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New non-fiction author's book on out-of-body experiences

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Default New non-fiction author's book on out-of-body experiences

Hello all, I recently finished my manuscript (80,000 words) called Chronicles of a Soul- Experiences and Revelations Out of the Body, detailing 15 years of out-of-body travels and explorations in alternate states of consciousness, and the revelations and insights regarding the nature of the self and reality that I've gained in this time. I'm now looking to have it published.

I'd like to discuss the format of my book.

First, basic introductory concepts are explained so the reader knows what they are getting into. Then, a series of journal entries are presented in chronological order, from my first out-of-body experience back in January 2000 to my last experience of the book at the end of 2014. After each journal entry there is an explanation of what had happened during that experience from my current understanding (having the wisdom gained from over 15 years of experience), offering the reader insight into the nature of the experience, explaining any concepts that the reader may not be familiar with, and shaping the reader’s understanding in a way which allows for coherent comprehension as well as instigating interest in the reader. Thus, the book is essentially a collection of journal entries separated by commentary regarding each experience.

The many techniques for achieving the various OBE states (astral projection, lucid dreaming, etc.) are explained in detail in the order that they are learned and utilized in my actual experiences from the journal entries, as well as methods for navigating through these altered states and higher dimensions, and practical tips for overcoming obstacles encountered along the way, providing the reader with the instruction and tools needed to successfully have their own experiences in the out-of-body state.

In this way, I believe this book is the perfect combination of personal experiences, theory, and practical instruction and technique. This is one major reason why I believe my book will stand out among other related literature, as most other books on the subject lack this balance.

An index of techniques is included at the end as a quick reference for readers to easily locate any practical instruction they wish to find, and a glossary of terms is likewise included in the final section so that readers can quickly familiarize themselves with any vocabulary related to the subject that is used in the book.

Here is a sample:

The Search for Truth

The big questions have always intrigued me. Who am I? Why do I exist? What is my purpose in this life? Is there something beyond this physical world? What happens after death? Who or what created the universe, and for what purpose? Is there a God? Is there truth in religion? Some would say that the answers to such questions can never truly be known by humans. Others claim that the answers can in fact be obtained, and have been by numerous explorers of consciousness. I am one such explorer who has discovered the truth of this claim through my own first-hand experience, and it is through this book that I will share my explorations which led to this revelation.

“What is an explorer of consciousness?” one might ask. It’s essentially anyone who personally experiences and explores alternative states of consciousness, such as meditation, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, etc. While these experiences can be fun and entertaining, there is also a vast potential for spiritual growth and the acquisition of the most fundamentally perplexing and seemingly unknowable truths about the nature of the self and reality.

My ignorance of these truths seemed to be directly correlated with an inner state of hopelessness and depression that I experienced in various degrees while growing up. Being raised in a society which overemphasized materiality and seemed to be largely devoid of any real virtue or spiritual values, I suppose this was to be expected. This book details my journey out of this state of ignorance and into a universe of unimaginable wonders and the discovery of genuine spiritual truths more profound than anything I could have ever imagined.

I was fourteen years old when I first came across the concept of the out-of-body experience. I had heard of meditation before this, but it seemed pretty boring to my adolescent mind to just sit with my eyes closed and do nothing. But an out-of-body experience?! The ability to detach my spirit from my body and travel around the universe?! Now THAT sounded awesome, and it also seemed to be a way to find the knowledge and truth I so deeply desired. I immediately started researching techniques to achieve this out-of-body state. I also started reading about the experiences of people who had learned this skill so I knew what to expect and what was possible. Of course, I also had many misconceptions about the nature of these experiences which I would eventually eliminate and replace with first-hand knowledge. However, my imagination had no precedent to foresee or even comprehend the nature of the experiences that I was to have and the spiritual development I was to undergo.

I had almost instant success at achieving the out-of-body state. Perhaps I was a natural, or maybe it was just the right combination of an open mind, optimism, dedication, desire, and proper technique. I began a detailed journal documenting my explorations in nonphysical realities, the contents of which comprise a majority of this book. I had originally organized the journal entries into categories and planned on dividing the book into chapters according to the nature and theme of the experience. Some of these categories included:

• Exploring the nature of the different types of consciousness projection, such as the classic out-of-body experience, astral projection, phasing, mental projections, lucid dreams, and projections directly from the dream state
• Experiences in higher dimensions and heavenly realms
• Exploring the nature of the Higher Self
• Contact with deceased relatives
• Encounters with extraterrestrials and interdimensional entities
• Experiences with spirit guides
• Energy body development and energetic phenomena
• Experiences with Jesus Christ
• Overcoming obstacles and limitations while out of body
• Techniques for projecting into and navigating higher realms
• Experiences with negative nonphysical entities

However, I soon realized that each experience contained multiple themes, and that it would be more practical to instead show the development of my abilities and the progression of the nature of my experiences and the knowledge and insight acquired from them in chronological order. I have chosen the most significant experiences to include in this book, as there are just too many journal entries to fit into one volume. Just as a note, the journal entries have been revised for grammar and spelling mistakes, but the content has not been altered.

The goal of this work is to facilitate spiritual awakening within the reader. If you are new to the idea of projecting one's conscious awareness from the body and into dimensions of reality beyond the physical world, may this open your eyes to the true spiritual nature of the self and the infinite, multidimensional scope of the universe. If you are familiar with these concepts but are lacking in personal experience, may this serve as a guidebook so that you may learn the skills necessary to embark upon your own journey of self-awareness into the higher, multidimensional aspects of your consciousness and the infinite dimensions of existence that are waiting to be explored. If you are a "seasoned traveler," may this be an inspiration to you to continue and advance your own work of self-discovery, and to use your abilities, experiences, and personal revelations to likewise promote spiritual evolution in your fellow man and woman.

Astral projection and the other variations of out-of-body travel are excellent ways to experience otherwise seemingly unreal possibilities regarding the nature of one's self and reality. I say "possibilities" because us human beings generally operate from a physically attuned base level of consciousness; that is, a state of consciousness grounded in the physical world which, by definition, has certain limitations. It appears that we are, by the nature of our physical self, one step removed from the actual experience of truth, although our beliefs may indeed be accurate reflections of truth. Our experience is dependent upon a number of different factors, some of which we have little or no control of, whether it's the processes of the brain and the body’s perceptions, chance, the seemingly random events of the external world, the influence of mysterious higher powers, or the mind's ability to color, shape, and even fabricate our perceptions.

That being said, I believe the wisest approach to developing a system of beliefs about reality is grounded in open-minded skepticism, personal exploration and validation. I am not one to believe something that there is little or no evidence for, or something that I have little or no personal experience with. On the other hand, I don't disbelieve something simply because their is no evidence for it. The truth is, we could all be brains floating in vats hooked up to a holographic matrix reality, all the while believing that we exist in these physical bodies experiencing this physical world. This is an extreme, yet valid example of the fact that we live with a degree of uncertainty.

I keep my mind reasonably open to all possibilities and gravitate towards those that I have personally validated through experience or that have been validated by credible individuals, while being careful not to unwisely jump to conclusions about anything and understanding that I could be wrong about everything, as small of a likelihood that seems to be. Of course, being overly skeptical is just as important to avoid as being blindly accepting. The key to an honest, intellectual, and truth-discovering perspective is realizing that one's current world view could be flawed, and accepting the fact that evidence may one day arise that contradicts one's current beliefs and knowledge. Probably the most important part of a person's system of beliefs is how it serves them, so I make it a point to ensure that the beliefs I hold serve to benefit myself and those around me.

I believe the key aspect of an effective spiritual practice is that it serves to purify the mind, heart, and soul of the practitioner. In my opinion, this is the essence of true spiritual growth. I am very much in alignment with the teachings of Buddhism, particularly the teaching that genuine personal growth and spiritual development arises from eliminating harmful and unskillful tendencies of the mind (attachment, greed, aversion, ill will, delusion, ignorance, etc.) and cultivating pure and wholesome mind states, such as love, peace, joy, goodwill, compassion, equanimity, and insight. In my experience, a daily meditation and mindfulness practice is the most effective means to achieve this. However, astral projection, lucid dreaming, and any other variation of out-of-body travel are excellent additions to one's spiritual development toolkit. These experiences are particularly useful in the insight department, as they allow the practitioner to gain deeper spiritual insights into the nature of the self and our wider reality that are otherwise unattainable while confined to the physical body.

I believe that experiencing higher states of consciousness via out-of-body travel may in fact allow a direct experience of higher spiritual truths. However, because my base level of consciousness that I am currently expressing as I type these words is this unenlightened and limited mind/body system that operates within the limitations of our physical dimension, I believe it is important to recognize that there is always a margin of error and a degree of unknowability when these higher-level experiences are integrated into the base level of mind. Assimilating and making sense of these projections of consciousness requires the use of our limited physical-world concepts to describe essentially limitless higher-dimensional experiences of which the physical world has no concept for, and thus our understanding of these journeys will always fall short of absolute truth. Taking an extreme position, one could postulate that it is possible that all of these nonphysical experiences, despite the seemingly undeniable reality that is experienced while in these higher states, are actually just delusions of my mind. Of course, I have good reason to believe that this is not the case, and that these are in fact authentic experiences of a genuine spiritual reality. I believe you will likewise come to understand this in reading this book.

A Crash Course in Nonphysical Reality

My initial research into the subject of out-of-body experiences taught me that the requisite condition for achieving the out-of-body state is that one must keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep. This mind awake/body asleep state can be considered a deep level of the trance state. A trance is a general term for an altered state of consciousness, essentially any state of mind other than normal waking awareness. When the mind awake/body asleep state is achieved, a person's consciousness becomes free to leave the confines of the physical body. After reading a technique to enter this state, I immediately began to try it.

Lying in bed on my back with my arms at my sides after school the next day, I progressively relaxed my body from my feet to my head as per the instructions. This consisted of contracting and relaxing each muscle or muscle group while mentally affirming that the particular muscle I was focused on was completely relaxed. Once completed, I then used a technique to still my mind for long enough that my body would begin to fall asleep. I focused my awareness on my breath and counted each inhalation and exhalation, starting from one hundred and counting down to zero. I affirmed that when I reached zero, my body would be asleep and my mind would still be awake. After counting, I created an internal falling sensation to induce and deepen the trance state by visualizing myself falling, descending a ladder, and other variations of this nature. This internal falling method was supposed to induce the mind awake/body asleep state, and from here the instructions were to simply feel yourself floating up or rolling over and out of your body.

The first two times using this technique, I reached an extremely deep state of relaxation in about half an hour. It began to feel like my body was turning into lead. Soon after being overcome by this deep heaviness, I lost almost all sensation of my body. It was as if I was just floating in the space where my body should have been. But I did not experience anything further than this. I eventually got tired of waiting and aborted the attempt.

To understand a majority of the basic concepts and language used in describing the nature of these nonphysical experiences, it is critical to understand the energetic nature of the universe. Every aspect of our experience, whether it be the people we meet, the food we eat, or the thoughts we think, all consists of pure energy at its core, fundamental, base state of existence. Our brain/mind system receives this information and converts it into our experience of the five sense perceptions. Today it is common scientific knowledge that the matter of our physical world only appears to be solid, but is actually mostly empty space, vibrations of energy which create the appearance of something more solid only when observed by the conscious mind.

It is also pertinent to understand my use of the term "higher." I use this word in various ways: Higher dimensions, higher knowledge, higher mind, Higher Self, higher states of consciousness, etc. This is not referring to a location on a vertically oriented spectrum of linear points. Rather, it refers to the speed at which energy moves. Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy, and all energy moves at a certain rate of vibration, or vibrational frequency. Higher vibrational frequencies correspond with "higher" dimensions, or realities that are made up of energy moving at a faster rate of speed than the physical dimension. The higher the energy's rate of vibrations, the farther removed from the physical world the energy is, and the deeper into nonphysical reality it exists. Lower dimensions generally correspond with states of ignorance, delusion, and negative emotions, whereas higher dimensions correspond with divine states of consciousness, unconditional love, purity of soul, oneness with all that exists, and direct access to higher knowledge. This will be explored in more depth in further chapters.

It should also be noted that I often interchange the terms out-of-body experience (OBE) and astral projection, and while astral projection is a type of out-of-body experience, not all OBEs are necessarily astral projections. For example, lucid dreams and mental projections are forms of out-of-body exploration which seem to have particular distinctions from astral projection. These variations will likewise be explained in the upcoming chapters.

The physical dimension is essentially a conglomeration of various energetic frequencies being perceived and interpreted by beings who likewise consist of pure energy on a fundamental level. Our physical brain/mind system is only able to perceive a limited range of frequencies which make up our daily experience of the world. Out-of-body experiences, however, allow one's conscious mind to gain temporary freedom from these limited physical perceptions and allow higher-level perceptions of a seemingly infinite multidimensional nonphysical universe which is imperceptible from a physical vantage point.

I had learned from several sources that one would enter a state of energetic vibrations that felt like a strong yet painless electrical current was running through the person's body right before the out-of-body experience would occur, and it was at this time that one's “spirit” body, or subtle energy body, would disconnect from its physical counterpart. The idea behind this is that within one's physical body is a spectrum or gradient of subtle energy bodies of different degrees of energetic frequency. These subtle energy bodies are essentially nonphysical or spiritual counterparts of the physical body that are made of pure energy. The physical body consists of the densest energetic frequency, and the subtle energy bodies each operate at a higher and higher rate of vibration moving up from the physical level, each level of energy body corresponding with a particular level of nonphysical reality. These energy bodies are superimposed and intimately connected to the physical body during waking consciousness. During an out-of-body experience, however, the person's consciousness internally shifts from the physical body to its subtle energy body counterpart and detaches, now free to explore beyond the confines of its physical vessel.

It has been found by researchers and explorers, myself included, that when we fall asleep our energy bodies naturally detach from our physical body and remain separated throughout the duration of sleep as a natural phenomenon. So by keeping the mind awake during this process, one simply goes along for the ride and consciously enters the out-of-body state. By thinking about floating up towards the ceiling or rolling to the side, one would indeed produce this effect and effectively rise or roll out of the body, as apparently thought is the means of movement and control in the out-of-body state. I would soon learn these things firsthand.

January 23, 2000

Lying comfortably in bed, I relaxed my body and mind and proceeded to deepen my state of consciousness to attain a trance. After about half an hour patiently waiting, I suddenly felt an internal sinking sensation accompanied by an extreme heaviness throughout my body. I then witnessed my entire body lock up and enter a state of paralysis. To my shock and horror, I was simultaneously bombarded by an auditory and visual onslaught! Three-dimensional images of people, places, geometric figures, and strange alien beings randomly manifested in the blackness behind my eyelids, each image appearing for a split second and then being replaced by the next one. It was as if there was a three-dimensional television screen in my mind and the channels were continuously being changed. I concurrently heard an uproar of what seemed to be hundreds of different people talking at the same time.

If this was not strange enough, almost immediately following this I was hit with a surge of the most intense energy I had ever experienced. It felt like the very core of my being was violently shaking, although it was actually rather pleasant. Remembering that these vibrations were an indicator that the ideal state for an out-of-body experience had been achieved, I then thought about floating up out of my body. Sure enough, I felt myself begin to rise! At this point the visions and voices stopped, and although I could no longer see anything, I was able to hear a buzzing noise that seemed to be a product of the vibrations that had now encompassed my entire being.

As I floated up, my vision began to return, and I found myself coming closer and closer to the ceiling. I turned around and saw myself sleeping in my bed, and at that moment I became fully aware of my situation and was instantly hit with an extreme feeling of joy, excitement, and awe. I flew right through the window out into the night sky. I felt a somewhat denser energy as I passed through the glass, but there was no significant resistance. The moon was full and seemed to be bigger, brighter, and far more beautiful than usual. Not having a specific destination in mind, I flew across the city at about 100 feet above ground level. I found myself hovering over my grandmother's house, and saw three teenagers walking down the street. I thought it was strange that they were out so late. It must have been at least midnight. This is my last clear memory of the experience.

I don't remember much after this. I woke up the next morning and wrote down the experience. I had previously read that auditory and visual hallucinations are commonly experienced before separation from the body, but I had seriously underestimated their power. The same can be said for the paralysis and vibrations. The realness and strength of these sensations were unlike anything I could have imagined.

The state in which these hallucinations happen is commonly known as hypnagogia, which generally occurs moments before sleep. Interestingly, at the onset of this state, it seems as if a vivid landscape of complete blackness manifests in one's vision that appears to have a three-dimensional quality to it. Commonly referred to as the 3D blackness, this dimension of mind is blacker than the deepest darkness that can be experienced with the physical eyes, and is said to be a dimensional entrance into nonphysical realities. It is within this 3D blackness that visions and hallucinations usually manifest, also known as hypnagogic imagery. It is possible to project one's consciousness fully into this area and shift into higher nonphysical realms. Another symptom of hypnagogia is sleep paralysis, which is the experience of temporary paralysis of the physical body. It is said that sleep paralysis occurs as a protection mechanism to prevent people from physically acting out their dreams.

Although I had just undergone an amazing, life-changing event, I was conflicted as to the reality of what had actually happened. It had seemed so real as I was experiencing it, and yet my memory of the event seemed to be a bit dream-like after the fact. It was more like remembering a dream than it was like remembering an event that happened in waking reality. I considered that perhaps it was just a vivid dream.

Shortly after my first experience, I discovered a method of achieving an out-of-body experience that apparently required far less effort. This technique is commonly called the Wake Back To Bed method, or WBTB for short. It requires the person to wake up after about 6 hours of sleep and remain awake for up to an hour. During the time awake, the person is to focus on their task of having an out-of-body experience, ideally by reading some kind of related literature. The method then calls for the person to go back to bed. The idea is that in the early morning the body is extremely relaxed but not yet fully rested, making it very easy to fall back to sleep, and staying awake for up to an hour awakens the mind to help prevent it from going to sleep with the body.

To enhance this method, after lying on one's back and getting comfortable, the eyes are to be rolled up to focus on the area between the eyebrows, known as the "third eye" energy center, or brow chakra. Affirmations such as "I am leaving my body" and "I am conscious as my body falls asleep" are then repeated in one's mind until the person falls asleep. When stated in conjunction with focusing on the area between the eyebrows, these affirmations are designed to program the subconscious mind to automatically produce an out-of-body experience, or rather, to arouse the conscious mind as this process is occurring, as it naturally does as one falls asleep. The person then simply drifts off to sleep and becomes conscious to find oneself leaving the body. According to the theory behind this technique, the third eye is the gateway to the subconscious mind. I was about to find out how true this was.

January 28, 2000

This morning I tried the WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) method. I awoke after 6 hours of sleep, stayed up for an hour, and went back to bed. I focused on my third eye and repeated to myself, "I am having an out-of-body experience." After about 10 minutes I drifted to sleep. The next thing I knew, I was jolted wide-awake to find myself in a paralyzed state with incredibly intense vibrations coursing through my body! I began having the same auditory and visual hallucinations that occurred during the last experience, but they ceased after several seconds, as did the intense vibrations.

I became aware of a presence next to me. As I apprehensively focused my attention on it, the room around me became visible, and to my shock and horror there was a huge dark figure standing right next to my bed looking down at me! It was a tall, black, humanoid silhouette, although the outline of its body was not well defined or conformed to a specific shape. I panicked and almost instantly snapped out of the altered state.

After calming myself down, I fell back to sleep. Instead of loosing consciousness, however, I remained awake as my body fell asleep without even trying. Again I became paralyzed and was overcome by vibrations. I internally resisted, afraid that the shadow entity was still there, but I was unable to move or stop what was happening! The dark presence came back into my awareness, but this time I tried my best to keep calm and attempted to ignore it. I started to rise from my body like a helium-filled balloon, and as I did, the being seemed to fade out of my awareness. My experience was cut short, however, for I was sucked back into my body faster than I had left it.

I had read about these "shadow beings" before having this experience, so it wasn't a complete surprise, although seeing something like that up close and personal for the first time is not something one can ever truly be prepared for. These entities are also known as "dwellers on the threshold." The "threshold" refers to the dimensional entry level to the nonphysical universe that one initially finds themselves in during out-of-body experiences. It is speculated that often times these beings are manifestations of the person's fears, rather than independent, conscious entities. If these dwellers were sentient, malevolent beings, it makes sense that they would actually try to do something to harm the projector, rather than just stand around looking spooky. Of course, it could also be that they are sentient but not necessarily malevolent. Perhaps their intention is simply observe.

I have discovered through extensive firsthand experience that thoughts directly affect one's experience in the out-of-body state, so much so that harboring a fearful mentality will often times cause the apparition of entities which represent that fear. Because the initial separation from the body is usually the most startling aspect of the experience due to the intense and sometimes frightening symptoms and sensations that occur, this is the most common time for a person to encounter these manifestations.

I am not convinced that all negative or lower-level entities are simply just manifestations or hallucinations, however. I have learned that the dimensional level that one finds themselves in while out of body directly correlates with the internal state of the individual at that time. Therefore, a person whose energies are in a low vibratory state, whether it is due to fear, harboring a negative mindset or negative emotional tendencies, or being spiritually underdeveloped, will resonate with a lower nonphysical dimension of a similar frequency inhabited by entities of a similarly low vibration.

The law of attraction applies to nonphysical reality to a much greater extent than it does in the physical world, and there are some very real entities inhabiting the lower realms that you do not want to draw to yourself. An individual whose energies are not attuned to the finer vibrations of the higher dimensions will be unable to access these higher levels, and will likewise be unable to encounter the higher spiritual beings that reside in these realms and experience the states of divine oneness, clarity, wisdom, and insight that can be attained therein.

Raising one's internal energies is naturally accomplished by developing spirituality in one's daily life and maintaining a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle, including the acquisition of wholesome physical and mental habits and disengagement from those of a negative influence. This includes devoting oneself to spiritual practices, especially meditation, and learning to cultivate an internal state of peace, love, joy, compassion, equanimity, and wisdom. Practice and experience in the out-of-body state also promotes the development of one's internal energetic state, as does energy work, which is the development of the energy body by directly engaging it with the mind. The practice of energy work will be explained in greater detail later.

After my immediate success with the WBTB technique, it quickly became my go-to method for inducing out-of-body experiences. It was far more practical than the initial technique I had been using, which required the painstaking inducement of a physical and mental state that occurred naturally in the early morning with minimal effort. My out-of-body projections suddenly became more frequent and easily achievable. Whereas before I was at about a 25% success rate, I was now achieving the out-of-body state almost 75% of the time!

February 9, 2000

This morning I woke up at my grandfather's house after having slept there the night before. Wanting to go out of body, I stayed awake for a while and then went back to bed. I began stating affirmations while focusing on my third eye, and I eventually lost consciousness. The next thing I knew, I was fully conscious and shaking violently with vibrations! I had a slight feeling of nervousness, unsure of what was going to happen or whom I was going to encounter. The room around me came into focus, and I was startled to find a huge shadow being standing next to my bed! As creepy as it was, I tried my best to ignore it and brought my focus inward, effectively shutting out my view of the room and inducing a visual state of darkness.

I tried to levitate out of my body, but for some reason I seemed to be stuck. Remembering the techniques I had read online for separating from the body, I attempted another exit strategy. I began rocking from side to side, gradually working up to a significant sway, and rolled over and out of my body. It felt as if there was a strong putty-like substance that held me to my body and I had to exert extra mental effort to break its bond. I felt myself floating next to my body, and flew up towards the ceiling. The farther away from my body I got, the better I was able to see the room around me. To my relief, the shadow being was no longer there. I thought about flying up through the ceiling, and these thoughts seemed to propel me, as I instantly found myself floating up and out of the room in accordance with my intentions.

This is when things started to get weird. Rather going through the roof and finding myself outside, I instead discovered that I was in a large hotel building! I seemed to have awareness of where I was and the size of the building in a manner I can best liken to a physic knowing. It was like an instant download of knowledge accompanied by related mental images. I rose from floor to floor, observing the occupants of each room I passed through. The longer I explored, however, the more my conscious awareness faded, and I became so immersed in my surroundings that I forgot that I was out of body in the first place! I soon found myself in a full-blown dream state, unconsciously engaged at a party that was being thrown in the hotel, hanging out with actor Jim Carrey! The details of the rest of the experience seem to be insignificant, for I was no longer lucidly exploring in the out-of-body state, but had apparently entered a dream and no longer had conscious control of what I was doing.

The transformation of this out-of-body experience into what seemed to be a strange dream in which I no longer had lucid awareness of my state of being and my true relationship with my environment raised some perplexing questions about the nature and validity of the experiences I was having. How could an OBE (out-of-body experience) turn into a dream? Were my OBEs just dreams that seemed real? What was the relationship between the out-of-body state and dreams? Subsequent first-hand experience would eventually provide the answers to these questions.

The main difference between a dream and an OBE is the presence of conscious awareness during the experience. Both types of experiences occur in dimensions of reality that are beyond the physical universe. These nonphysical dimensions are of finer energetic vibrations and are unable to be perceived by a physically attuned consciousness. But just because these realms and the experiences had within them are not perceptible in the physical world does not negate their reality, just as the fact that the majority of the spectrum of light is not perceptible to humans does not mean it does not exist. Likewise, just because dream experiences are temporary and appear to be illusory does not mean they are not valid or meaningful experiences. It would appear that dreams simply take place in a different frame of reality with different rule sets than the physical world. Unfortunately, western society has acquired a dismissive attitude towards the experience of dreams, and so naturally this outlook of rejection and indifference has been adopted in regards to the reality of out-of-body experiences and other altered states of consciousness as well.

There seems to be an infinite number of different dimensions that exist in the nonphysical spectrum of reality, and so the question of "where" these nonphysical experiences occur is not as clear-cut as determining one's location in the physical world. One rule of thumb is that the closer the vibrational resonance of a particular nonphysical dimension is to the physical dimension, the more closely it will resemble the physical world. It has been found that everything in the physical world is multidimensional in nature, containing both physical and nonphysical aspects. The levels of nonphysical reality just outside of the resonance of the physical dimension seem to contain finer energetic aspects of their more dense physical counterparts, almost like energetic duplicates of the material world. The farther you go on the dimensional spectrum away from the physical world, the more unique the nonphysical environment becomes and the more reality deviates from the physical dimension.

This concept especially applies to humans and other conscious life forms. The essence of who we are, which is essentially pure consciousness, is multidimensional in nature. Although we are usually only aware of the physical portion of our being during normal waking consciousness, our physical awareness is actually just a tiny aspect of a much larger spectrum of consciousness in which we are a part of. This realization can only be made through the firsthand experience of consciously accessing these higher levels of consciousness.

It would appear as if most dreams occur within a mind-reflective reality matrix which projects the contents of one’s own subconscious mind into tangible form in order to provide the dreamer with a particular experience. In other words, the dream world and those within in it are actually reflections and manifestations of the dreamer’s subconscious mind, although there is evidence that suggests that this is not always the case and that some experiences contain elements of an objective nonphysical reality. Although the dream experience is generally one of mental constructs, the dimensions of reality in which dreams occur within are just as valid as physical reality and the dimensions accessed during OBEs. The laws that govern dream reality and the experiences had within it are consistent and reliable, and the sensory perceptions of the dreamer can be just as real, and sometime even more real than the physical senses.

Some dream memories actually seem to be recollections of conscious out-of-body experiences occurring within a more objective nonphysical reality framework that is most commonly called the astral dimension. However, if an individual is not trained to recognize a conscious out-of-body experience for what it really is, it may very well be dismissed as nothing more than a dream. The distinctions and similarities between dreams and OBEs especially become apparent the more one is able to become consciously aware within their dreams, known as lucid dreaming, which allows for mindful examination, experimentation, and exploration of the nonphysical reality that one was previously unconsciously immersed in.

It is possible to shift from one state of consciousness or type of experience to another, and it seems they are all interlinked via one’s consciousness. An experience can transform from a conscious OBE into a dream, and then become a lucid dream all by altering one’s state of consciousness and hence changing the type of reality that one experiences.

I have learned that it is not uncommon for an out-of-body experience to become a dream. This is due to a loss of conscious awareness and the subconscious mind taking over the direction of the experience. As one shifts from a lucid state of consciousness to an unconscious state, it seems that a dimensional shift concurrently takes place, causing the person to phase out of the realms explored during conscious OBEs and into dimensions that generate reflections of the subconscious mind. Spontaneous changes in various elements of one's nonphysical experience due to a dream-like fluidity of the out-of-body environment due to subconscious manifestations are known as reality fluctuations. The longer one is in the out-of-body state, the more likely it is for this to occur, especially if the person has little experience operating in this mode of consciousness.

I have discovered that there are techniques one can use to halt and even reverse these distortion effects and regain conscious awareness when it begins to fade. Stating verbal affirmations while out of body works extremely well for this. Screaming “clarity now!” at the onset of reality fluctuations or when one’s conscious awareness begins to diminish causes an instant burst of lucidity, elevating and strengthening one's awareness, and allows the experience to be prolonged. These commands basically serve as requests to the Higher Self, which then manifests whatever particular state or action is desired. More examples of using verbal commands to direct one's experiences will be covered in following chapters.

Touching and rubbing one's hands and face are excellent ways to heighten lucidity levels, deepen one's state of awareness and ground oneself in one's current nonphysical reality, and maintain an optimal state of consciousness while out of body. The projector can also touch nearby objects for the same effect. This is particularly useful if a projector finds oneself without vision upon exiting the body, as sight will usually manifest after several seconds of employing this method. Another technique for heightening one's lucidity is when the projector visually inspects the immediate environment from a distance of several inches, which usually brings one's vision into a state of ultra-perception. This is especially helpful if one's vision is blurry while out of body. Combining these touching and looking methods is the most effective way to enhance one's perceptions and maximize one's level of conscious awareness. Other methods for achieving the same results will be explored later.

March 21, 2000

I was lying in bed on my right side after getting home from crew practice after school, which always left me exhausted. I easily slipped into a deeply relaxed state. Suddenly my senses took on a different quality. I was encompassed by a mild rushing sensation and I seemed to go inside of myself in a way that is difficult to explain. Not a moment after falling into this altered state I felt a hand gently rest on my left shoulder and a soft, male voice said, “I’m proud of you, my son.” It wasn’t spoken out loud, but it was more like the words were telepathically implanted into my mind. It was more than just a thought, however, for the sentence was internally projected into a verbal auditory perception that had a unique voice and energetic quality different from my own.

As this being touched my shoulder and spoke into my mind, I felt a deep sensation of love emanating from my visitor. This love was felt inside of me as if it was my own, but it took on a different quality than the love I was used to feeling. It had more of an unconditional nature, like a parent would feel for their child, or like God/Source would feel for its creations. I arose out of this altered state with a large smile on my face.

I knew something special had just happened to me. I felt it deep inside. I sincerely believed that I had been visited by God/Source. When I was addressed as “my son,” it was not as a term reflecting the speaker's seniority, but rather a genuine reference of a father-son relationship. There was no confusion to the meaning behind it, for it was not just words that I had heard, but it was an energetic concept that I was given. I felt it and understood it in a way that is difficult to describe, as it is beyond normal communication on the physical level. The words were a result of my mind translating the energy in a way that would be relatable and discernible to my physically attuned conscious mind. In time I would discover that this was the nature of non-verbal communication in nonphysical states of consciousness.

I attributed this visitation to my recent shift in focus to spirituality and my acquisition of the ability to consciously leave my body. I had opened a door to the potential realization of the limitless possibilities of spiritual discovery and fulfillment, and this encounter affirmed that I was on the right path.

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