

Wittgenstien had said that language, although it takes on its original value of meaning and form, it routinely renders and serves its second purpose in which its meaning can
censure or advance language toward an individual’s objective. Take for example the word blind. “Blindness” is most widely connected to one who cannot see, however, a dead end, based on preference can also be considered a “blind street”. This exemplifies the boundaries of language, to be susceptible to usage. Heidegger described these two levels of language as the ontic and the ontological. The ontic would take place as the blind man that cannot see while the ontological would become the blind street. The ontological is what exposes the concealed and brings about a number of possibilities; it takes meaning and extends its existence. The ontic however leaves “the glass half full”.

Heidegger had also brought definition to the word Dasein. Dasein takes on two forms as well: first, it is existence over essence,and second, it says that Dasein is the very existence of you and then me. Dasein is thus being in itself. For example,take into consideration the Catholic Religion. When Jesus fed his followers at the first Holy Communion, he had taken just a little bit of bread and made it a possibility to feed the crowds that followed him. This is my body and this is my blood, he announced. He took the bread and gave its “object” meaning. He had taken his identity and united it within his disciples and admirers. Corinthians 6:14 had proclaimed in “The Sharing of Spiritual Favors”, a scripture recited during communion, to “Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers: for what fellowship have righteousness and iniquity? or what communion hath light with darkness?”, in its being, the testament was a way of transcending such being to be all that is just and to be passive to what is sin. Its breadth took with it, these followers to the Last Supper of Jesus where he gave sense to his existence within them. Jesus believed that “righteousness and iniquity” both continues the survival of him through the bread and then through his followers.

Freed from iniquity and continued to develop with righteousness, Jesus gave himself to all God’s people. It is the survival of the bread that we see Christ and his being Dasein. When language takes on an objective, it is meant to be heard as it is intended to be heard, yet when we interpret these objectives, we are given the opportunity also for perception. The bread, although to Jesus was the body, it was also a way of feeding the starved. Yet when we perceive the bread as something deeper, more meaningful, as we do today, then this is where we find answers to how language can develop into something individualized and then granted by the many. First, in existence, you will see the bread as bread because you are hungry, second Jesus will see the bread and will become a part of it, the two forms of Dasein.

To conclude, the limitation of being human is that in existence itself, we as humans are given the ability to communicate and last together. Where language ends, so does humanity itself. Being human, we are surrounded with knowledge that we pass on from one to the next, where this ability to serve each other to such a respect ends, is where we are no longer able to understand each other with the righteous forms of the Dasien. To limit ourselves to just the individual is where language becomes solitude and ends. Language, therefore, stops when there is no longer the ability for comprehension between individual to individual. As the evolvement of language rests in tactful progression, than language at its very origin begins to falter.

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Beautifully said. And it is true. What are we without communication?
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But this what we all doing here right? We try to express ourselves through nothing but words
But I really really liked your writing!
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Body language may be more effective than spoken language. Words can be confusing.

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