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Zachary Carrus

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Default Zachary Carrus

(I'm portraying this from the viewpoint of Inquisitor Kelkaris a close and personal friend of Zachary Carrus since he wouldn't be very forthcoming with information).

Titles: Commissar of the Imperial Guard, Techriarch of the Omnissiah and Guardian of the Dead in the depths of the Schola Freudakia. Though his offical title is Commissar-Techriarch.

Age: 34.

Status: Married to fellow commissar Michelle Ionza who he met as a boy at the Schola Freudakia a military academy that trains the best and brightest into the soldiers they would later become.

Children: Nathan (12) now an iniate at the Imperial Fists after a visit to Terra, Maria (12) twin-sister of Nathan constant source of worry though combat-ability already off the charts maybe a future Death Cult Assassin, Latiffa (10) his favorite she is always obedient to him in all matter and already a crack-shot with laspistol, James (10) twin-brother of Latiffa, doesn't go along with his father to put it mildly. Thinks he shows signs of cowardice. (The four other twins are too young for Carrus to willingly describe as he is at best a most difficult subject to interrogate with regards from his personal friend Inquisitor Kelkaris AKA me).

Favorite drink: By The Emperor's Blood, Fine Freudakian Red Wine.

Favorite food: He likes things with Grox in it and Freudakian sprouts to my surprise.

Favorite off-duty activity: He loves the card-games forbidden by the normal enlisted personnel, but that comes as little surprise due to the man that raised the man Lord Commissar Nathan Harken who can be described as a gambling-addict. Also his wife and closer classmates were known to participate in unproven or most likely covered up gambling-rings by the commissar when he was a budding commissar learning how to crack down on them as the Lord Commissar had lots to lose in cracking down on that gambling-ring nevermind what the Headmaster and the head of the Sniper Academy had to lose. He must also be noted as an avid fan of scrumhockey, scrumball and regular football even though he play either to a very limited amount.

Background: It's a complicated one. His breeding is second to none, yet he is a good frontline commissar as he is inventive and flexible in how he allows tactics to be applied. though by himself he is no genius when it comes to tactics as he is a far better assassin which is evident in his training. Also even Michelle Ionza, the daughter of street-thrash (according to herself) is a better ruler than him as his sole and single-minded approach to anything resembling dissent is pogroms. Unfortunately I'm in agreement with her as commissar Carrus is a fine frontline commissar, but the further from the frontline the more inept he becomes.

Personality: He is an ambitious chap, no denying this, and his financial mind is second to none as he is the richest person in perhaps this Galaxy (no doubt due to him actually bullying real financial geniuses into doing his bidding), but he is shown to shovel most of his funds into the military, almost running in the red there. he is also a very humorous chap as his humor is legendary amongst the soldiers in the Ciralixian Sector of the Imperium of Mankind.

Abilities: This is the man that with one blow took my right eye in a duel when he were merely 18. He then got on to humiliate the Rake of Matrovska a month later after crushing his nose with a vicious blow earlier that month. He have slain Genestealer and Ork Warbosses by droves in close combat. But his finest ability is that to improvise in close-combat which he proved against the Ork Warboss Drazbnob the Unkillable which he lured into a tunnel making the one tone heavy thing hunt him then after wearing it out he managed to behead the beast inside the tunnel and later bring the head still living up to the Inquisition for interrogation. Also he is a crack-shot with both lasgun and also melta-weaponry which usually means he can provoke an assault thoughtlessly thought out by any opposing general due to mishaps with his famous meltagun.

End words: The Emperor will protect you as long as you take cover. (A phrase usually uttered by said commissar, but I still find it fitting even at this dark day).

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