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Grady Anderson

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Default Grady Anderson

Hey, I'm Grady Joseph Anderson. I'm a police officer. I live in Seattle. I'm seventeen years old and I've been on the force since I was thirteen.

Yeah, everybody in this forum is going to be like, "Who let's a kid be a cop?" You just have to know that I'm a cop. You don’t like it? too bad!

My mom died when I was like six or seven. She was the only person who really loved me, unlike that bastard husband of hers. He would yell at me and beat me whenever he felt like it, usually after his downing his favorite bottle of booze. Sometime he would lock me in a closet for hours. Since then I was afraid of closed spaces or what everyone around me says, but I don’t care.

A few years later I ran away from him. Should have done it sooner. I was out in the rain that day, cold, wet and hungry. A cop named Shane took me into an orphanage. I wasn't happy there. I didn't want to be happy. I wanted to be left alone. I...I...Never got alone with the other kids. They would tease me or laugh at me for whatever reason. It was a good thing that bastard father drank himself to death.

I was there at the place until I was old enough to join the police force. Guys on the force have the power of any element of their choice. I choose ice. Now I could project, materialize and somewhat manipulate ice.

I worked mostly as a cop on the beat. Shane, the guy that saved me on the street showed me the ropes. I kinda saw him as a big brother. I...never told him that. On my beat I have to put up with a gang of shoplifters who keep calling me babyface or pretty boy. I just ignore it or tell them to shut up.

Sometimes I run into this other cop named Emmit, Hispanic kid. Keeps hovering over me like a puppy and keeps talking and talking. Damn kid won't take a hint! Man, I hate kids! Helped me stop a bank heist once, rescued some kids at from an orphanage. So, I guess he's not that bad.

On my lunch break I would go to the graveyard and eat lunch at my mother's grave. I was always wished she would talk to me.

After getting dragged around the country by other cops stopping a doomsday cult I got a job as a federal agent. Better than chasing shoplifters. And just my luck, Emmit got the same job too, great.

"You always hear people say they been to Hell and back but you never hear anybody go to Heaven and back."

- William W. Gibbs (1948 - 2008)
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