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Eleanor Rodgers

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Default Eleanor Rodgers

Hey, y'all. I'm Eleanor. I'm eighteen years old. Dark hair, short statured, left handed but right brained. This time last year I was gearing up to go to Clemson in the fall. If you had told me I'd have dropped out after one year then I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But you know, here I am. Nothing has gone according to plan lately.

Let me explain.

It was fall semester of my Freshman year. Things were going pretty well for me. I lived in a dorm, did normal college student stuff, and generally stayed out of trouble along side my best friend 'Graham Duncan.' This was before I knew that 'Graham' was actually the angel Hiram masquerading in an Empty. The part where he was my best friend wasn't an act though. The fact Hiram is my best friend... that'll never be a lie. Anyway, around Thanksgiving my cousin Rosalie shows up. I'd never met her before; she was a part of my mom's family that we've never associated with at all. I wasn't sure why that was; Rosalie made them out to be awesome, great people. So that Thanksgiving break Rosalie took me to meet the family at the ancestral home outside of New Orleans.

Now I said it before and I'll say it again, but we had never associated with my mom's family, the Jeannetons. They had always hated my father or something like that, then when she ran away to marry him... well, all ties were cut I guess. But mom died when I was a baby and dad relocated the family to Mason's Bluff and after meeting Rosalie, I just didn't see how these people could be bad. Of course I prepared myself for the worst, but nothing could have prepared me for what I found.

The Jeannetons are hunters.
Hunters in the worst way, masters of voodoo and the trade. My first weekend with them they took me on the hunt for a lycan. They indoctrinated me, they encouraged me, they helped me make my first kill. And what's worse, I liked it. I wanted to go again. I wanted to find other creatures, and I wanted to kill them, too. Being among the Jeannetons awakened something within me that I had never experienced before that weekend. It was something primal, and it was a thing that made me feel alive and strong.

I went home to finished up the year at Clemson before I would I return to New Orleans with Rosalie in the summer. That's when Hiram revealed himself to me. I was terrified as he explained Graham hadn't existed since grade eight, since before I knew him, and that he had always been an angel. Then he warned me against the Jeannetons, saying this:

"They're human, but very old. Very Strong. And very knowledgeable
of things which are much better left unknown."

I ignored him. And that's a decision I'm going to regret for the rest of my natural – and maybe unnatural – life.

I should have listened to Hiram.

What I'm working on:
I just journal.
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Nice to meet you Eleanor, that's an interesting few years you've had.
When was the last time you danced?
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