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Hi! My name's Emmit, Emmit Ryland. I'm from Seattle. I'm nineteen years old and I work as a police officer. I don't like sitting still so try bear with me on this. I like being a cop on the beat and interacting with people. That's what you do as a cop you serve and protect! I love it!

Now us cops in this universe have the power to control any element as we choose. Me, I got the power to control time and space. I just use it make me go fast, really fast! Everybody thinks I've been drinking too much coffee. But I never touch the stuff. Makes me sick.

About a year ago a freak occurrence caused my physical age to regress back to 10. That usually happens to cops in their 30s, not in their teens.

I was stuck with a desk job with detective's division on the force. It was done to protect me. The streets place are no place for an undersized 11 year old. That's what my boss says. That desk was making me stir crazy!

Just recently I went across the country uncovering a doomsday cult with other cops. It was fun! Now, I got a job working as a federal agent. But it's so cold, you can't get to connect with people. :mad:
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"You always hear people say they been to Hell and back but you never hear anybody go to Heaven and back."

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