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This story was not written by me, but by a good friend. I have permission from him to post it


Footsteps...they were close and getting closer. Methos tried his best to run faster, but his short leg reach only gave his attacker the advantage. Faster he thought to himself, he must go faster! The growling was getting louder, almost unbearable. The person...no, creature was hunting him like a lamb that strayed too far from the herd away from the medow. Nobody could here his screams no matter how loud he yelled, he ran through the alleyways under the ducts and behind the buildings. It was an endless maze of twists and turns that was getting him nowhere but closer to darkness. The town was asleep, the night before there was a big celebration and everyone had consumed way too much alcohol. Methos knew nobody was going to help him, all he could do was run and let the adrenaline do its work.

WHAM! Something hard slammed into Metho's neck, cold and hard. He hit the ground hard his body sliding a good couple feet on the slippery sandstone road. He was face down on the road, too afraid to open his eyes but he knew he must keep fighting. Methos found the courage within himself and looked up, what lay before him could on be described as a dark figure. Lightning faintly and briefly revealing the dark creatures body and face. Its eyes burned red with pleasure and lust, its teeth glimmered and glistened red with each flash of light.

It had him and he couldn't do anything about it. Methos closed his eyes, his heart screaming with fear praying for someone to hear him. Tears overwhelmed his face, not even the rain could hide it from the beast. Methos looked up again his vision blurred by the wet droplets of rain and tears. The figure was gone!? vanished without a sign. How could this be? It wasn't posible!?

Methos let out a faint sigh of relief as he looked around frantically. Methos closed his eyes and let out a breath but was halted halfway through the process. Methos screamed in pain as something hard and sharp pierced his neck. He felt the blood being pulled out of him as if a tornado sucking up everything in its grasp. It wanted him to feel safe, it wanted him to feel what it was like to feel relieved one last time before it was over, before things went dark.

Methos lay there for an eternity as the beast sucked away his life. The rain let up and he could see the cannopee of the trees high above and for a second he thought he saw hundreds of little white dots. But as quickly as they came they vanished.

Voices could be heard in the distance, Methos face turning deathly pale. Suddenly the creature ripped its mouth away from the boys throat and turned his head to see what it was. The villagers must have heard the rucuss and were coming to rescue him. Methos smiled slightly and relaxed his body, the creature jolted up and looked down at Methos. It gave him one last smirk then it ran off into the darkness of the alleyway.

Methos just couldn't stop staring at the canopee, it was so beautiful. His vision started to blur again, but this time it was different. Things started getting darker and less painful. Methos head fell sideway and his eyes closed. Before the darkness could fully take him, he heard the villagers talking their voices indecipherable except for one word he could make out...vampire.

Chapter 1: A Lifes Desire

"You can't catch me Drake!" Waugriff shouted while laughing and pumping his legs as fast as he could. It was a great day, the sun shining through the trees making radient marks all over the place. A true thing of beauty, but he couldn't think of that now he had a brother to outrun.

Drake wasn't far behind, but with the age discrepency between the two it was definitly a much more arduous task than it should have been. Drake saw Waugriff enter the crops, his leather coat almost catching on one of the cobbs of corn. The rustling of Waugriffs escape kept Drake on the right trail. Each corn cobb moving...showing Drake which way to go.

Drake ran as fast as he could almost breaking out into a laugh. The corn hurt when he ran past it, leaving red marks up and down his arms from intrenched scratches but he was having too much fun to let it bother him and a Kcorlek would never allow himself to be bothered by pain.

Before he knew it he was out of the field and Waugriff was already halfway to the house. Drake couldn't reach him in time, so he looked around and found his fathers whirl loop next to the tree. He had watched his father swing it over his head hundreds of times and throw it with percision and force at his target, never missing.

It was a long rope with two heavy rubber balls attached to either end making it stay in the air longer. Drake started twirling it above his head, he was shocked at how much it was causing his body to move. Drake didn't stumble long though, he spun around and launched his homing rope at his older brother. Gotcha

Waugriff hit the ground hard, his face sliding for a good foot before his body decided to stop. Drake ran fast to retreive his fallen prey when Waugriff shot up easily out of the ropes and threw a fist directly at Drakes face.

This time it was Drake that hit the ground hard. Drake rubbed his cheek then looked at his older brother tears swelling up in his eyes. Waugriff just stood there smiling back at him,
"Never let your guard down, its the quickest way to the ground."

Drake stopped the rivers of tears before they could flood his face. It was a lesson he would not forget now or ever...


Today was their last day together for awhile, Waugriff had decided to join the Imperial Army to work his way up to power to help the world. Everyone knew that if you joined you were well treated and taken care of. The bad part is that you have to constantly fight demons and other beings that try to reak havik on our little part of this world.

Waugriff had many skills, one being he was an expert swordsman. It was inherited from our father, unfortunatly I wasn't a recipiant of that gene. Waugriff used to practice for more than 38 hours a day (Dark Forest days are 92 hours long). Unlike myself which practiced around 38 hours my whole life.

He was definitly the pride of the family, and we all knew it. His swordsmanship was unrivaled, he always helped people and was just. People in town loved him, and he loved them back. Someday he would make us proud, someday he would become the Emperor of Acirema, the name of our world.

The first shardes of light hit their small house in the middle of the roft. It was a perfect site in a fairy tale just like their father had told them many times before. Drake was up early that morning, he had never been away from his brother for longer than a day and he was unsure on how to act.

Drake sat back in his comfy chair and staired into the Roft, so beautiful. A hand touched his shoulder, it was shaking but not so bad as to move him.

Waugriff tried to open his mouth, but couldn't. The two staired into the distance for what seemed like hours. It glowed with an intense aura, it was the site of freedom of perfection. Drake felt at peace with himself while he was here with his brother.

"Its time for me to go" Waugriff said his voice shaking but readable. Drake tried to speak, but his throat clenched up and tears swelled to his eyes again. He didn't even feel Waugriff's hand leave his shoulder. Tears fell from his eyes like hot lead out of a furnace burning his cheeks on the way down.

Bye the time he had stepped off the porch Drake was in a full blown cry his hands covering his face. He didn't dare look at Waugriff afraid to show his shameful face to his older brother. Support is what he needed, not a crying brother covering his face in shame. By the time Drake had dried his face to look for his brother he was gone, vanished into the woods heading for Granseal.

---Seven Years Later---

Drake was out in the field, he was now seventeen and his build was as burly as ever. The entire fields around the house he had planted himself. He was proud of his work, his father had passed away a year before. Drake now only had one thing left to do, join the Imperial Army and follow in his brothers footsteps.

Drake chopped the last of the corn and set it in front of his house. The marketman would pick it up later on that day, but Drake wouldn't be here to see old Scratch. Drake hopped down from the porch and picked up his fathers sword and started walking in the same steps his brother had seven years before.

Drake hated hunting, he believed that it was a waste of his time but his brother always said, "Why is it a waste of time to keep yourself alive?" Drake just smiled and continued on extatic about seeing his brother again. In just a couple of months he would arrive in Granseal and sign up to the army.

He would have to pass threw a couple of cities though, he did not mind that idea at all. The city though, he would mind going threw but he had no option. The city of the Prism Towers was rumored to be a haunted city of the damned and only the most holy of people could survive its wrath.

He chuckled to himself, yea right he thought. Just an old mans tale trying to scar us little guys into submission to what they want us to do. The thought of that though brought up images of his father, he missed him so much. Drake stopped...a stream of clear liquid started flowing out of the inners of his eyes. It was a natural death, but very untimely. He was only 63 and had a good 50 years left to live but life decided to throw a curve ball to his family and strike them out.

The road Drake was on was very narrow and led directly to the Citidal of the towers. He pondered that in the next hour or so he would see the top of the nearest one. Nobody knows who built the towers or what they are there for but its for sure that they arn't just for looks, I'm sure of it.

The first tower...it was a sight to behold coming into view like a spine thrusting its way threw the horizon bent on climbing into the trees high above. It was massive, and could easily house the entire population of Ardania inside its walls from top to bottom.

He decided he would set up camp by the first tower and take up shelter, he could feel a massive storm coming. He had brought only the basics he needed to survive just like his father and brother had taught him so many years ago. A leather hide to cover from rain, a weapon to hunt and the chain of the family so that if you should find your end you would at least find you way threw heaven and home.

Each member of the Kcorlek family has always had a chain around there necks with the first letter of their name engraved on it. It was a family tradition and was prized more than anything to his family for if you lost it you would be doomed to wander the planet until you found it once again.

Drake finished setting up his small hut and was already roasting a two small rabbits he had caught while looking for firewood. After he finished eating, Drake fell backwards and looked towards the canopee of the forest hoping to see something beyond...hoping to see his father. He unlinked his chain and began to study it tracing the D with his right thumb.

Suddenly a strong smack hit Drake directly in the neck. He hit the ground hard and lost grip of his chain. He tried to get up but the pain was incredible and had partially paralized him. He looked up to see who had commited the crime that he had not influenced. A orange furry critter stood in front of him with its paws outstretched and ready to attack again.

Threw the fur Drake could make out a smile on the furballs face. It enraged him to think he had been taken advantage of by such a impudent rodent or whatever it was. It reached down and grabbed Drakes chain and studied it. Drake launched his hand out and screamed for it back but was met with a gesture of anger from the creature.

It looked at Drake calmly for a second then said two words, "Finders keepers". It then launched into the bushes and lightning speeds and before long it was out of sight and Drake was in too much pain to try to stop him.

The next morning a bird lay cuddled in Drakes hair. He woke up in a hurry almost instantly on his feet. His entire neck and back were a purplish color. Just moving made him want to collapse again but he could manage. Drake picked up his sword and ran into the bushes in the direction the furry creature had went.

Using the tracking skills he had inheirited from his family, for two months he tracked the demon down to a small outpost outside the monastary of Claudes Temple. A shopkeeper said he had seen him a month back and tried to sell a chain of sorts. The shopkeep refused to buy it because it was made of low grade metal, and the demon didn't seem like a reliable source. This made Drake start to worry that the orange rat had tossed it thinking it was worthless.

Drake sat down outside the nearest pub and put his head in his arms and started crying. He had lost the one thing that could reunite him with his family, and it was all because of some stupid rat.

Thief! Thief! Drake heard in the background, but didn't want to raise his head. Then something struck Drake like a flick of the ear on a cold day, Get back here you orange furball! Drake launched himself up and ripped his sword out of the sheath almost breaking the wooden slab in half. He started running in the direction of the yelling but he was still too far away until he turned a corner.

WHAM! Drake fell backwards as he heard another body hit the ground hard. He didn't know what happened, it felt like he hit a wall or something, but the wall had fur! Drake forced his eyes open to see the same orange rat laying on the ground cradling his head back and forth with his hands covering the hit point.

Drake tried to drag the beast up but it didn't want to go quietly. As soon as it opened its eyes and saw Drake a very scared look came into its face then it looked back to see a very angry shopkeeper running closer to them with each second.

"WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY CHAIN!" Drake practically screaming at the orange furball.

"Uhh uhhh", it said in reply still trying to figure out what to do. "Uhh I will tell you if you hide me, please!"

"You tell me or I kill you!" Drake holding the sword to the beasts neck.

The beast felt the blade on its soft neck, "You kill me and you will never find it"

Drake thought about it for a moment then grabbed the furball and started running with all his might. The shopkeeper was a fairly chubby man and couldn't keep up with him. These last seven years Drake had been conditioning his body to be a peak fitness for when he would sign up.

He turned a corner almost losing his balance with the massive rat in his arms, his feet almost slid out from under him on the lose sand. It was a blind alley, and they couldn't back track or the shopkeep would surely catch them. Drake then looked up and saw a large piece of concrete sticking out of the roof, he quickly grabbed his furry theif and launched him up to it telling him to grab hold. Drake quickly followed, but lost grip on one of his hands. He dangled there as the shopkeep came into sight.

"Furball! Pull me up!" Drake screamed struggling to get the strength to latch his other arm on the tough surface of the rock. No reply....

"Furball!! Furball!!" Drake pleaded and still no reply. His hand finally gave out and he fell to the ground below where the shopkeep was now standing and with a guard escort as well.

SLAM! The lead chain links hooked together and they dragged Drake away for helping a wanted theif escape. When they reached the jail cell Drake was informed that he would be sentenced to hang to following day. Oh Boy!

During the night Drake lay on his half hammok half bed in that it was suspended by ropes but was a matress. He had positioned himself to view the barred window so that he could see the treetop praying that he would see farther. Hours upon hours he spent just watching, hoping...until he heard a voice from outside. Did he just say backup?

The wall exploded inward in a heap of fire but was quickly quited by the dull roar of guard horns. Drake looked to see who would be stupid enough to break into the wrong cell until he say a stray light shine on its orange fur.

"Comon, we don't have long before the guards find us" The creature said.

Drake just stood there surprised and suspectful, "Why should I trust you? You left me to face your crime!"

"Im here now arn't I? Get over your pride and lets go!" The orange beast launched out of the window and down the street.

Drake quickly realized it still had his chain, he quickly launched after him but remembered his fathers sword. He turned around and went straight threw the front door of the guard shack.

Only one guard lay in front of him trying to draw his sword. Drake stopped him by slamming his foot down on the handle then a knee to the mans face. He would definitly feel that one in the morning. Drake grabbed his fathers sword and bolted out of the door going an incredible speed down the road. His feet were almost hovering over the ground he was going so fast, he arms were left behind him while his head was leaning forward almost horizontally.

Before long he was running beside the furry thief who had saved his life, but why? Drake tried to talk but was cut off by the demons voice. "Don't talk, run!"

The two ran into the forest sueating profusely, well panting in the rats case. Drake looked back while leaning over his knees holding himself up. "I don't think they will find us now.", the thief said with a certain pride in his voice.

"The names Nong Ao Nu, professional escape artist and theif." he added with a perticular delight.

"Why did you save me?" Drake asked over zealous, anxious to hear the answer that was plaguing his mind.

"You saved me in the city square, I may be a thief but I am not a un-honorable beast. Now we are even, enjoy your life sir." Nong said trying to walk away but was caught off guard when Drake thrust his sword between Nong and his path.

"I don't care who you are, I want my chain and I want it now!" Drake almost screaming at him.

"Listen, I steal so much stuff I forget who and what I stole it from. So don't bother." he said with a chopped voice.

Drake launched his sword to within milimeters of his skin cutting off a good deal of hair under his neck, "No you listen! Your going to remember right now! and if you don't I am going to start cutting off things you will need, and they will be missed."

Nong looked at him then at the sword, "A man stole it from me when I was heading to Galam. He attacked me on the road and took only the chain. I tried to fight back for it but he threw me aside like I was water on a downward slope. He had two very large teeth in his mouth that protruded downward onto his lip. Blue eyes and black as night hair. He was a good foot taller than me and had a very powerful aura coming off him."

Drake felt a shiver go down his back, Why did this seem so familar? Drake lowered his sword and walked closer to Nong, "Fine then, your coming with me until we find that chain, and if we find that he does not have it you will find out that I am not the man with whom to screw around with, are we clear?"

The creature had never seen this man act so furociously, "Clear!" He said with a frightned face.

So there they had it, a warrier and a thief on the first adventure of many, but who was this figure Nong had described and why did Drake feel so frightened by the image. Only time and patients could tell him this answer and he knew it well. The two then started walking towards Galam side by side, for soon they would find that it wasn't a coincidence that they met, that it was fate.

Chapter 2: Into the Dragons Cave

"Reinforce those walls dammit! We can't let any of them threw! This city depends on it!" Captain Waugriff shouted to his Lieutenants as the hordes of dead swamped the outer walls. WHAM! A large chunck of rock destroyed the building beside them reducing it to bits.

"Take out those enemy tre's now!" Waugriff commanded as the trebuchets in the background were constantly firing bringing down ten to thirty dead at a time, but they just kept getting up looking worse than they did before and de-limbed. Fortunatly most of the enemy siege was takin down, and all they had to do was survive long enough for reinforcments from Granseal.

"I said reinforce those walls NOW! Unless you want to become what your about to kill!" Waugriff shouted again this time unsheathing his sword.

One of his Lieutenants screamed "Prepare for breach!" Just as the last word left his mouth the solid wooden gate exploded inward throwing shards of wood against the stone buildings and the unsuspecting guards.

Hundreds of the dead swarmed into the city like fire ants looking for food, except that now the soldiers were next on the menu. Waugriff raised his right hand with his sword and called for a non-stop volley of fire-arrows into the oncoming horde. They hit with precise accuracy engulfing them almost at once in a firery casm of rotting flesh. Waugriff had become used to the smell but the buring made it worse.

It had been eight days since they had seen a quiet morning, a morning without fire scorching the low clouds. They all were very tired and were in a losing battle. They didn't know where they came from or how the dead were fighting them, all he did know was that he needed help. The now called dead soldiers were almost just skeletons with swords and shields that could walk, it didn't make any sense. How could they lose to such frail enemies...

Captain Waugriff looked to his Lieutenant, "Sound the General Retreat, we cannot hold Galam any longer." The Lieutenant scurried off to sound the horn and like a hammer slamming a nail into everyones mind the horn sounded the general retreat. Waugriff looked down at his men below to see them being ripped to shreds by the voracious walking dead. That picture would remain in his mind for a long time, just another to add to the list of bad memories. He didn't even realize it but he was tracing his scar on his eyebrow from when he had faught in the great war of Pacalon. Over forty-two thousand killed that day and only him and a couple others had survived the night against the fiercesome trolls of the underworld.

Suddenly the horn was cut off leaving a hollow sound in the troops ears. Waugriff threw his glance backwards to see a spear sticking threw the chest of Lieutenant Mitchell thick blood clawing its way down his chest. Dammit

Waugriff started at a dead run for the horn but was cut off by the pale skeletons and their lunges for flesh. They were fairly slow in there moves and could hardly anticipate moves but they couldn't feel any pain from the soldiers blows, at least it didn't show. He quickly sliced them into pieces with the very sword his father gave him. It glissened in a ray of light as the bones turned to dust as he decapitated the last one in his path.

He gathered up his strength in his lungs then let all the air out into the horn sounding the final retreat. It felt like his lungs were being crushed by somebodies hands, the horn was almost sucking the air out of him. But then something caught his eye, a man walking threw his troops not even getting scratched. The men just stood there looking, not moving an inch. Idiots. Why dont they move!

The man was about six foot, wore a dark black and red robe. Its eyes had a evil red glow to them, almost as if they were looking directly at you even if he was turned the other way. Almost if he was looking at everything.

Astonishingly enough a man charged threw the crowd with his sword raised and his eyes widened. He screamed as he came closer, Waugriff didn't know why this man wasn't effected by the demon in front of him. He looked closer to see the rank insignia on his right shoulder, Corporal. Waugriff tried to think of who it could be but only drew a blank.

"Corporal! Stand down!" Waugriff shouted at the top of his lungs but was cut short of air from blowing the horn. The corporal continued his assault without heeding a word of his commanding officer.

The mans blade rose and came down on the dark mans forhead. Waugriff almost dropped his sword in amazment, he had stopped the dark one in his tracks! Wait something was wrong, the sword started moving backwards and the dark robed fiend lifted his hand and grabbed the Corporal by the neck. It then proceeded to pummel his gut with his right fist calling forth blood with each strike.

After only a couple of seconds which seemed an eternity the man went limp. Waugriff closed his eyes for only a moment then became enraged and under his voice he murmered, "You will be avenged strong one, I promise you"

The beast threw his toy into the nearest wall smashing it into pieces. The man went into darkness and out of Waugriffs sight like a ragdoll. Waugriff being caught in the moment didn't realize he was surrounded, he proceeded to advance on the walking dead but stopped when the dark robed one appeared in front of him.

The man was taller than he thought, and his face was covered just under the eyes. His massive burly figure cleary stated throughout his body, each muscle showing clearly. Waugriff couldn't think of what to do, he looked left then right and only saw the bodies of his fallen companions. This was it...

The large beast stopped then looked down at Waugriff with its cold red eyes peering into his soul. If it didn't have a mask on he could swear he was smiling in delight. "What do you want?" Waugriff asked with a cold shudder in his voice.

The beast came closer almost stepping on Waugriffs feat, it leaned in to his face. "Remus..." it said with a extreme anger running deeply in his throat like he was choking but didn't do anything about it.

Remus! How did he know about his father, and why did he want him!?! Why was he after his father...It didn't make any sense. Waugriff played it cool and calmly replied looking directly into its malicous eyes, "I don't know any Remus's"

The being paused momentarily then reached out and swiped Waugriffs chain off his neck. It then lifted its right palm and show a chain with a D engraved on it. The same chain Drake wore around his neck. oh no... It held up both chains, his and his brothers, he must have been after his fathers...but why?

Waugriffs filled his blood with rage and anger feeding off the adrenalin. With reflexes he had never seen himself use before he slammed his fist into the beings head knocking him clear off the building like an arrow release from a extended bow and into the next stone building smashing threw the three foot stone wall. It didn't make a sound... Waugriff waited for the army of the dead to attack but they calmly waited for something, for his return.

Whack! Waugriff was hit with a very large iceball directly in the back. The pain surged threw his spine like electricity directly to his brain. Blood spewed from his wound as he fell and hit the floor hard his head smacking against the ground making a wet sound. His spine must have been fractured in every joint, for he felt the warmness of the blood going down his back and seeping into the crevaces of his spinal cord.

The beast stepped down in front of him, his body levitating in the air. He hadn't got a single scratch from Waugriffs attack and it stood there looking at him with such content, such evil that it unsheathed his face garb and showed his face.

Two elongated teeth on the far sides of his mouth shown clearly. Both were very sharp and very dangerous looking. Waugriff pushed himself up blood still pooring down his back like a river following a bank into the ocean that lay below. He managed to sit himself on his knees looking up at the beast of his demise.

He tried to manage a smile but was unable do to the pain. "You will never find Remus, ever..."

The beast quickly grabbed Waugriff by the neck and raised him to heads-length with him. A cold and muttered voice came from the dark hollow regions of the beasts throat, "Don't be so sure Captain."

Waugriff thinking of his brother while he hung their by the beasts hand. I am truly sorry brother. I have failed the family and forsaken us to walk this planet for eternity.

As he saw what was about to come as the beast widened its mouth to go for his throat he closed his eyes and remembered that day on the farm with his brother and father. Running threw the fields not caring about anything except their own enjoyment. Drake I'm so sorry.

"WAUGRIFF! NO!", a very loud shout came from the woods beyond the city lines. Two figures stood their watching what was about to happen. Fear and sorrow could be seen in the mans eyes.

Waugriff looked over very slowly to see his brother standing in the woods screaming for him. He was alive and there was still hope left. Waugriff finally managed a smile and looked at the beast. "Before I die give me your name for I will have my revenge".

The beast almost laughing closed his mouth the spoke a single word, Methos. Almost simutaneously with his name he bit down on Waugriffs neck deep and hard. Waugriff didn't give him the dignity of a cry of pain, all he could do was watch his brother for the last time his eyes swelling up with tears. Goodbye my brother.

The boy fell to his knees; his weeping could be heard from where Waugriff was. As Waugriffs vision became clouded and dark he heard one last thing before the eternal darkness. I love you brother

Chapter 3: Bonds Of Friendship

Drake fell to the ground throwing his fists over and over at the ground causing it to crack at multiple lengths. The pain He screamed for his brother to be alright but he knew it wasn't posible. The beast had ripped his throat wide open and threw him to the hard concrete which was now covered in gory red blood. Why him

Nong stood there and looked at the beast with a shred of terror in his eyes, "Its him! Its the guy that stole your chain!" Drake looked up too find two chains residing in the beasts hand dangling side by side. One had a W on the end the other a D. The fiend! Drake almost lauched himself upwards in an assualt bent on destruction running and drawing his sword ready to do anything to get the chains back in his posession.

He fell hard and fast to the ground when something grabbed him and pulled him back. "No its not worth it! Please Drake!" Nong shouted while digging his claws into Drakes shoulders making him feel the pain. "Please don't Drake!" Blood started running down his arms from the cuts Nong had gave him but he didn't feel it.

Drake struggled to free himself but wasn't able to. "Let me go, he's still alive! He has to be! I won't let him die, I can't!"

Nong did a flip over Drake and kicked him in the face hard with his heal on his way down, "He's gone Drake!" He paused for a moment to let it soak in, "There is nothing you could have done! That beast is far stronger than all of us combined. Confort yourself with the fact that you could have done nothing to help him."

Drake fell again this time cradled by Nong. The hate went deeper into his mind shrouded by sorrow and sadness. Its not fair... A wet drop hit Nongs nose making it twitch and he looked up his ears sensing it before his eyes did. The rain came down like liquid lead crashing into the ground throwing up mud in their faces spotting them like leopards.

Nong picked Drake up, "Comon we will come back tonight when the beast is gone and burry your brother." Drake tried to nod but couldn't, he felt paralized; alone. He had lost his father and his brother and now the two chains that would keep his family together for eternity.

Drake fell asleep on Nongs shoulder his fur providing some comfort. "I am truly sorry." Nong said with a very low tone barely hearable by human ears. "I lost somebody to along time ago, I know how it feels. You just have to hold onto that memory of good times and it will keep you going my friend."

Several hours later Drake opened his eyes to see Nong feasting on what appeared to be a burned rabbit.

"You know it probably tastes better without the black stuff all over it" Drake said jokingly but sorrow still flooding his eyes. Nong gave a slight smirk then returned to his blackend rabbit.

"Well I am not that good with fire, so anything I cook either is under cooked or over cooked. You learn to live with it. Want one? I caught it just for you." Nong motioned his hand towards a primitive built stick on rock system holding a skinned rabbit by its ankles.

Drake sat up and leaned against the tree trunk he had been perched up against, "Sure why not." He said while the air left his lungs as he stretched outwards. All the sadness and emotions had caused him much pain and anguish in the last day and he was mentally exhausted.

Nong looked at the fire seeing threw the yellow and reds. Going straight for the core itself. With his hand he raised the fire; molded it to his will. The fire stretched out and glazed the rabbit cooking it instantly. Nong then lowered his hand and the fire disapeared instantly.

Drake sat motionless looking at his furry companion, it was rumored that beasts could use special powers that humans couldn't use. But he was unaware that they could master human techniques such as alchemy. It was also obvious that Nong couldn't use it very well as this rabbit turned out to be just as black.

Drake smiled, "Have any salt you could conjure up for me." Nong returned the gesture and threw him the rabbit stick first. "Just try to ignore the charcoal taste on the outside; the inside is quite good!"

He reluctantly bit into the hard blackend outside and felt the warm tendernous on the inside. He was right, the insde was vey good. Juice ran down the side of his mouth as he savored it. He had wondered how Nong had learned alchemy since it was reserved for only the higher classes of civilization and not comon theives.

Drake just stood their staring at his companion, "How did you learn alchemy?" He asked with a slight innocence added to the question. Nong just looked at him with his cheeks full of food and his eyes wide.

"I don-" Nong stopped to finish chewing his food. "I don't know, its just that I have always known since I can remember. I had first discovered it when I was in Granseal being chased by some guards because they thought I was up to no good being a demon and all. I ran and ran as fast as I could but they kept coming, eventually I was pinned against a large fountain in the middle of the square staring them all down." Nong took another bite of his rabbit while Drake listened intensly.

"When they started advancing on me I became so frightened that the fountain erupted sending water in all directions killing many people including most of the guards." Nong stopped eating looking down at the ground as though the images of that day still haunted him.

Nong didn't look up but kept his gaze blankly on the ground, "After that I ran, I ran until I could smell no sent of human blood and then further. Now almost any town that sees me knows to call for guards or help, so I have to remain ellusive to keep my own safety."

Drake dropped his curiosity and stood up, "Lets go get my brother." This time Drake had more control over his emotions, this time he wouldn't allow an outbreak like last time.

There camp was not far from the city, so it was an easy walk. Nong kept an ear out for any signs of trouble but couldn't hear anything except the wailing of the locusts.

Drake made a slightly loud gulp in his throat as he turned to his companion. "You think they are gone?"

Nongs ears twitched, then again. "Don't know...too quiet." Nong said while scanning the sound waves of the area. "We should move in slowly just to be safe." Drake nodded in agreement and unsheated his sword from its dark glove.

Half way into the city the two ran into a patrol of guards, although stupid they could raise more. Nong quickly dispatched one of them followed by Drakes swing to the head on the second turning them both into dust. Going good so far...

As the two approached the walkway into the building which had Waugriff lying dead on top they had to dispatch two more patrols from their meaningless lives on this planet. They started running up the stairs as fast as they could, not caring about how much noise they made. "Hurry" Drake said quietly while pumping his arms even faster.

When the door to the roof burst open they were met with a unfortunate surprise. "Where is he?" Nong asked Drake retorically knowing that there was no way he could know either.

They scanned the rooftop looking for any trace of him. Nothing... Drake nearly lost it, he had lost his brother and now he couldn't even give him a proper barrieral. Nong watched as more tears began to run from his eyes but something was different this time.

The building began to shake as Drake fell to his knees tensing his entire body. Is he doing this!?! Nong thought to himself as the roof started to cave in. He quickly jumped to Drakes position and grabbed him launching them both into the air and down onto the street seconds before the building collasped.

Drake shoved Nong out of the way and fell to the floor. The pain must have been unbearable, and threw all the sobbing and pain he heard one word. Revenge

DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM... Oh no... The skeleton like dead warriers sounded the alarm. They beat the drums as if a whip were lashing them on the back to keep increasing the speed. Nong tried to pick of Drake but as soon as his hand touched his shoulder Nong was blown back by some unknown force eminating from Drake.

How could a human have so much power!? Nong looked at his paw the hairs singed deep almost to the skin. Drake stood up his body bending light somehow, showing him standing and yet getting up at the same time.

It took Nong a second to realize it, they had been completly surrounded on all sides covering every exit posible. They were everywhere, hanging from buildings. In the streets...on the roof tops.

Then Nongs eyes focused directly on Drake. Every step seemed like an afterimage of the step before as he moved closer to the onsuing hordes of skeletal warriers. He wasn't himself, he couldn't be. How could he have not seen such power from this mortal.

As Drake approached the hordes they began to back up not a single one moving an inch closer. Nong followed close to his back relentlesly looking in all directions to see if they would advance until suddenly Drake stopped almost knocking Nong over in the process.

He turned around so that he could see Nong directly in the face. His eyes! His eyes had no pupils, they were solid white and his face had developed wierd symbols covering every part of visible skin.

'Wha what happened to you?" Nong asked with a tone of fear in his throat. Drake didn't reply just stood there staring past Nong. He took a step forward then disapeared right in front of Nongs eyes.

A series of noises could be heard from all around Nong constantly changing direction, disapearing and re-appearing without warning. Until he finally materialized in front of Nong again with his sword sheathed. Suddenly the skeletons started collasping into their own dust, blowing with the wind that Drake had created.

How was he able to do that!? Just after the last warrier hit the ground in a cone-ish pile of dust Drake collasped to his knees and his gravity defying aura left him. Nong rushed to his side to see him back to normal for the most part except he looked extremely worn. "What happened? Why am I so tired-" Drake went directly into a elongated yawn.

He had forgotten the whole thing, he had single handedly defeated over one hundred warriers and he hadn't even realized it. A sound from behind startled Nong away from his crouched position holding Drake up. He lowered his now sleeping friend onto the ground and turned around ready to defend himself.

A man stood there looking at both him and Drake. He was holding his arm which appeared to be covered in blood and fairly new roughly made bandages made from his own pants it looked like. As he walked closer Nong raised his guard ready to attack at any sign of aggression.

The wounded man paused then took a step backwards. "I mean you no harm, im injured." Nong lowered his defenses but only slightly to show that he wasn't going to attack unless provoked.

"You Imperial Army?", Nong asked with a hint of sarcasm on his voice. The man lowered his right arm from its grasp of his left arms wound and raised his hand up to give a salut.

"Lieutenant Greveck sir! of the second infantry battalion!" Greveck said with a slight delight. It was aparent he was proud of his position in whats left of the Imperial Army.

Aparently Lieutenant Greveck had been in the primary defense of Galam when it was under siege. His commanding officer being Captain Waugriff. For many days they held off the army's of the dark one but were never able to make lee-way against them. When they had breached the walls he had knew that it was over and time to make a last stand.

He left his position at the trebuchet and made his way towards the main gate knowing that the soldiers there would need all the help they could get. He ran as fast as he could dodging in between buildings already unsheathing his sword well before the entrance to the city.

As he approached the entrance there were already many soldiers lying dead or dying on the street floor their blood soaking into the dry dirt giving the roads a eery crimson darkness. Closer and closer he came to his own doom when suddenly he was blocked off by a crowd of unmoving soldiers all staring at something he could not see.

Farian just ignored them and kept running past pushing them out of his way until he saw what why they weren't moving. A dark figure lay on the road ahead certainly cutting off any chances for Farians survival, but he didn't care. As long as he could buy time for the civilions to get out of the city threw the back gate it would be worth it.

He began screaming threw his lungs, his sword raised high and his eyes aimed at this figure that seemed like a mountain of a man. He prayed that GOD would give him strength, to loan him the arm of GOD for one strike, to end this dark beings miserable life. Unfortunatly his prayer went unavailed. The vampiric like demon let the blow come down and stop millimeters before his armor plated head. He had stopped Farians attack with nothing but his mind, what type of demon has this power?

Farian pushed even harder until a very cold grasp clenched his throat. He struggled for air but none came to his call. His heart froze as his eyes went black and then all he could feel was the hard slam threw a wall and into a dark deserted building.

Hours later he had awoken in a dead sueat, his clothing completly soaked. He tried to move but his arm complained more than anything had before. It was most likely broken he thought as it was bent in the wrong direction. The price of being a hero.

Farian managed to round up a pretty decent meal of some bread and vegetables. He also managed to stop the bleeding on his arm mostly with a self made bandage from his now torn pant leg. Didn't like my uniform anyways Farian thought to himself. It was already night and he decided it was best to head out. He met hardly no resistance other than a walking skeleton or two to later find out they were all by Drake and Nong.

Nong looked at him suspicously then back at Drake which was still unconscous. "Alright fine, I believe you. Right now we have to get out of the city before more of those things come."

Farian quickly nodded in aggreement as Nong threw Drake on his back and proceeded to run out of the city hastly followed by Lieutenant Greveck.

After reaching the camp Nong and Farian had a long conversation about who the being was and why he was taking on the worlds largest army. Although they came to no conclusion they had found out one thing. Drakes father must have been the key, his chain much like the two brothers must have had some secret that the dark one knew about and wanted badly enough to kill innocent civilians.

There next step was to proceed to Granseal in which they hoped to have a council with the king himself about the grave situation. They hoped that by the time they arrived they would have figured out this whole mystery and unlock the secrets of Drakes past which only he could know.

Packing up his belongings and helping Farian repair his make-shift bandage Nong lifted Drake onto his back once again and started down the long road to Granseal closely followed by Lieutenant Greveck. And then there were three...

Chapter 4: Corruption of The Heart

Months had passed since the group set out towards Granseal. The journey normally would have taken over a year from Galam on foot. But they had quickened their pace by over double hopefully arriving before the dark knight did.

Nong and Lieutenant Farian Greveck decided it best to not tell Drake of what he had done at Galam. How when he was angry he lost all compasion and sense and utterly whiped out a hundred skeleton warriers with the flick of his arm. Nong had spent many of these days in travel thinking about that day, and thinking of how somebody so young could be so powerful.

Nong was over two hundred and forty years old and he hadn't even gained that sort of power yet let alone the ability to produce anywhere near that amount. One thing was for certain though, after Drake had awoken from his four day sleep a aura formed around him. It was extremely rare to see any human with any sort of aura, only ones that have trained their entire life and have mastered the ways of their trade skill.

As fast as Nong could run, Farian and Drake were able to keep up at almost the same pace but lagged behind every couple of days to let their bodys recooperate. Being a demon had its advantages; one being your muscles rarely get tired.

Farians mind had wandered all over the place on his journey with the two. He tried not to think about the Battle of Galam but was overidden with guilt. The guilt of not being able to save his comrades in arms. They had died fighting a war that they had been ordered to fight. They could have easily evacuated all the civilians out of the city before the army had arrived, but the Generals had decided to test their arrogancy against the might of the battle hardened skeleton warriers and their General.

Idiots. How could they have not known how strong a force he would bring, how could the worlds army not know how many numbers they marched in. Farian started to wonder how the Generals had been rewarded to their current ranks. They all seemed like idiots to him and couldn't win a fist fight if they had ten of them.

"Over there!", Drake said with open eyes and a wide mouth drooling at the sight he saw. A waterfall lay just ahead of them, and by the looks of the water bouncing off the rocks it was fresh water. Nong was the first to take off in a run shortly followed by Farian.

Drake took his time to get to the spring letting his muscles cool down before getting in the cold water. He had remembered back on the farm one time he had jumped into the well just after a workout with his brother and the tempreture of the water was so cold his muscles had contracted paralizing him for almost a minute.

Drakes tried not to think of the incident seven months ago, tried not to think of HIM. Everytime he did his eyes began to melt with tears and he would have to stop just to dry them off. He tried to think of better things on their journey, like joining the Imperial Army and stopping the dark one at whatever costs. He enjoyed that thought the most, just ending the beasts life is all he wanted in the world.

"Look out below!", Nong joyfully shouted as he did a front flip into the deep fresh water spring. Unfortunatly he overshot and landed directly on his stomach. Drake didn't know how demons felt after doing a massive stomach smash on the water, but he knew that for humans it was one of the worst pains imaginable.

The thought brought a smile to his face, a rariety these days. Second was Farian with a little less of a joyful jump. He had managed to release all of his cloths before even getting close to the spring and with one joyous jump Farian was in the air coming down head first into the water. The impact left almost no ripples and left Farian completly submerged.

The two looked at Drake who had finally arrived at the spring, "Im coming, im coming" he said with the smile on his face fading. It had been over three weeks since they had bathed and the stench was begining to wear on the would-be hero's.

Drake didn't much care for bathing in the calm waters, he much more prefered sitting undernieth a waterfall and letting the water do the work for him and it was much more pleasurable. After a couple hours of soaking in the now warm water; thanks to Nongs alchemy he made the water on the verge of boiling which was very very hot and good, the group got out and started back up on their march to Granseal. Only a month away and they would arrive hopefully in time to tell the King what had transpired at Galam and get Drake recruited into the Imperial Army like he had promised his brother.

Just an hour away from the spring the group was walking casually enjoying the stray beams of light that glistened the forest and gave it a majestic glow. It had been a quiet morning and the party was enjoying every bit of it, well until they heard a call for help.

Nong was the first to hear it, mainly because of his unhuman hearing. He quickly turned to his side and darted into the forest quickly followed by Drake and Farian. Nong was running on all fours easily traveling forty kilometers an hour. Another cry for help and Nong hastily quickened his already speedy pace.

"Somebody help me please!" The party finally saw a man leaning against a tree about to be smashed to pieces by a giant cave troll. It was a mystery in itself why the cave troll was out of its cave in the morning. Cave trolls usually stay inside their caves until nightfall and still they only come out to hunt for food.

Farian and Drake were already raising their swords as Nong was only a few feet away from the troll still gunning at full speed. With all his might and willpower he rammed into the side of the beast knocking it over. Unfortunatly the troll was not amused. It quickly regained its stature and looked down at the little orange furball which had knocked it away from its pray.

The mighty troll gave out a battlecry as it ran towards Nong raising its right hand as to smash poor Nong. Farian spun around and launched his sword at the beasts arm. The shine on the blade sparkeled in all directions as it spun widely like a circular blade homing in on its target. It was incredibly accurate as it found its target with pinpoint accuracy. The trolls arm was pierced right threw the hand as it flew backwards and into a tree.

The blueish gray beast gave out of cry of pain as it tried to remove the sword from its hand but it was too late. Drake was already in range lifting his sword up reading for the final blow when an arrow flew over his head. It whisped threw the air and struck the troll dead center in his head.

Drake almost tripped over himself trying to stop his attack. He looked back to see Farian holding up a bow with his right hand and his left open handed located behind his head as if he had just shot an arrow.

"Hey! That was my kill!" Drake announcment annoyingly. Farian just gave a big grin as the troll fell behind Drake causing him to jump of of shock.

"You snooze! You lose!" Nong said while laughing and stairing at Drakes now depressed face. The man being attacked wasn't as excited though, he had almost been killed by the beast when they had found him and destroyed the beast.

Drake was the first to notice the man, "Whats your name traveler?"

The man looked at Drake with unnerving eyes, "Diego Ramirez, but my friends call me Rexis." A slight smile came to his face when he realized he was with people that wouldn't harm him.

"What were you doing out here?" Nong asked with a suspicous voice.

Rexis calmly looked down at his hands and brushed them off. He picked himself up and dusted his pants. "Well I was searching for this weapon I heard of, suposidly theres a shrine around here and it has a weapon of great power in it. I was trying to find it when a cave troll attacked me out of nowhere."

The party looked at him then at each other waiting for agreement. "Ok? So wheres this Shrine located exactly?" Farian asked curious as to if he was telling the truth or covering for something.

"I am not exactly sure but it is somewhere around these parts, I was following this map here that I recieved from a trader in Yeel a couple months back." Rexis said while reaching into his pocket to retrieve the map he was following.

Nong stepped forward and looked at the map. It wasn't hard to read and the instructions were layed out so that anyone could find the place easily. Nong looked at the map then at their surroundings. For a minute or so he looked at the map and the area then finally he lifted his finger and pointed in the right direction.

Rexis told them that was the direction in which the troll chased him away from. Then it all started to make sense. The troll was protecting the shrine from any invaders that ventured too close to the shrine.

So everyone picked up their equipment and started following Nong after he followed the sent the troll had left. For about eight hours they followed Nong into the deep dark woods. Going over and under thick shrubbery. It was very aparent nobody had ventured this far in years due to no paths being cut threw.

As Nong slashed threw the final shrub with his razor sharp claws they saw it. A statue the size of a man lay before them. They could see no legendary weapon until they looked up. He was holding a sword high in the air and a scroll in the other hand. Nong hopped up onto the statue and grabbed the scroll first.

It basically unwound itself as it rolled to the ground. The spring inside must have eroded over the years. The scroll itself was written in ancient dialect and indecipherable. But at the very bottom there was a quote that could be read using their tongue.

If you choose to wield the sword as friend, then powers beyond your dreams will be yours. If you choose to wield the sword a foe, then damnation will be your fate. Choose wisely.

Rexis as the first to jump up to the statue and grab the handle of the sword. At first it wouldn't budge but after a second hard shove it was released from its stone grasp.

"Finally the treasure is mine!" Rexis called out as a storm overhead rolled in. Dark clouds began to swarm the area and lightning jumped across from each cloud like and upside down catapiller.

A bolt of lightning came down on the tip of the blade Rexis was holding. The electricity flowed threw the blade and into his body. He began shaking violently but it didn't appear he was being hurt. His eyes began to shift colors from blue to red violently, the sulky voice from deep within his throat became an overexaggerated cry of lust.

The mans aura grew tremendously as the electricity flowed threw his body and into his soul. The sword had found his corrupt heart and fed off its evil to bring forth a greater evil.

Nong was the first to put up his guard when he felt the evil presence. Farian and Drake quickly followed by unsheathing their swords and waiting for any sign of what to do. Drake had never seen anything like this, the man almost looked like he was enjoying being electricuted. Drool came from his mouth as his smile widened and the statue began to crack behind him.

Then the bolt of electricity stopped leaving Rexis holding the sword with a giant grin on his face. Slowly he looked down at the party his eyes piercing each of their souls looking for something couldn't posibly be there. He lowered his sword to his side then raised it so that the point was aimed solely at Drake.

Before he realized what was about to happen Drake was already slidding backwards from a massive fireball launched from the blade. The fire was incredibly hot but it couldn't get threw his steel breast plate. Drake slid back until he was thrown up against a tree indenting it with his body. Nong was the first to retaliate by unleashing a wave of swipes at Rexis using his claws. The man easily blocked them with his sword only using one hand.

Almost like afterimages of each attack Rexis predicted where each blow would land and he quickly compensated for it not letting one blow go past his new found sword. "Foolish demon, do you really think you insignificant claws can match my newfound powers."

Nong tried even harder and faster to get at least one paw past the onslaught of blocks Rexis was putting up. Then Farian lifted his bow and pointed a bolt at Rexis's head using his index finger as a mark. With one hard pull he unleashed its iron might into the air. Like a beam of light, the arrow cut threw the air splitting air molecules and finding its path to the possessed man.

Rexis had smiled as he saw the arrow coming even before it was launched. He grabbed Nong by the throat before he could get another swipe off and threw him in the path of the arrow. A second before it hit though Drake had managed to cut it in half guiding it in a different direction.

Nong hit the ground hard and slid into Farian while Drake was already on the offensive raising his fathers sword high in standard swordsman stance and rushing his oponent.

Rexis leaped off the statue and hit the ground much softer than he should have at that hieght. With one hard push he was already heading at Drake with his sword raised in the same stance ready to cut the man down. As the two fighters closed in on each other Drake missed seeing a stray tree root and didn't manage to dodge it in time.

He hit the ground hard chin first digging up dirt with his face. Ouch. Rexis had taken the opotunatly to throw himself into the air and approaching him with his sword face down. Something in Drake clicked, a instinct he never knew he had. The area became more visible even though his eyes were closed. He could see everything and yet nothing. He was using all of his senses and his mind was more aware than it had ever been.

As Rexis's blade came down Drake screamed fearing the end. SNAP! The sword his the ground hard ricocheting off a rock that Drake had been lying on. He had disapeared! Right from underneath him! HOW!?

The others didn't even believe it when they saw it, Drake had vanished from sight moments before the blade would have pierced his body. Rexis foot hit the ground and he violently searched the area, "How could he have vanished! Thats imposible!" Rexis screamed into the forest speaking to only himself.

Nong and Farian could hardly believe it, they had never seen anything like it before. Drake had simply disapeared without a trace of him left. Not even a sound. Then something caught Nongs eye, it wasn't much but it was enough to make him turn his head. A slight image of what he thought was Drake appeared and disapeared faster than his mind could process it.

Then it happened. Drakes sword emerged from behind Rexis and pushed its way threw his back showing itself on his other side. The man screamed in pain as blood rain from his eyes, nose and mouth. The blade was clear threw his rib cage and protuding a good two feet on the other side. Drake yelled at the top of his lungs as he turned it side ways then ripped it out taking a good portion of Rexis with it.

The man fell to the ground his eyes wide open and half his side missing. Drake now holding a bloody sword took his cape and whipped it clean. Nong and Farian watched in amazement. Everytime Drake had been close to death he had pushed himself so hard that he overpowered his foe.

He looked at his friends while sheathing his sword. "Don't ask me, I don't know how I did it either."

Farian smiled then gave out a big laugh, "There might be some use for you yet." Nong smiled as well giving an agreement nod.

Drake tried to explain what happened but didn't understand it much himself, he had thought of a place he could go where he would be out of reach then he just appeared there.

The three tried to understand how it happened but gave up. It was far too complicated for them to understand at the moment. Drake tried to do it again at will but nothing happened. He guessed he had to be under enormous danger for it to work.

Farian walked over to the now corpse of Diego Ramirez, "What should we do with the sword?" He thought about picking it up then remembered what happened to Rexis.

Drake looked at Nong then the scroll laying on the ground. "Well if you have a good heart it should be good right?" He looked at Nong for agreement but only found a confused shrug.

"Pick it up Farian, it won't be the same effect as before. Your a good man at heart." Drake said using the most soothing voice he had to soften the mans doubts.

At first Farian stood their stairing at Drake with eyes that told Drake, You want me to do WHAT? Farian finally let go of his doubts and reached down to the sword. Slowly he wrapped his fingers around the sword and lifted it up. Nothing happened at first, but then Farians aura began to grow. Very rapidly did it exceed Rexis's own aura.

The surge of power almost made Farian drop the sword but he held it tight in his hands. It felt as if somebody was pooring energy into him threw a funnel and it was filling his body. After a minute or two his aura leveled out and the sword began to glow.

The party looked at it waiting for something to happen but then the glow disapated and returned to normal. The sword had increased his power by over double. Whoever used to wield this sword must have been extremely powerful.

Farian took out his old worn sword and sheathed the new one. He almost looked enlightened, as if the sword gave him a new found look on life. He definitly looked more confident that was for sure.

So after the group had settled things with Rexis, barried his body and returned the scroll to the statue they grabbed their things and returned to their journey to Granseal. Only one month away and they would have their council with the King. Finally they would be able to get the word out about the dark one, finally they will be able to make a change.

[Chapter 5: A Promise Fulfilled[/b]

"Move it now! It's right behind us!" Farian screamed from behind us running as fast as he could his foot steps easily hearable from there position in front of him. Nong was already ahead almost jumping from tree to tree trying to outrun the foe which had finally found them.

Wham budda wham! The massive beast was running at full speed its footsteps causing the ground to cave in beneath it. It was easily twenty feet tall and had black armor all over its body. Its metal helm was there for shear fright, with two long horns coming out of each side and its dark red eyes visible threw its visor. It wielded two weapons, a giant axe and a giant sword. One swipe of either and there would be no waking up in the morning.

Drake looked back to see Farian falling behind, "Pick it up Farian!" Too Late. Farian was about to be hit by the beasts axe. "Dammit!" Drake screamed as he began to turn around letting his feet stop him by kicking up dirt. "Comon Farian! I can see the gates."

As soon as he caught up, Drake began to run beside him, "Almost there" he said drastically gasping for breath. This demon was relentless, not giving up the chase for a second.

They had been chased by this beast for the last three long and arduous weeks, ever since they left the South Shrine. They were training just outside of a waterfall taking a break from the running and climbing.

--flashback incase you guys get confused--
"Not bad Nong!" Farian laughed as he blocked off his attack easily with his new found sword. It had been giving him an increasing energy supply since he had takin it from the dead grip of Rhexis. The sword went threw the air so sleakly that it whistled on its way down almost singing.

Nong had been thrown back by the attack but quickly recovered to give Farian a return hit, unsucsessfully though. When Nong went for the claw to the chest Farian had managed to easily move to the side and launch an array of punchs and kicks in a mear matter of seconds spraying Nong up and down.

He was launched into the side of the waterfall where he disapeared behind it. Drake was laughing the whole time, but he had to admit Nong was getting good at fighting. He was no longer the weak thief he knew from Galam, he had full control over his fire abilities and he could now mold it completly at will to whatever he wanted. At times he had even created a sword or axe with it to fight Farian or Drake during their daily skrimishs.

After Farian had beat Nong with his new found powers they gang sat down for some lunch curtasy of Nongs excellent hunting and cooking skills.

"Mmmm", Drake groaned as he ripped a new chunck of meat from the cooked rabbits hide. He loved eating rabbits, exspecially ones Nong made because they didn't get burnt, just more juicy. "Always Delicous Nong!" Drake said trying to keep the food in his mouth while smiling.

Farian had already finished his two rabbits and was packing his things. They only had three weeks left till Granseal and they didn't have any time to waste. Drake quickly finished his rabbit and started packing his things as well. Nong was fortunate, he didn't carry anything with him. His tools were all natural, claws, fire, enhanced speed. One could compare him to an animal, but there was just something about him which made him seem more human than demon.

After Farians things were packed he proceeded to the waterfall to relieve some pressure that had been building up since before dinner. The water always felt good on the skin and it had been a hot day so a refreshing shower could help. As he approached the waterfall it began to poor even faster, more denser. He didn't even think why, just assumed there was a surge in the water above.

Under the waterfall he sat letting his muscles get slammed with the heavy water. It hurt but at the same time it was extremely pleasurable. The water relaxed his body to an extent he had forgotten about. Suddenly another surge of water came down and nearly knocked him off his feet but this time the surge was followed with a small tremor.

Farians heart picked up the pace when another tremor shook the waterfall this time before the surge of water came. Waterever was causing these small earthquakes was directly above him. Farian looked up very slowly but didn't have to look far as the beast was stairing him in the face before he even glanced into its red eyes.

Balthor demon! Farian knew of these creatures only by the books at the Imperial Library. They were said to only live in the high mountains only coming down when something in the world had gone horribly wrong. They were furocious warriers never giving any mercy. They stood twenty feet tall and there arms could snap a tree in half with a single blow.

Farian began to shudder, it was too close...he wouldnt be able to escape. A loud voice came from in front of him but he was too scared to look down. The Balthors eyes were almost hypnotising, just staring at them made you want to disapear and not exist.

Then everything came back to him as he was pulled from his crouched position on the rock towards their camp. Out of nowhere a massive firestorm came down raining on the Balthor. Nong had used their campfire to make hundreds of small fireballs. In seconds the beast was engufled giving out a cry of pain as it fell into the water below making the group almost lose there footing. The water steamed high as the demon thrashed about.

The party didn't bother to look back as they grabbed there things and jutted off into the forest towards Granseal. They had thought they lost it, but for the next three weeks it appeared and disapeared chasing them, herding them...
--End Flashback--

They could see the city gates, "Open up!" they cried as they quickened their pace. The beast was only seconds behind them giving off a massive battlecry as it unsheathed its sword and axe.

Voices from up ahead could be heard as Imperial Troops came to the gate raising their bows. They were too close! Drake stopped throwing his hand out to stop Farian. The both almost tripped over their own momentum until Drake threw Farian to the side and at the same time pushing himself.

The beast however not knowing who to go after turned one way but went the other and slammed down onto the ground face first and grinded into arrow range. As soon as he past the treeline hundreds of volleys of fire arrows rained down upon the massive beast tearing and ripping into its black flesh. It screamed in pain as it thrust itself up grabbing its ax in the process. As it burned alive it started swinging around and around putting all his weight into the axe until he let go of it.

It swung fiercly in the air going easily threw the twenty-five foot stone wall. The beast had fallen against shortly after the wall collasped but only to get back up again. It started charging for Drake with its flaming sword raised high ready to take his life with a single blow.

Just as the blade was coming down it stopped just above his head. Drakes eyes were struck with confusion and fear as the blade burned inches above him. How?! The answer vastly became clear though, Drake looked over to see Nong holding both his hands out controlling the fire on the beast. It was holding him in place perfectly, like a statue frozen in time.

The strain on Nong was aparent, he was panting extremely hard and trying to close his paws but was unable to. If he couldn't crush the demon, then he would just have to turn things up a bit.

The demon burst into white hot flames as it ran around in agony letting go of its sword. It ran backwards deep into the jungle trying to get away from its firery doom. After a moment it was gone, and all that could be felt was the small tremors in the ground of it running away.

Nong collasped onto his knees panting profusicously. He had saved Drakes life for the second time and it was very aparent that he was becoming a true wielder of fire.

The gates started to lower, well at least what was left of them. Guards ran out with their swords unsheathed. As they approached they looked to be young lieutenants, maybe in their mid twenties. One of them instantly spotted Farians insignia and stopped to give a standard salut with one arm parched outward with a closed first, then into a slant on the chest.

Farian quickly returned the salut followed by a small debriefing of the cituation. The party was then escorted into the city of Granseal where they were givin small housing outside the Imperial barracks to wait for Farians return. Hopefully Farian would return with news about a council with the King.

For fourteen hours Nong and Drake sat in their bunks talking about long past memoires of their childhood. Niether of them had realized that they were becoming great friends, and were completly oblivious to their obvious differences.

The door burst open revealing Farian standing outside the door soaking wet from the rain. Nong was the first on his feet shortly followed by Drake. They were anxious to hear the news.

Farians face had a pale look on it, and he didn't look happy. "What happened?", Drake quickly asked while moving closer to Farian with a cold look on his face.

"We have a coucil with the king...but-" Farian paused letting the air out of his lungs. "But as an order of the King himself we are to head back to Galam in search of a book that maybe have not been destroyed at the library."

Nong and Drake both had the same looks, "What is wrong with them!? We bearly made it out alive last time! What makes them think we can do the same again!?" Nong shouted while throwing his fist threw the wall.

Farian looked down then back up at them, "They don't want to risk another masacre like before so they are sending us in alone as to not attract attention. After we find the book he is searching for, we will be able to get a council with King Granseal."

Nong and Drake both had eery faces on, this didn't sound right. Why would the King choose them to go instead of his own specially trained troops. Something just didn't add up.

Nong threw himself back against his bunk, "Some King we have, doesn't even care about the fate of the world."

Farian looked even more glum to see how his friends were taking the news, mostly because he had more news. "We have all been appointed honorary ranks of Majors in the Imperial Army for undertaking this task.

Drakes eyes lit to life when he heard that, he had promised to follow in his brothers footsteps but he never assumed he would outrank him at some point. He had fulfilled his promise but not in the way he had hopped. He had wanted to fight in the same battles, side by side just like on the farm.

A single tear fell from Drakes eye but was quickly dispatched by the side of his palm. "Then we go to Galam" he said with a firm voice. "If that is the only way we can get the King to listen, then thats what we have to do."

Nong and Farian both nodded in agreement. They would set out in the morning but this time, their pace would only be surpassed by GOD itself. They would get that book, and when they returned the King would pay for his arrogance. By then the dark ones minions would have spread over half the southern cities, and the war would come to Granseal, and the King himself.

Chapter 7: The Unleashing Of Destiny

Dum drabba dum...dum drabba dum...dum drabba dum. The incredible sounds of the half egg shaped drums in perfect harmony pounded the air as the dark one's army moved out from their makeshift fortress which was incased in the desert of Hassan.

Over ninety legions now stalked the ground where the black desolate desert was. The incredible heat had no effect on his minions. There lifeless walking corpses felt no pain, no heat. If they could smell they would have surely died yet again due to the massive amounts of dead flesh rotting on their dry dusty bones.

Vultures surveyed the sky's looking for a posible straggler hoping to quench their hunger before the day was out. Unfortunatly there would be no stragglers in this army of the dead. They marched in unison each foot hitting the ground at the same time to the rythim of the drums.

Dum drabba dum...dum drabba dum...dum drabba dum. The massive black dunes shifted under the dusky wind, encapsulated by the footsteps of the warriors. Up and down they went looking like a dark brown water rushing over the dunes with a target set in its head. Over and over the drums beat.

The dark one rode at the back of his army completly covered in garbs of his choosing. The blackness of his outfit could clearly distinguish him as the leader as he stared into the distance as if looking at something...preparing.

Lord Vanderoth rode up beside Methos and stopped his horse abrupltly. Lord Vanderoth was a tall well cut man. Looking upon his face the first thing that strikes you would be his eyes. They are Blue but when angered glow with a redish hue striking an incesently distained fear into the hearts of anyone to stand in his path. His short black trimmed hair hangs neatly behind his ears as he keeps it neatly brushed. His skin is slightly pale from the curse that befel him as well as his undead nature. His ornate platemail once was silver and gold when he was in the pique of his noble knighthood. But with the curse that befel him it now is jet black, With silver linings and symbols.

His weapons too shared the same fate as the glow with an unholy aura befiting a servent of death himself. Strong arms grasp his blade as his well toned body and numerous scares are a continual testimate to his war like tendancies. Truly a weapon to be utilized in this war on life.

He was his second in command and he would not let his master down for even he knows the consiquences of failing Methos.

"My lord, scouts report that a small force is waiting at the end of the desert preparing for a battle. They are well armed and well organized, someone knew we were coming." Lord Vanderoth said with little anxiety in his voice. His pale face shown brightly in the beams of light that had made it threw the canopee above, no emotion could be detected.

Dum drabba dum DUM! Methos eye looked back to his legions as they came to a complete halt. Confusion swept his face until a massive array of arrows engulfed the sky's. The arrows were being guided by a magical force, a powerful one.

Bum dam dum! The drums beat as the decaying soldiers lifted their shields high to block the onslaught. Almost all at once the arrows rain down and hit the carrion soldiers shields. Each one caught on fire the second it hit. Soldiers all around fell to the ground as they turned to dust in the fires some mage had created.

Dum dum drada dum! The soldiers poised themselves in standard offensive positions and began running up the dune to attack the humans who had set up a defense against them.

Methos eye twitched again as the dune that the soldiers were standing on exploded upwards sending sand high into the air most likely from a energy blast. Hundreds of dead soldier parts sprayed themselves out upon the dark dunes dotting the whole area. An angry battlecry could be heard as human and elf soldiers alike ran over the previously unpassible terran toward the undead swords drawn high in the air.

First it looked only about a couple hundred humans and elves were putting up a defence. But after a closer inspection and time it was revealed that an army of over ten thousand had been summoned. But by who? and how did they organize this quickly.

The undead and the resistance clashed. Limbs from both sides hit the boiling ground below. Tempretures soured into the mid hundreds as each side increased its numbers. The undead had them easily outnumbered but their fighting skills were no where near a match for the swordsmanship of elves and man. They struck slow and were even slower to counter.

Methos rode slowly towards the battle disgusted with how pitiful this was. His army was being slaughtered by an army 1/9th its size. Methos looked back as a section of the resistance broke off and began towards the drummers. If the drummers were to be killed the undead would go limp, back to their eternal slumber.

Before Methos could even conjure up something in his mind Lord Vanderoth was already waiting for them to get in range. A could seconds went by and the humans still proceded towards the drummers. Vanderoth raised one hand towards the tree tops them threw it down with ease. The force that had broken off was vaporized away by some unknown evil magic. Their bodies exploded outward disapearing in a show of great power.

Methos wasn't impressed but was relieved the drummers would survive. Suddenly a man caught his eye, a rather mysterious looking man. He wore a long black cloak with a hood which covered most of his body. His face looked very young and he has incredible agility for the age he looks. The man looked roughly 190 cm tall and well built.

Everytime a undead would get near him it would almost implode on itself. There was a empty circle around the man as he walked deep into the battle fearless of anything coming his way. He was powerful to say the least, the sheer aura Methos felt from the man made him wonder if he could posibly be an equal.

Methos shook the thought from his head, theres no way he could be my equal. I have the two legendary swords of Taurus, the sword of light and the sword of dark.

Without even thinking about it Methos kicked his horse and ran off towards Lord Vanderoth. His horse kicked up a decent trail of sand easily pointing him out amoung the masses. His horse trampled many soldiers both of man and undead. That mage was too powerful to be standing in his way and he wanted him dead.

Lord Vanderoth finished slaying another set of men who had broken off when Methos reached his side. Without speaking Vanderoth looked into the battlefield and saw why Methos had came to him. A very powerful mage was working his way to the other side of the field most likely coming for Methos. But Methos was ready to fight just yet, he couldn't let his power show to the world for if he did the world might go blind a bit early.

Lord Vanderoth jumped off his horse and threw off his cape. He pulled out his elongated sword which was easily six feet long. It was very thin and super sharp, it could cut threw anything if swung at the right angle. He started to push his way into the crowds when he was struck by a massive bolt of lightning.

Almost at the speed of light he was thrown into the nearest dune creating a massive crater. The sound of it echoed threw the desert letting everyone or thing know what had just transpired.

The mage was standing less than twenty feet away when he launched a powerful spell called Thundara. A second level spell that almost all mages knew, it didn't take too much power to use but at the same time most people couldn't take the pain it inflicted.

Methos was astaunished that Vanderoth didn't see it coming. An amatuer mistake.

The sand finally settled and Vanderoth was able to get a clear looked at the mage. A smoothly wooven D was engraved on his black cape that blew in the wind. Mage of the Kingdom Vanderoth thought, and with all the embroidered symbols along his outfit he must be very well honored; all the better.

Lord Vanderoth pulled himself out of the crater when another blast was thrown at him. This time he decided it best to get out of the way. He lunged backwards as the blast engulfed the entire dune. Lightning surged throughout every piece of sand and began to merge into each other.

That blast had been much more powerful than the last, at least by double. He was definitly not wasting any time. When Vanderoth touched the ground with his toe trying to balance himself yet again a flurry of energy blasts hit all around him sending sand high into the air. Either he was a very bad aim or he was trying to temporarly blind him.

He put up his guard waiting to see what would happen when a dark figure emerged from the sand and threw a single fist at his face. He cradled the hit and flew backwards catching himself with his left hand. He drew his sword and pushed it down causing his body to lean forward where it should have been able to.

With a firm kick he planted his foot deep with the gullet of the mages stomach. Suddenly a surge of electricity rushed threw his leg and into his body. Bolts of electricty jutted from the mages body and sent Vanderoth yet again back into the dune.

Becoming agitated from the situation he launched himself imediatly up to land a tactically placed energy blast directly at the mages right arm. As if moving with the wind the mage jumped backwards into a horizontal flip and inacted a reflect spell. The blast hit it and lunged towards Vanderoth.

Whoever the hell this was he was well trained in the mage arts. Crossing his arms and putting his heels deep into the sand of the dune below the blast hit him shredding off his forarm armour. He didn't move for a second waiting for the sharp spike in pain to go away long enough for him to concentrate on his next move.

Letting his arms down low enough to see the man his pupils shrinked. A small red and black ball hung over the mages head not getting bigger in size but its power was increasing exponentially. The sand dunes started blowing inward towars the little ball. Like a black hole sucking in everything around it even the light itself started to be sucked in. The area became dark the tempreture went way down. The battlefield became quiet as the last bits of light were swept away and all that was left was a tiny red ball that was glimmering light on the mages body.

A cold sueat grew on Vanderoths face, his stomach felt like it was going to drop away and his back felt weaker than ever. The amount of power emenating from that small orb above the mages head was shaking the very land itself and just before the mage lifted his hand to throw it he said one thing, "Names Destiny".

Dradda Dum dum dum...The drummers sounded the general retreat as Destiny launched the attack that few mages knew of called Ultima. If flew very slowly at first but began picking up speed. Vanderoth had already turned and ran towards Methos direction. There was no way he could stop an attack like that, Destiny had been more powerful that he had expected and he would pay the ultimate price.

Methos didn't move, How pathetic, his second in command running for help from such a weak attack.

The attack curved upwards now aimed directly at Vanderoths back. His feet felt like they weighed a ton. The sand was making it hard for him to move and the attack was almost upon him. The area around him became brighter and brighter as the red orb closed its distance between them, he looked back just as the attack slammed into him.

Methos sighed as he turned around and started riding his horse away from the attack. He wasn't worried about getting hit by it, but he didn't want to have to spend any energy trying to fend it off either. His horse jerked forward as his left heal found its place in the horses lower right side.

WHAM! The area lit to life as sunlight came out of the trees above and highlighted the black desert. Tempretures began to rise again as the dust settled. Where Vanderoth had once been there was now a perfect half circle in the ground. Everything that had once been there had been imploded into the Ultima attack and never to be seen again including Vanderoth.

Methos looked back as Destiny's feet touched the ground directly behind him. He hadn't wasted any energy conjuring up that attack and that meant he was far more powerful than he had originally led Methos to believe.

Slowly the wind picked back up to normal and the drums resumed as the battle continued. Thousands were dying all around but the real fight that would decide their fate would take place between Methos and Destiny.

Methos grunted as he got off his horse one foot at a time letting himself sink into the sand below. Eagerly he pulled out the sword of light then the sword of darkness. They each were held inches above the ground at a 45% angle facing Destiny.

Beams of light glittered off the swords shinning in all directions clearly illuminating the terran for miles. Thoughts of Vanderoths defeat welled up in Methos mind. His second in command being defeated by such a weak excuse for a mage.

He raised the sword of light first and aimed it directly at Destiny. The ground began to shake as the dunes started to clear away. A perfect square etched itself from the black sand and a battlefield was set. These two warriors would fight each other on even ground not letting the other have an advantage. Perfect way to test his skills.

Battlecrys and swordsclashing could be heard in the background as the relentless battle continued. There was a river of blood forming at the base of the highest dune where many soldier's body's now were lying at the bottom of.

"You will go first," Methos said with a dark and mysterious voice. But before he could even finish Destiny had disapeared and re-appeared directly behind him throwing his knee at his back. He couldn't believe the ignorance of the man, he must have thought he was an amatuer.

Methos turned his body sideways and caught the kick and quickly threw Destiny away before he could shock him. The very second Destiny hit the ground with his foot he was thrown back by a massive display of fire. Methos had ignited the entire arena making escape imposible; at least at the moment.

Destiny turned backwards and launched himself head first at Methos with his back aimed at the ground and his arms extended in front of him. With lightning speed Destiny flipped onto his hands which pushed him high into the air. High enough to escape the fires but low enough to launch an assault.

Two tiny red balls appeared above him circling Destiny other like a moon to a planet. He was going to try Ultima again Methos thought to himself. Fool. These ones formed a lot faster than the original one Destiny had used to kill Vanderoth but they were equally as powerful.

Methos braced himself in the molten ground waiting for the exact time to strike. One after the other the Ultima attacks were launched at Methos, seemingly taking their time to reach him but increasing in speed the closer they got. A flicker of a spell twinkled around Methos for a split second then diminished.

Wham! WHAM! Methos was thrown back only a couple steps when the attacks hit a invisible barrier errected around him. They stopped only for a moment before they were bounced right back at Destiny.

Unfortunatly for Destiny he had no predicted such a powerful reflect spell and had left himself open on his way to the ground. The first one him his lower right leg and the second pitted him directly in the upper chest. Destiny gave out a yelp of pain as blood gushed from both areas spilling onto the ground below.

He was suspended in air by the two Ultima attacks as they shredded his body. Piece by piece his armor was pulled into the attacks. Destiny using every bit of what was left of his strength plus some managed to push himself away from the attacks but not without a price. While pushing off of the attacks his arm was ripped from its hold on his shoulder.

With a dull scream he landed on the ground and watched the light disapear as the Ultima attacks sucked each other in. Before the light had a chance to escape the gravity of the attacks Destiny quickly teleported himself off the battlefield. He had lost that bout and would not allow himself to die by that mans hands, he would need help next time.

After the short bout Methos had lost Destiny and had turned back to the main battle. Quickly using a small percentage of his magic he whiped out the remaining forces of good and ressurected them all; now undead.

The army had now almost doubled and were stronger than ever, the only thing now was the next city and soon he would arrive but for now he would bide his time until the world found out of his whereabouts. Then and only then would they send their finest and he would finally have a real battle on his hands. Slaughters just didn't excite him like they did before.

Before the last shards of light hit the desert the army had reached the borders of Hassan. Soon they would begin northward taking out each city one by one then finally Granseal. He had already takin out the second biggest threat Galam, but Granseals forces were definitly something to fear and not underestimate. Someday they would fall, and his forces would be the ones to take them out, all it took was time.

Chapter 7: Cast From The Throne: Part One

Destiny appeared near the edge of the desert holding his right shoulder as blood poured out and onto the black sand below. Using a small sprite of magic though he sealed the wound and burned it into place causing him to send out a spiratic scream of pain.

He hadn't thought that battle would have ended like this, he thought he could have stopped him...he thought. He had saw that dark one in his dreams a month back, knew he would pass threw the desert and there he would challenge Destiny. But he did not think it would have been such a slaughter.

Staggering down a dune of black sand as the night came he reached the end of the desert into a thick grove of bushes. His chest was pounding furiously from the attack he has sustained. One strap at a time he unbuckled his armor letting it fall to the ground near the makeshift fire he had created out of some loose sticks he had found lying near him.

A cold shudder echoed threw the forest as his overweight armor hit the ground hard causing the ground to dent inward slightly. On his chest a rib was extruding from his skin and the rest of his chest was every color but the one it was supposed to be. He closed his eyes tight and began to meditate concentrating on healing. He doubted he would be fully healed before daylight but he had to start sometime and now was as good as any.

Twenty-six hours later Destiny had managed to almost completely heal himself short of one arm which he had an idea for in the mean-time. Picking himself up by grabbing on a hanging branch that was above him he began to walk towards the nearest town which was Ribble, the city of water.

Many thousands of years ago the city of Ribble was built using unknown technologies. The ancients had built it was a sanctuary but only in recent years has it become the biggest weapons market on the planet. Its the most beautiful city next to Granseal, the highest towers intertwine with the trees high above. The animal life is astounishing, its the only place anywhere to find the great whales of Orion which are just under a mile long but are intensly fast.

Destiny had seen one when he was a child traveling with his father. One had launched itself out of the water causing a massive wave to hit them on their path. It didn't hurt but it had enough power to knock them off their feat and soak them from head to toe. They were beastly creatures with two massive horns extruding their heads curving inwards like pictures of ancient forgotten demons.

They had a dorsal fin that could be seen on the horizon and their skin was as black as night. Incredible sight it was and Destiny hoped that the city was still intact for him to see another one. If Methos's army turned slightly to the west they would run right threw it and the city had no way to defend itself other than merc's.

Destiny quickened his pace, the city could not fall. It was too important, it held too many secrets to be whiped off the face of the planet like a fly from your face. It would take Destiny two full days to reach it running at full speed.


Fire! screamed General Evra Von as the Lich's worked there way up the side of the wall. The archers released their volley straight down as the lich's fell off the wall to the black river below. The arrows wouldn't hurt them, but they were damn good at imparing them. One arrow to an arm and it would snap right off.

General Evra Von was in charge of all military personal surrounding the Pangoat Valley. During the fall of Galam he and his troop had been dispatched to seal off the Northern pass to stop anymore forces from leaking threw to the North. Unfortunatly he and his troop weren't informed they would be fighting creatures that were already dead.

"-mmit! All volleys fire!" screamed a lieutenant as another rainstorm of arrows were launched from the high wall they had erected this very day. Hundreds of lichs hit the ground hard as their limbs were snatched off their bodies. An endless crowd surfaced from the horizon as more and more lich's pulled themselves out of the caves deep below the planet.

A very young Lieutenant ran up next to the General with haste in his motions. "General Von! The southeast perimeter has been pushed back requesting that Sigma troop rejoin the battlefront."

This man was very young, most likely not even in his twenties yet but he had a fair share of scars all over his face and body. A new cut had formed on his left arm somehow, most likely from a lich sword. The Lieutenant showed no sign of pain though, just waited for the Generals reply.

General Von looked at him then the wall again as lich's started climbing on the bodies of the fallen each time getting closer to the top.

"Whats your name soldier?" Von asked with a firm voice.

"1st Lieutenant Ryant Ash Sir!, but my squad calls me Raven" Lieutenant Ash stated with his hand in general salut form and his legs tight together.

A giant ball of fire came flying at where the two men were standing, General Von quickly enacting a barrior around them braced himself. The ball hit with great magnitude but ended up spraying backwards onto the crowds of lich's below catching them on fire.

"You ok Lieute-" Suddenly something caught his eyes, Lieutenant Ash had ducked down to cover himself and surprisingly enough wings were covering almost all of his body.

"Wings eh? Comes in handy I bet, thats why they call you Raven huh." General Von laughed. Maybe there was more to this Lieutenant than he suspected.

"Lieutenant Raven, move your troop to reinforce the main gates and at daybreak I want that hole empty, you get me?"

Raven jumped to Salut, "YES SIR!"

Quickly he ran downwards off the hill towards the main gates quickly being followed by the rest of his troop.

Yet another fireball was flung at Vons position and yet again it was sprayed back causing more Lich's to fall. In the back of Evra's mind all that he could think of was how long it was going to take for them to die. It was only a matter of time before the lichs overran them.

Only time...


Destiny had arrived in Ribble and it appeared that his fortunes were starting to gain some lee-way. The city was untouched besides the Merc's scouring every inch of the city.

He let out a sigh of relief as he approached the city from the southern bridge concealing his power to not attract any attention he didn't need to attract. Each footstep he layed on the ground as he ran to the city became heavier and heavier as he knew what must be done.

Methos would have altered his armies course by now to attack Ribble, and when he arrive Destiny would give him another fight and this time he wouldnt underestimate him. He predicted it would take Methos at least another day to get his army to the city limits, it wasn't muich time but he would take it.

He needed to find the city leader. Most likely he would be located in the biggest building but it was very doubtful he would be allowed to just walk right in. That left him with one option, force his way in.

Upon arriving at the city capitol Destiny threw off his cape and walked towards the front doors which were guarded by three guards wearing mage emblems on their arms and chest. None were higher than level two in magics so he would have no problem getting past them if he had to "persuade" them to step aside, lets just hope the city leader can be "persuaded" just as easy.

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I found that they were given so much importants That they deserved being in the book until the end or death. But in chapter 7 there was no mention of them.

2:spelling/grammar, several repeated errors.

3:In the beginning I got the impression of a dream. Then when I realized it was real I thought it was a man, then it was mentioned it was a boy.

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