Worry not and it's sequel A night with my mind

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Worry not

I caught my mind
wandering out of my house
late at night
far into the AMs

Where he was going
I know not
I worry not
He needs his space too

Everyone has secrets
that he dare not share
Everyone needs seclusion
Perhaps over there
I know not where he's heading
And I do not care
he'll learn from experience
grow from wear and tear

I know he'll be back
From wherever he has gone
with wisdom born from experience
sharing the plans he's drawn

and so I await his return
as time fades
spring becomes summer
and my days now wane

I hope he comes back
Before I expire
I miss my mind so
and I'm growing tired

But I worry not
And kneel to fate
Is that him over the horizon?
No? I wait.
A night with my mind

What a glorious time
a time to drink wine
a time to unwind
and a time to be kind
In these times
I most miss my mind

One beautiful midsummer's evening
A vagrant wandered into my yard
Happy, but scarred

"What is your name", I inquired
"Ah, you don't remember me, you look tired"
"Tired I am,
Are you friend?"

As he replied with wit
nostalgia hit
"Fool I am your mind
Can I unwind?", I nodded
And he drank some moonshine
"Let me show you what I've acquired
tell what's transpired
You'd really love to hear."
I had to wipe a tear
from my the corner of my eye
and I looked to the sky
He had returned at last
Adjectives he'd surpassed

I finally replied
"Of course, your my mind"
Instantly he cried,
"I missed you old friend,
can you remember when
we read On the Road
and you told
and scold-ed
me for my material tolls
You don't need those needs!
you would decree
you said you'd live carefree
and make sure to see
not just look but see,
oh, to gasp at the trees

well I have seen
wondrous things.
lived out man's dreams
seen new beginnings
I've lived it all
watched empires fall
I've danced with the stars
have you a guitar?"

How he changed it's hard to pinpoint
He then smiled, "Care for a joint?"
I chuckled and agreed
and so he lit the weed
and passed it down to me

We talked long into the night
companions reunited what a sight
a night with my mind
enlightenment you'll find
perhaps the divine kind
had become mine
when dawn arrived
I had died,
I smile because there's nothing better to do.

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Oasis Writer
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I really liked the second one, far more than the first. Very interesting poems, and I wish I had more to say except good job. You kept my attention and I was very impressed. I wouldn't have put both of these poems in the same thread, mind you, because I think you get more replies when you post more, and when you critique and comment on others work, but again, you did an awesome on this second poem and a great job on the first. Keep it up.