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Ideas on reading and providing feedback.

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Default Ideas on reading and providing feedback.

Ideas on reading and providing feedback.

Iíve had a lot of experience running live writer groups and Iíve been a member of WB for some time now and have provided feedback for a lot of stories (just not now due to commitments).Out of all this exposure to feedback for writers I developed a mindset you might want to consider following when you read writing to give feedback. Hereís the way I do it.

I read as a reader would and not as a fellow writer. As I read along, if something hinders the reading, I stop there and ruminate why. If I can answer the why, I switch gears into my storytelling mode and try to make suggestions that would avoid the reading being interrupted. This is important because it can guild the writer in a rewrite.

There are many problems which can interrupt the flow of a story. Anything which does deserves a comment. These comments should come out your storytelling mind. And this is where you can make suggestions regarding how to get rid of interruption.

For me, for my work, the most helpful feedback is that which tells me what the reader felt and thought in various parts of the story. Such responses as: when laughed; confused; offended; moments of insight; shift in emotional state; this is where I wanted to throw it at the wall, I got tears in my eyes here.

If you anticipate many comments you can quote the work which allows you to put comments inside the text. Then, to avoid a lengthly post, I delete all the quoted text without comments.

I like to end with a summary of the experiences I experiences as a reader and a small pep talk to keep writing and never give up.

My approach to feedback is based on an assumption that the number one reason people read fiction is to be entertained. If the story has elements which hinders the entertainment thatís a problem. Itís extremely important to know where in the story this happens.

Because I donít want to be influenced by others I NEVER read the comments from other writers before Iíve made mine. Then itís a real joy to read what others had to say, and Iíve learned a lot doing that.

If you find yourself saying inane comments, like ďI really loved/hated thisĒ be aware that youíre wasting everyoneís time, including your own.

When you read a story with no pauses caused by something in the writing itís difficult to be helpful. But thatís probably as it should be, because the writing was successful. When Iím exposed to successful writing about all I can say is ďit was great and Iím envious.Ē

Many people join WB and request guidance on how to do feedback. Iíd suggest my approach because it not only helps that writer but it also makes your work better.

Have a nice writing day.



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